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22 Gorgeous Maltese Mixes (With Pictures)


The Maltese is a tiny, adorable, charming dog that is chock full of personality. These little lap dogs typically weigh under 7 pounds and are renowned for their gorgeous flowing white, floor-length coats of silky, white fur. They are affectionate, gentle, stubborn, and playful and make fantastic companions.

Because it is a popular dog, there are multiple Maltese mixes out there that will give you quite a variety of dogs to choose from but with a part of that amazing Maltese personality.

We’ve created a list of 22 popular Maltese mixes with a bit of information about each breed. Maybe one of these pups will be the next companion for your family!


Top 22 Maltese Mixes:

1. Cairmal (Maltese x Cairn Terrier Mix)

Also known as the Malticairn, this pup is the combo of the Maltese and the Cairn Terrier. Cairns hail from Scotland and are cheerful, energetic, and loyal, and they prefer to spend as much time with their families as possible.

The Cairmal is the perfect combination of his parents and is full of spunk, energy, and affection. They need daily brushing and might be somewhat challenging to train thanks to the famous terrier stubbornness.

2. Cav-A-Malt (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Maltese Mix)

When you take the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and mix it with the Maltese, you end up with the Cav-A-Malt. Cavaliers are known for being sweet and gentle as well as for their loving dispositions.

The Cav-A-Malt is laidback and is affectionate and gentle with everyone she meets. They also need regular brushing and are considered easy to train.

3. Cortese (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Maltese Mix)

The Cortese is a mix of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Maltese. Corgis are lively, good-natured, and loving and are very bright and sensitive dogs.

The Cortese is a very happy, playful, and affectionate dog that will make a wonderful companion for most families. These dogs need brushing several times a week and are easy to train but beware of their stubborn streak!

4. Cotonese (Coton de Tulear x Maltese)

Cotonese dog in the city pavement
Image Credit: Gusztav Bartfai, Shutterstock

Have you heard of the Coton de Tulear? These dogs come from Madagascar and are amusing and gentle, and they form a very tight bond with their owners. The Maltese and the Coton both have white coats, so you can expect a walking cotton puff with the Cotonese.

These dogs are cuddly, energetic, and devoted to their families. They need brushing about three times a week, and training is usually a breeze.

5. Havamalt (Havanese x Maltese)

Image Credit: michaelheim, Shutterstock

When you take the Havanese and mix it up with the Maltese, you get the Havamalt! The Havanese is from Cuba, and it’s believed that one of their ancestors is the Maltese, so they aren’t so different from each other.

Havamalts are friendly, loving, and cheerful. They require weekly brushing, but they aren’t known to shed too much. Training is generally easy as they are eager to please and quite intelligent.

6. Highland Maltie (West Highland White Terrier x Maltese)

The West Highland White Terrier (usually nicknamed the Westie) and the Maltese have given us the hybrid Highland Maltie. The Westie happens to be one of the most popular terriers and is intelligent, confident, and happy.

The Highland Maltie is a bold dog that makes a wonderful family pet. Their intelligence makes them somewhat easy to train, but they might be a little stubborn at times. They will typically need daily brushing, but they are low shedders.

7. Jatese (Japanese Chin x Maltese)

Take a dash of Japanese Chin and a sprinkling of Maltese, and you get the Jatese. The Japanese Chin is a graceful, quiet, and loving dog that had its beginnings with Japanese nobles.

The Jatese is curious, affectionate, and friendly, but they might develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long. Grooming requires weekly brushings and a bath about every 3 to 4 weeks. Short, fun training sessions will work best, but they are, otherwise, easily trained.

8. Lhatese (Lhasa Apso x Maltese)

Image Credit: GPPets, Shutterstock

The Lhatese is a combination of the Lhasa Apso and the Maltese. Lhasas are intelligent, funny, and confident little dogs bred to guard Buddhist monasteries in Tibet.

The Lhatese would prefer to spend as much time with you as possible and is playful, gentle, and sweet. They can be somewhat challenging to train, so persistence is necessary, and they typically need daily brushing.

9. Malchi (Maltese x Chihuahua)

Image Credit: MilanaSobz, Shutterstock

When you take the Maltese and the Chihuahua and mix them together, you end up with the Malchi. The Chihuahua is known for his big personality and is devoted, charming, and a sassy tiny dog.

The Malchi will do best in a home without young children, mainly because of size and partly because of attitude. They tend to be playful, loving, and sometimes goofy. Expect some stubbornness, so training will be challenging at times, but they only need brushing several times a week.

10. Mal-Shi (Shih Tzu x Maltese)

Image Credit: Ashok Manian, Shutterstock

The Shih Tzu and the Maltese together have given us the hybrid Mal-Shi. Shih Tzus are very affectionate, comical, and playful, and they get along famously with children.

Mal-Shis are also very affectionate, energetic, and playful and will do well in households with children of all ages. They are fairly easy to train, but like most hybrids on this list, expect some stubbornness. They also come from two high-maintenance parents, so expect the same with the Mal-Shi.

11. Malteagle (Maltese x Beagle)

Malteagle in the park
Image Credit: michaelheim, Shutterstock

The Malteagle is what you get when you mix the Beagle with the Maltese. Beagles are famous for their friendly and merry dispositions as well as their high energy levels.

