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Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Which Wins? Our 2024 Comparison

litter genie vs little locker

Everyone knows that frequently scooping the litter box is an essential part of owning a cat, but no one likes the smell. Litter Genie and LitterLocker both share a similar design to Diaper Genie, the trash bin for diapers that locks away smells, but these are created for cat litter. Having a lockable litter trash can prevents you from making multiple trips per week to your main trashcan and encourages you to scoop more frequently.

Additionally, the odor-locking technology cans the bitter smell of used cat litter until it’s time to throw it away in an outside disposal. Both products are similar, with Litter Genie being the American version of LitterLocker, so let’s take a quick look at how they compare.


A Quick Comparison

litter genie vs little locker side

Litter Genie
  • Established: 2012
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Parent company: Angelcare
  • Established: 2002
  • Headquarters: Canada
  • Parent company: LitterLocker

Brief History of LitterLocker

Following the success of his product Diaper Genie, inventor Maurice Pisonnault founded LitterLocker in 2002 utilizing the same technology. Over the years, more products were added, such as a litter box that comes in two color choices, white or gray, and a litter box hood to fit on top. LitterLocker is based in Montreal, Canada, but their products can be found in over 20 countries mostly located in North America and Europe.

Brief History of Litter Genie

Pisonnault’s other company, Angelcare, which makes Diaper Genie, launched Litter Genie for cat litter in 2012. They have their own litter box, and three different Litter Genie pail sizes: Standard, Plus, and XL. The pails are all made from 99% recycled plastic, which makes them a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.


LitterLocker Product Line

LitterLocker keeps the technology simple. They sell one type of LitterLocker box but sell four different removable skins so that you can customize your box. The LitterLocker utilizes air seal technology and multiple layers of their bags to fight cat litter stench. Their refills last up to 2 months for one cat, and they’re made out of 35% recycled plastic to be eco-friendly.

LitterBox with LitterHood

LitterLocker also sells their very own LitterBox. Shaped like a curved flexible shopping basket, the LitterBox comes in your choice of white or gray with paw prints for decoration. Its high sides trap loose litter and prevent your cat from peeing outside the box. Relocating your box is easy because of the handles and flexible plastic material.

Although most cats prefer to do their business out in the open, there’s an optional LitterBox Hood that’s sold separately. It pops on top of the LitterBox but has an eye-level peep hole in the back of the box to make your cat feel comfortable.

LitterLocker LitterMat

If your finicky feline still manages to fling litter onto your floor despite the high walls of their LitterBox, you can buy them the BPA-free LitterMat to place outside. If you use the LitterLocker, LitterBox, and LitterMat together, you should have a litter-free home that doesn’t smell like cat poop.


Litter Genie Product Line

Litter Pails

Litter Genie

Made by Diaper Genie, the Litter Genie is the purrfect solution for your cat’s stinky business. Each of the three pail choices is made from 99% recycled plastic, which is better for the environment than their competitor. The Standard Pail will hold up to 14 days’ worth of cat litter from one cat. The Plus Pail also holds up to two weeks of cat litter, but it’s equipped with added antimicrobial technology, and the refill cartridge lasts 10 weeks longer than the one for the Standard size. If you have multiple cats, the XL pail is the Litter Genie for your fur family. It lasts up to 21 days for a single cat. All of the pails have a seven-layer bag to trap odors.

Litter Box


The Litter Box by Little Genie looks very similar to the one by LitterLocker, except it only comes in gray. Its flexible plastic and handles at the top enable you to transport it easily, although we don’t recommend moving your cat’s litter box frequently since changing locations can stress your cat. This is the perfect litter box if you have a cat who likes to aim high when urinating or scatter an excessive amount of litter on the floor as they exit.


Litter Genie Vs. LitterLocker: Price

These companies host very similar products, but they differ mostly in price and where they’re available. The Litter Genie is most easily (and cheaply) sourced in the US, but the LitterLocker is better if you live in Canada or Europe.

Litter Genie

All of the litter pails by Litter Genie are inexpensive, making them great budget options. Since there’s no online buying option on their website, the exact price differs since it depends on the retail store. You can buy Litter Genie online at Chewy or Amazon, or online or in some store locations at Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, and Target. Litter Genie is also available at select pet supply stores listed on their website.


The original LitterLocker design is technically only available in Canada. In other countries the design is tweaked slightly and sold under another name. In the United States, LitterLocker is sold under Litter Genie. They are practically the same product with only slight variations in size and style. However, you might want to contact your cousin from Montreal if you want a LitterMat or LitterHood since those aren’t sold by Litter Genie. If you are able to get your hands on a LitterLocker, be prepared to pay slightly more than you would for a Litter Genie since it’s listed in Euros.

divider-catOverall Brand Reputation

Since Little Genie and LitterLocker products share the same inventor under two different companies, it can be inferred that the main difference between Litter Genie and Litter Locker might be largely attributed to marketing and buying rights.

In the U.S., Litter Genie can be found online at Chewy and Amazon, and in chain stores such as Target, Walmart, and Petco. However, LitterLocker is sold in over 20 different countries under different names. Technically, Litter Genie is sold as LitterLocker in the U.S., although it differs slightly from the Canadian product in style and price.


Edge: Litter Genie

Both litter disposal systems use multi-layered bags to hold in the cat poop smell. LitterLocker uses air seal technology, but Litter Genie Plus has antimicrobial protection. However, Litter Genie takes the cake with how long refills last. A refill from LitterLocker will only last you about two months, but Litter Genie lasts for six.


Edge: Litter Genie

In the U.S., the Litter Genie is your only available option at retailers such as Chewy. Even if you could somehow get a LitterLocker, it would cost a little more because the value of the American dollar is less than a Euro.


Edge: Litter Genie

Made from 99% recycled plastic, we like the Litter Genie more because it’s more sustainable. However, both brands of litter pails are similarly sized and shaped.


Edge: LitterLocker

We wish LitterLocker was available in the U.S. because we like the removable skins so that our litter pail can look more like a decoration instead of a trash can.


Litter Genie and LitterLocker use very similar technology because they’re made by the same manufacturers under different companies. The designs do vary a little since Litter Genie is made out of 99% recycled plastic, and LitterLocker exclusively sells interchangeable skins. Additionally, some products may only be available by certain companies, such as the LitterHood is only sold by LitterLocker.

In the U.S., Litter Genie is going to be your best and cheapest choice. Outside of the U.S., it depends on what’s available in your country. If you don’t want to invest in a Litter Genie, you might want to consider a litter box deodorizing spray, such as this one by Hepper.

At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

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