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24 Cool Mice Facts You May Not Have Known

wood mouse

Mice are quickly becoming popular pets for families as they are typically low-maintenance and don’t take up a lot of space. Long thought to be “filthy animals”, mice are actually very clean and make good pets as they can be socialized to interact with humans. With the rise of mice as pets, you’re probably curious about these furry little animals.

Here are some fun and fascinating facts about mice that you can pull out at your next trivia night.


The 24 Mice Facts

The 15 General Facts About Mice

1. As early as 1100 BC, the Chinese referred to mice as “the ancient ones” and used them in religious rituals.

Many cultures have worshipped mice throughout history, including the Japanese and the Greeks.

2. Mice are smart.

Very smart! They can run in mazes, solve puzzles, and perform tricks.

3. You might not see them often.

You’ll rarely see mice during the day as most are nocturnal.

gerbil mice
Image By: Pixabay

4. They have short lifespans.

In the wild, mice only live about 12–18 months because of predation by other animals, ie. cats, weasels, lizards, snakes, and more.

5. Mice are athletic.

House mice can run up to 8 miles per hour, can jump, and swim. They are good climbers.

6. Mice have good hygiene and are orderly.

Mice are very clean and like to keep things tidy in their cage.

7. They are very in turn with their senses.

House mice have a good sense of smell and use their whiskers to feel surface textures and note air movements. They also have great vision and hearing.

Mice Playing with Feathers
Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, Pickpik

8. They have a special way of communicating.

In group settings, mice use pheromones and scents to communicate within the nest about family compositions, social dominance, and breeding readiness.

9. They can hear & adapt to ultrasonic sound.

Mice communicate with each other through ultrasonic sound.

10. Males can be aggressive.

Male mice should be housed by themselves because they can be territorial and are likely to fight other males.

11. Females are docile.

Female mice rarely fight and can be housed in the same enclosure.

Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, pxfuel

12. They never stop growing.

Mice have teeth that continue to grow throughout their life.

13. Require specific housing.

Aquariums are not good cages for mice due to ammonia buildup because of lack of air circulation.

14. Mice eat their own feces.

Roughly six times a day as part of their diet. Growing mice will eat their own feces up to 13 times a day.

15. Some breeds have surprising prey.

The southern grasshopper mouse preys on the Arizona bark scorpion. This scorpion is known for a painful sting, but the mouse barely feels it.


The 5 Interesting Differences Between Rats & Mice

16. Rats are kinder to one another.

Rats rarely fight with each other and can be housed in large groups.

17. Rats live longer than mice.

Captive mice live about 18–24 months while rats live about 18–36 months.

a racing mouse
Image Credit: Pixabay.

18. Rats are more resilient than mice.

If a mouse is deprived of water in hot temperatures for even a short amount of time, it will likely die. Rats, however, can live up to 7 days without water in fluctuating temperatures, but they may lose 65% of their body weight.

19. Rats are very social.

This trait plays into why rats have been known to groom each other.

20. Mice get haircuts.

A dominant female mouse may “barber” other female mice in their group, which means they’ll nibble away the hair around the eyes, muzzle, body, and then whiskers of cage mates. The removal of the dominant mouse usually stops the behavior.

Rat vs mouse - mouse facts
Left: Rat, Right: Mouse | Image Credit: Pixabay


The 5 Mice in Popular Culture & Media

21. Mickey Mouse

Arguably the most recognizable mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse will turn 93 on November 18, 2021.

22. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The #1 rated children’s picture book with mice on Goodreads is “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff.

23. Pikachu

For 22 years, fans of Pokemon thought that the famous character Pikachu was a mouse. Many thought its name was derived from the Asian rodent Pika and Pikachu was listed as a mouse in the Pokedex. In 2018, the graphic artist Atsuko Nishida confessed that Pikachu is actually a squirrel.

24. Chuck E. Cheese

He started as a rat in the late 1970s but was revamped into a mouse in the 1990s.


Final Thoughts

Who knew mice were so interesting? Well, if you own some mice, you probably already had an idea! Which fact was your favorite? Was there a fact that you did not know? Share this post with your family and friends!

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