Malteagles are great family pets and are described as devoted, sweet, and friendly dogs. They might do better with an experienced owner, particularly for training purposes, as they can be fairly difficult to train. They may require brushing several times a week, if not every day.

12. Maltichon (Bichon Frise x Maltese)

maltichon puppy_lunamarina_Shutterstock
Image Credit: lunamarina, Shutterstock

The Bichon Frise and the Maltese have given us the Maltichon. The Bichon Frise is a curious, frisky, and funny little dog that tends to look like a little puffball.

Maltichons are social, friendly, and sweet dogs that make wonderful companions for the family. They are quite easy to train, and they need a bath every 3 to 4 weeks and brushing every day.

13. Maltipom (Maltese x Pomeranian)

Image Credit: Ancha Chiangmai, Shutterstock

Take the Maltese and mix it with the Pomeranian, and you get the adorable Maltipom! Pomeranians are famous for their abundant coats of fur and their intelligent and confident personalities.

Maltipoms are alert, affectionate, and gentle, but because of their size, they would do better in a home with adults or older children. They are eager to please, so training shouldn’t be too difficult, but they will need regular brushing—probably daily.

14. Maltipoo (Maltese x Toy Poodle)

Image Credit: Pixabay

Take a Toy Poodle and mix it with some Maltese, and you have yourself a Maltipoo. Poodles are famous for their exceptional intelligence, and they are also athletic and confident dogs.

Maltipoos are amazing little dogs that are smart, cuddly, and energetic and make amazing family pets. They are quite easy to train thanks to their intelligence and are low maintenance. They are hypoallergenic and only need a bath when absolutely necessary and brushing about once a week.

15. Malti-Pug (Maltese x Pug)

The Maltese combined with the Pug gives us the Malti-Pug. Pugs are popular for their adorableness as well as their affectionate, charming, and mischievous personalities.

Malti-Pugs are quiet, social, and clever dogs that get along with everyone they meet. They can be easy to train as long as the sessions are short and fun, and grooming requires brushing several times a week and a bath about once a month.

16. Mauzer (Maltese x Miniature Schnauzer)

Image Credit: Nicholas Floyd, Shutterstock

The Mauzer is a mixture of Miniature Schnauzer and Maltese. The Miniature Schnauzer is outgoing, smart, and devoted, and are brave and tough dogs without any real aggression.

Mauzers tend to bond strongly with one person within the family but are still affectionate with all family members. They have a stubborn streak so expect training to be somewhat of a challenge, and they need brushing several times a week.

17. Mauxie (Miniature Dachshund x Maltese)

Mauxie mixed dog breed
Image Credit: David Clarine, Shutterstock

Take the Miniature Dachshund and the Maltese, and you get the Mauxie. Dachshunds are curious, bold, and endearing dogs, famous, of course, for their long bodies.

Mauxies are great for beginner dog owners and are affectionate, playful, and bold but would do better with older children. They are easy to train but will need to be brushed every day and might need to be groomed professionally every 2 months or so.

18. Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Maltese)

morkie mix
Image Credit: Ashley Swanson, Shutterstock

The Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese have provided us with the mixed breed Morkie. Yorkshire Terriers are tiny little energetic pups that are affectionate, feisty, and bold.

Morkies have big personalities and will usually latch on to one person in the family but are energetic, loving, and stubborn. They are challenging to train thanks to that stubbornness and will require regular brushing, most likely every day.

19. Papitese (Papillon x Maltese)

Image Credit: Steve Bruckmann, Shutterstock

The Maltese combined with the Papillon has given us the Papitese. Papillons are famous for their large butterfly-like ears and are happy, curious, and friendly little dogs.

The Papitese is exceptionally friendly, affectionate, and sweet, but because of her size, she will do better in a home with older children. They are eager to please and should be easy to train and will require daily brushing.

20. Peke-A-Tese (Pekingese x Maltese)

When you take the tiny Pekingese and the Maltese and mix them together, you end up with the Peke-A-Tese. The Pekingese is a devoted, affectionate, and charming dog that is prone to being quite independent and opinionated.

The Peke-A-Tese is loving, obedient, and social and will become very attached to her owners. They are fairly easy to train and will need to be brushed every day.

21. Scottese (Scottish Terrier x Maltese)

Combining the Scottish Terrier with the Maltese has created the Scottese. The Scottie is an independent, clever, and bold little terrier that tends to form strong bonds with his owners but is wary of strangers.

The Scottese can be affectionate, playful, and independent but will need lots of socialization and supervision around young children and any small pets. They can be challenging to train because of that independent streak but are likely to be considered hypoallergenic and will only need a weekly brushing.

22. Silky Cocker (American Cocker Spaniel x Maltese)

When you take the American Cocker Spaniel and mix it up with the Maltese, you end up with the Silky Cocker. Cocker Spaniels are gentle, playful, and happy dogs that make amazing family pets.

The Silky Cocker is a very affectionate and loving dog that is loyal and social. They are eager to please and intelligent, so training shouldn’t be too difficult, and they are known to be moderate shedders, so expect to brush them every day.



Many of these breeds will more than likely be quite small and should not be the first choice for a home with small children. And the appearance and temperament of the hybrid dog will ultimately depend on which parent she takes after the most.

The Maltese is a beautiful, tiny dog with a big personality. When you take this amazing dog and combine her with another remarkable breed, you’re bound to end up with one of the best companion dogs you’ve ever had.

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