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10 Largest Pet Retailers in 2024: Stores & Locations

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The US pet retail market is worth nearly $50 billion annually and is dominated primarily by two fcompanies: PetSmart and PETCO. These two companies operate more than 3,000 stores between them, effectively dwarfing the competition. Pet Supplies Plus ifs the next biggest interest in the sector, which includes the sale of food and nutritional items, as well as accessories and more.

Below, we highlight the largest pet retailers this year, ranked by the number of operational stores.


The 10 Largest Pet Retailers

1. PetSmart

petsmart logo

Stores: 1,650
US Revenue: $5.8 billion

PetSmart claims to be the largest specialty pet retailer, and as well as having 1,650 brick-and-mortar stores, the company also operates 200 PetsHotel boarding facilities. It also runs an in-store adoption program, which boasts having facilitated the adoption of nearly 10 million pets. They also have an e-commerce store and offer services including training and grooming, as well as products ranging from food to bowls and more.



Stores: 1,559
US Revenue: $5.8 billion

Petco was founded in 1965 and is one of the leading pet retailers in the US, virtually matching the annual revenue of PetSmart and only falling slightly behind store numbers. Petco has 1,559 stores, although this does include stores in Mexico and Puerto Rico as well as the US. As well as their retail offerings, Petco has over 100 veterinary hospitals located inside major stores.

3. Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Logo

Stores: 561
US Revenue: $1.2 billion

Pet Supplies Plus has more than 500 stores in over 30 states across the US. The business started franchising locations in the 1990s and has grown to become the third largest pet retailer over the past 30 years. It was founded in 1988 and, as well as offering pet food supplies, shoppers can also find some limited supplies for livestock and large animals. Grooming and dog-washing services are also available in some Pet Supplies Plus stores.

4. Pet Valu

pet valu logo

Stores: 486
US Revenue: $776 million

Pet Valu is Canada’s largest pet retailer and also has a substantial presence in the US market. Its stores boast 7,000 pet products. Pet Valu is owned by the same group, Pet Retail Brands, as Pet Supermarket and Bosley’s by Pet Valu, giving them a combined total of more than 700 stores across the country.

5. Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket Logo

Stores: 219
US Revenue: $500 million

Pet Supermarket has operated for more than 40 years and has over 200 stores, selling 2,500 brands. As well as selling pet food and accessories from a range of brands, Pet Supermarket also has washing, grooming, veterinary, and adoption services in its stores and generates more than $500 million a year in revenue.

6. Global Pet Foods

Global Pet Food Logo

Stores: 190
US Revenue: $100 million

Global Pet Foods is a Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer with nearly 200 stores and $100 million in annual revenue. They sell food and nutritional products primarily, with the promise of looking after pets’ holistic health. The shops also sell pet toys and other products. Many of their stores are franchise owned—a model that has helped them become the third largest pet specialty retailer in Canada and the sixth largest in North America.

7. Petsense

Petsense pet grooming

Stores: 182
US Revenue: $82 million

Petsense has nearly 200 stores and revenue approaching $100 million a year. As well as selling food and other pet products, Petsense also offers grooming, veterinary services, and cat adoptions from some of its stores. Petsense says that it primarily targets small to mid-sized communities that are otherwise under-serviced by pet retailers.

8. Woof Gang Bakery

Woof Gang Bakery Logo

Stores: 142
US Revenue: $74 million

Woof Gang Bakery is a growing pet specialty supply store that offers a full service bakery. As well as the bakery that creates and sells healthy treats, they also have grooming and self-service grooming, a pet resort, doggie daycare, and wellness services in their neighborhood stores.

9. Petland


Stores: 141
US Revenue: $24 million

Petland, with more than 140 locations, is unusual in this list because it is one of few large pet retailers that still sells puppies, as well as stocking pet food and other supplies. The company has seen its fair share of controversy, having been described as the country’s largest seller of puppy mill puppies.

10. Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed Logo

Stores: 105
US Revenue: $63 million

Hollywood Feed opened its first store in the 1950s making it one of the oldest companies on this list. The company opened its 100th store in 2019 and a handful have followed since. Despite its name, the company operates in 14 states and aims to offer a more personal service than the big box stores that they compete with.



The US pet industry is a massive industry with pet specialty retailers alone turning over nearly $50 billion a year. Although the market is led by PetSmart and PetCo which have similarly sized businesses, there are numerous other retailers on the market. While pet food may make up the bulk of these companies’ businesses, they also make a profit from selling other pet accessories and services like pet grooming and in-store veterinary services.

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