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Maxbone Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush Review 2024: Our Vet’s Opinion


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Our Final Verdict

We give Maxbone Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 3/5
Materials: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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What Is Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush? How Does It Work?

This aptly named product seeks to simplify bath time for you and your pet. Gone are the days of trying to hold and squeeze shampoo bottles with wet, soapy hands while also trying to keep your pet from jumping out of the tub and soaking you in an escape attempt.

maxbone deep cleanse shampoo dispensing brush

A Breakdown of the Features

The Compartment: Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush can hold enough shampoo in the storage compartment for any size pet. The sides of this storage compartment are clear, so you can monitor the shampoo level as you use it. The wide opening allows for easy filling, and a soft silicone bubble nests inside a twist top to close the compartment when you’re done.

You will note a crosshatch at the bottom of the compartment that allows a controllable stream of shampoo to exit when you press the bubble at the top. The shampoo then travels past the silicone bristles of the brush and onto your pet or hand.

The Dispenser: The dispensing bubble at the top is incredibly easy to use. By choosing such a wide seat for the opening and, therefore, the bubble, you can catch it even with just the tip of a finger, which is useful as you’ll find yourself holding the product in various positions throughout bath time. I say “bubble” instead of “button” because the silicone is so soft and thin and easy to press into.

The Twist Top Rim: The twist top rim around the base of the bubble that anchors it to the rest of the product has small, raised ridges for traction to help you hold the dispensing brush while you’re using it. I will say due to the smooth plastic feel of this and the minor profile of these ridges, once your hands are wet and soapy, you won’t find much help here holding the product, but it’s still definitely a step up from trying to flip a shampoo bottle upside down.

Silicone Bristles: When using the Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush, tall, thick, but bendable silicone bristles line the entire bottom aspect, which allows you to rub in the shampoo you’re dispensing with the brush instead of needing to use your hands. Despite feeling easily bendable in your hands, you will find that they remain fully straight for the most part during use unless you exert extra force.

Maxbone offers multiple shampoo options you can pair with the brush, such as their Calming Shampoo, which is at its best with a thoroughly dispersing and exfoliating brush like this one.

By combining all these features, Maxbone has really applied their luxury take on pet supplies to create a super useful and gorgeous marriage of form and function tool.

silicone bristles of maxbone shampoo dispensing brush


Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush – A Quick Look

  • Fits any hand size
  • Holds enough shampoo to bathe any pet
  • Firm but moveable bristles provide good exfoliation
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Shape of the product doesn’t feel natural to hold onto in use, especially wet
  • Tall bristle profile is better for longer and thicker coated animals
  • Bristles may be too firm for sensitive pets, young pets, cats

Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush Pricing

At $14, the Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush is one of Maxbone’s cheapest available products, but that doesn’t mean they neglected its quality or looks. I think this is easily one of their most valuable products considering what you get for what you spend, and I find it well worth the $14 price tag.

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What to Expect From Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush

My Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush arrived within a couple of days of placing my order. The box was crushed in one corner, but everything in the box was intact and packed efficiently. Every inch of the box was used appropriately, and I appreciated not receiving a box with a wasteful amount of shipping supplies involved.

Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush Contents

maxbone dispensing brush parts

  • Two-piece, fully detachable screw on top and dispensing push bubble
  • Clear-sided storage compartment to hold shampoo for use
  • Brush base with central crosshatch that allows through shampoo and seats the bristles of the brush

Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush Overall Quality

For a product with over thirty long, bendable silicone pieces, I was prepared to make allowances for how long this product would likely hold up. Once using it, though, I’m honestly not sure any specific part of this product would ever break with proper at-home use. All the materials feel good in your hand and hold up well.

Every aspect of the Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush has design elements that are perfect for their use, such as the wide set of the filling top/bubble, the clear sides of the storage compartment, and the arrangement of the brush bristles.

Soft But Sturdy Brush Materials

Any moveable features of this dispensing brush are soft-feel silicone, which I really liked. The base of the brush, storage compartment, and twist-on rim that holds the dispensing bubble in place are hard plastic with raised edges and dots in strategic spots to help you hold onto the brush while it’s wet.

I liked the choices for each though you will still find your hand slipping while holding the brush a bit since the shape doesn’t match your hand. This is never enough to send it flying from your hand in use, though.

maxbone brush dispensing some shampoo

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Only One Style and Color Available

The Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush comes in one size and one color. I have three dogs, each about knee height, each with slightly longer/thicker hair coats and about 5–10 pounds more muscle/beefier than the next, so they range from a very short coat with delicate features to a longer, thicker, though not double coat with a stockier build.

