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15 Largest Pet Food Manufacturers in Canada (Updated in 2024)

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We love our pets, and when you look at the statistics of how much we spend on our beloved animals, it shows! In 2020, Canadians owned 27.9 million pets, which is expected to grow to 28.5 million in the next 3 years.

With that many pets rattling around in our houses, maybe it won’t be terribly surprising to learn that in 2020, we spent 4.2 billion on pet food as well.

These numbers are only growing, and COVID-19 is undoubtedly driving the market. Social isolation and more time spent at home have caused more and more people to bring home pets, so the pet food market is lucrative, to say the least.

For this reason, we’ll look at the 15 largest pet food companies in Canada.


The 15 Largest Pet Food Manufacturers in Canada

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1. Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada

Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada is the top Canadian pet food manufacturer with 17.8% of the retail market share in 2020. Technically, Nestlé has been in the pet food business since 1894, but the PetCare company in Canada was established on December 12, 2001. The top-selling brands within the Nestlé family are Friskies, Dog Chow, Cat Chow, and ONE.

2. Mars Petcare

Mars Petcare is a close second to Nestlé, with 17.7% of the retail market share in 2020. Mars is famous for their candy and gum but started up manufacturing pet food in 1935. Mars is also against animal testing, so the company uses sustainable methods and responsible sourcing through its suppliers. The brands that sell best in the Mars Petcare line are Pedigree, Whiskas, and Iams.

3. Champion Petfoods

Champion Petfoods is noticeably the third top manufacturer with quite a dip in the market shares as compared to Nestlé and Mars. Champion had 6.2% of the market shares in pet food in 2020. Champion Petfoods is a Canadian-owned company that started up in Alberta in 1979 but started manufacturing pet food in 1985. Acana is the top brand, and they also manufacture Orijen.

4. J.M. Smucker’s Co.

J.M. Smucker’s are famous for their jams and jellies, but in 2015, they acquired Big Heart Pet Brands and started manufacturing pet food and treats. In 2020, they held 5.7% of the retail pet food market share, with Meow Mix as one of their more popular pet food brands. In 2018, Smucker’s pet food became their largest product category.

5. Petcurean Pet Foods Ltd.

Petcurean Pet Foods hails from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and holds the fifth spot with 4.6% of the retail market shares. This is an independent pet food company that has been Canadian-owned and operated since 1999 that uses sustainable materials and ingredients. Their brands include NOW FRESH, GATHER, and GO! SOLUTIONS.

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Image By: Nataliia Dvukhimenna, Shutterstock

6. Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Colgate-Palmolive Co. started off as a candle and soap business in 1806 that acquired Hill’s by 1976. They had 3.1% of the retail pet food market share, where Hill’s Science Diet earned $133.2 billion in 2020 in Canada alone. Colgate-Palmolive has been named World’s Most Ethical Company and works hard at sustainability.

7. General Mills Inc.

General Mills started in Canada in 1954 with Cheerios and Betty Crocker and acquired the Blue Buffalo brand in 2018. The retail market share for 2020 was 2.4%, where Blue Buffalo made $110.5 million in Canada in 2020. Blue Buffalo came into existence in 2003 as a healthy way to feed pets without any fillers such as corn, soy, and wheat.

8. Horizon Pet Nutrition

Horizon Pet Nutrition holds 2% of the retail market shares in Canada as of 2020. They are Canadian-owned and operated, and the company has been situated in Saskatchewan since 2006. Horizon uses regional ingredients without preservatives or fillers. Their top brand is Pulsar, and their other brands include Taiga, Legacy, Amicus, and Complete.

9. Taplow Ventures Ltd.

FirstMate is the brand that falls under the Taplow umbrella, which saw a 1.8% retail pet food market share. They are Canadian family-owned and operated since 1989, and their Executive VP is a veterinarian and pet nutritionist. They offer limited ingredient food as well as complete production control out of North Vancouver.

10. Rolf C Hagen Inc.

The Hagen Group has been in the pet products game since 1955 and saw a 1.1% retail pet food market share in Canada in 2020. They provide almost every pet product you can imagine – everything from aquariums for fish and lizards to cat litter to pet food. The leading pet food through Hagen Group is Nutrience and Zöe.


Private Label

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Image By: AlexanderDubrovsky, Shutterstock

There are a variety of pet foods that fall under the private label category. All foods that fall under this category hold 8.1% of Canada’s retail pet food market share.


Finally, the “others” category holds 24.1% of the retail market shares. “Others” are essentially pet food manufacturers for pets that are not cats and dogs. Fish food is leading in this category, followed by bird food, and then small mammal and reptile food.

The top companies of the other pet food in Canada are:

11. Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc.

Global Pet Care is a brand within the Spectrum Brands family, which held a 23.4% retail market share in 2020. They specialize in fish food and are number one in the other pet category.

12. Rolf C Hagen Inc.

The Hagen Group does well as one of the major pet food manufacturers as it came in at number 10 but is also the second leading “other” pet food company. They hold a 21% retail market share and specialize in both fish and bird food, with the primary brands being Nutrafin, Tropican, and Tropimix.

13. Hartz Mountain Corp.

Hartz specializes in dogs and cats but also fish and reptiles. They hold 14.7% of the retail market shares in the other pet food category, with Wardley as the leading brand in this category.

14. Central Garden & Pet Co.

Central Garden & Pet held an 8.2% retail market share in other pet food in Canada in 2020. They carry a wide variety of products for pets of all kinds, including small animals, birds, fish, and reptiles.

15. Vitakraft Pet Care

Vitakraft Pet Care is the fifth and final top manufacturer of other pet foods. They hold a 6.7% retail market share and specialize in dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish, and reptiles and are based out of Germany.



It is interesting to note that of the top 10 pet food manufacturers, four of them are Canadian-owned and operated. This tells us that Canadians are definitely opting for higher-quality foods that contain ingredients typically found closer to home.

The top three remain the same in the dog food category, but things change slightly in cat food. Number one is Mars, second is Nestlé, and third is Colgate-Palmolive.

The pet food industry is only expected to keep growing. As long as we continue to bring more pets into our homes, the more we can expect pet food to drive the market both in Canada and around the world.

Featured Image Credit: Viktor Lugovskoy, Shutterstock

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