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Meowbox Subscription Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Expert’s Opinion

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Meowbox a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.8/5
Variety: 4.5/5
Ingredients: 5.0/5
Value: 4.5/5


What Is Meowbox? How Does It Work?

Meowbox is a cat toy subscription box that appeals to cat owners of all breeds, ages, and sizes. They have two plans available, monthly or bimonthly, and based on your choice, you are then sent cat toys and treats directly to your door. However, they also have an online shop where you can buy toys individually if you prefer not to pay for a subscription. All of the boxes come with a cute theme, and you can either select one theme from the three on offer every month or have them surprise you with one. Signing up for Meowbox is simple, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to fill out your pet’s name and your shipping and payment details.

Meowbox contents

Meowbox – A Quick Look

  • Fun themes to choose from
  • Multiple toys and treats sent in each box
  • Option to replace treats with toys for picky eaters
  • Two subscription plans offered
  • Variety

Meowbox Pricing

Meowbox currently has two subscription plans available. Each plan costs $23.95. However, you can pay that every month or once every 2 months. While some people might not consider this the most affordable option for some cat toys, I believe it is moderately priced for pet owners looking to spoil their fur babies every once in a while. Sure, you can head to Amazon and buy a large variety pack of toys for cheap, but those often go to waste and don’t appeal to your pets. On top of that, if you do find the plans too expensive, then you can opt to buy some of their adorable toys individually through their online shop instead.

What to Expect from Meowbox

Knowing what to expect from Meowbox is pretty straightforward. You sign up for the subscription option of your choice on their website, fill out a few quick details, choose the theme of the box, and then wait for it to get sent to your home. After that, it’s as easy as opening the box, showering your kitties with treats and toys, and then waiting for the next box to arrive. It’s a simple process without many issues. If you decide that you’re not happy with their services, canceling is also easy to do through your online account or by contacting them directly.

meowbox treats and toys

Meowbox Contents

I’m happy to say that my cats and I were happy with the contents of our Meowbox. Upon opening it, it was filled with colorful toys and a bag of fish treats. There was even a handwritten note saying hello to my kitties. Upon further inspection of their site, they even allow you to enter your pets’ names and will write a more personalized note to them with each delivery. From there, it was as easy as removing the tags and introducing them to my cats to see how they reacted. Keep reading if you’re curious to know whether my cats, Chewy and Lena, loved them or not. We received the “Meowrine Life” box, and it came with a toy speedo, snorkel, jellyfish, flippers, and fish treats.


There isn’t too much for me to say about the quality of the toys. They seem to be well made and haven’t fallen apart even 2 weeks after receiving them. There have been many toys that I have bought for my cats, only for them to completely ignore their existence—this wasn’t the case with these toys. Chewy and Lena have only a select few toys that they play with regularly, and these have surprisingly been added to the list. I keep them spread out on the living room floor, and they play with them almost every single day.

It helps that a couple of the toys are filled with catnip. Chewy is obsessed with catnip and cannot get enough. However, Lena has never shown much of an interest. Well, Meowbox must put the good stuff in their toys because Lena reacted to the catnip toys for the first time in her life. For a moment, she looked like she was on another planet—a truly entertaining moment for both of us.

two cats playing meowbox toys


While my cats did love the contents of their Meowbox, I personally feel that they could do with a bit more variety. We received the “Meowrine Life” theme. There were four toys and a packet of treats inside. There was a speedo with crinkly paper inside, flippers attached to a string with a feather, a snorkel with pom-poms attached to represent air bubbles, and a jellyfish filled with catnip with ribbons for the tentacles. We also had a packet of salmon and herring fish treats.

While all of the toys are cute, I do think they would benefit from being just a little bit different. All of them are about the same size and made of cloth material, making them all feel a bit similar to one another. If they added in balls that are easy to roll and chase or something that could get me involved in playtime, it could be even better. However, I still can’t ignore that my cats literally loved every single thing that came in the box, so they clearly don’t mind the lack of variety.