When I tried this dispensing brush on all three of them, I found that my biggest girl, with her thicker coat, was the easiest to use it on. The amount I could massage her with the bristles was perfect, and I didn’t feel too far above her skin on the long bristles. The tension from the hair also allowed for an easier time holding the product.

On my delicate girl, I wished the bristles were shorter or softer as it suited her coat better and made it easier to hold. I would probably hesitate to use this size of the product on a smaller pet, so I wish it came in a couple of size options. My largest girl also requires a special shampoo for baths, so while I tried a new shampoo for the other girls, also sold by Maxbone, I switched to my normal shampoo for my largest dog.

It would have been nice to have two sets of the brush in different colors to identify which held which shampoo. Switching out shampoos was very easy, though, and I was able to trial shampoos of two different viscosities through the brush, and it worked great for both.

Is Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush a Good Value?

I think this product is a great value. If you can even find a slightly cheaper version of this dispensing brush through another company, every aspect of this brush is so well designed that even without checking other options, I can confidently say that this will hold up better, feel better, and work better than whatever you could find cheaper. With such a low price tag, I wouldn’t hesitate to consider this worth its cost.

a black dog getting a bath with maxbone shampoo dispensing brush


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Would this dispensing brush work with any shampoo?

I found the Deep Cleansing Shampoo Dispensing Brush would work with any pet shampoo I’ve encountered and many pet conditioners as well. I specifically tried Maxbone’s Calming Shampoo, which worked perfectly with the brush and soothed my allergy dogs’ skin, and thicker medicated shampoo, which also had no issues with dispensing.

Is the Deep Cleansing Shampoo Dispensing Brush safe to use on my pet?

While I do think the firmness of the bristles might not be as comfortable on the thin skin of small animals such as puppies and cats, it is definitely still safe.

Do Maxbone products take a long time to arrive?

Maxbone’s website claims they have an estimated shipping and delivery time of 2–5 business days. I found this correct, with a turnaround time from order to arrival of only 3 days.

Can I return the Deep Cleansing Shampoo Dispensing Brush?

Maxbone’s return policy does not allow for returns on grooming products, but this should provide you with the peace of mind that your brush has never been exposed to all-too-common pet parasites and skin infections from another animal.

maxbone shampoo dispensing brush on black dog's head

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My Experience With Maxbone’s Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush

I was very happy with my experience with the Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush. I was impressed by the quality of the design and materials used. My three dogs all enjoyed the sensation of the brush, and my youngest, who can be quite anxious about bath time, was far calmer than usual, in part due to enjoying the massage of the brush.

You can imagine a wash day with three dogs is an undertaking, but by combining steps in using this dispensing brush, I shaved almost a full hour off my average total bathing time across the three dogs, which my back was particularly thrilled about.

The brush is possibly larger than you think. I have relatively small hands, so this might not present a problem for all users, but since my fingers couldn’t reach all the way to the bristle base with its traction bumps from over the top of the dispenser or around the edges from the side, I found holding the brush did feel more awkward than I expeted.

My largest dog, with her thick coat, allowed me to lean into the scrubbing. But for my girls with shorter coats, I found this lack of perfect hand-holding position inhibited how well I could scrub into their coats with the brush, and since the bristles were so tall, there were moments I was worried about effectiveness also.

I still got through their baths faster than usual, the soap was well distributed and rinsed out very easily, and they seemed to like the feel, so it all worked out. However, I wish the brush came with options for lower profile bristles or softer ones that will bend easier, or maybe a smaller shampoo storage compartment as less height here might be easier to handle.

With how easy this product is to use and how much it helps solve several dilemmas of bath time, I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone with at least a medium-sized dog or larger.

brushing black dog's paw with maxbone shampoo dispensing brush



The Deep Cleanse Shampoo Dispensing Brush from Maxbone is a required part of doggy bath time in my household now. It combines dispensing of shampoo with relaxing and effective washing to simplify your dog’s bathing routine. Easier and quicker baths that don’t sacrifice quality or efficacy are appreciated by everyone involved.

With my busy schedule, this dispensing brush allows me to stay on track with my dogs’ baths and provides them something to look forward to since they enjoy the feel of the brush. I look forward to adapting to holding this brush as I get used to it and will eagerly try out other varieties in the future if they are ever developed.

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