As a cat owner, I always want to give my pets the best ingredients. After all, there is no point in feeding them anything that is filled with garbage and dangerous additives. Thankfully, the salmon and herring cat treats were just that—treats made from only salmon and herring. There were absolutely no other ingredients used, and these fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Plus, they were made in a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) facility, so I also felt peace of mind knowing that there was some sort of reliable inspection process while they were made.

Better yet, both of my cats enjoyed eating these treats. They do have a fishy smell, but we certainly can’t knock Meowbox on this because, I mean, what else would you expect cat treats made from only fish to smell like? If anything, they made my cats enjoy them even more.

cat eating salmon and herring treat

Is Meowbox a Good Value?

I believe that Meowbox is a decent value, especially if you opt for the bi-monthly plan instead of the monthly plan. To spend roughly $12 on my two cats every month isn’t a bad price at all, especially when they enjoyed everything and continue to play with it for weeks after receiving it. Also, the fact that I saw Lena react to catnip for the first time in her life surprised me and made me want to continue receiving the subscription service.

I’ve wasted a lot of money giving my cats toys that they would either not even look at, or sniff and paw at for a few seconds only to decide the toys were beneath them. So, it’s safe to say that Meowbox is an excellent value for me and my fur babies.



FAQ: Meowbox

How many toys come in each box?

Each Meowbox you receive comes with at least four toys and one treat that adheres to the theme. However, if you have a picky eater or pets with dietary restrictions, you can opt to replace the treats with an additional toy.

Is Meowbox affiliated with BarkBox?

No. Meowbox does not have any affiliation with BarkBox.

Where does Meowbox ship to?

Currently, Meowbox only ships to the United States and Canada.

Can I return my Meowbox?

Unfortunately, all boxes are final sale. However, if you have any issues with your box, you can contact their customer service line within 30 days, and they will do their best to resolve the problem at hand.

cat playing meowbox toys

Our Experience With Meowbox

I want to use this section to reiterate my experience with Meowbox as a whole. Chewy, Lena, and I were all excited upon the arrival of our first Meowbox. Lena showed an immediate interest in the box itself and couldn’t stop sniffing it. Some say that they spray their boxes with something to attract cats, although Meowbox states that that is a secret they won’t disclose. Upon opening the box, I was happy to see a handwritten note saying hello to my cats. The fact that they take the extra time to write on every single box for every single customer and cat is special and shows that they care about their buyers.

My box was filled with colorful goodies. I can’t lie, I can never be too sure about how my cats will react to new toys. As I mentioned before, there are a select few toys that they play with regularly. Of all the money I’ve spent on them, there are about three or four toys that they actually enjoy. So, I was thrilled that both of my cats took an immediate liking to everything. The jellyfish filled with catnip was an instant favorite. Seriously, they still can’t get enough of it. However, the swim bottoms, snorkel, and flippers are also played with on a regular basis.

The treats have only two ingredients—salmon and herring—and are made at a CFIA facility, so I was perfectly happy letting them snack on these. Better yet, my cats also enjoyed them. Even Chewy couldn’t get enough, and he is the pickier one of the two.

I leave the toys spread out on my living room floor, and every day at least one of my cats comes out to have a quick play session or rub their bodies on them. It fills my heart with joy knowing that these toys truly appeal to my cats and likely many other cats around the country. On top of that, they have held up and haven’t fallen apart despite facing many stealth attacks filled with sharp teeth and claws!



Honestly, how could I not like Meowbox after trying it? Chewy and Lena have never loved so many toys, the value is decent, and the treats are made with clean ingredients. While this box could have done with a little more variety, it’s totally possible that the other themes do have some more options.

After about a week of them enjoying the box, I decided to continue to spoil them and purchase a subscription myself so that they can continue to be both physically and mentally stimulated. Thank you Meowbox for taking the work out of finding decent cat toys and treats for my two favorite felines!

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