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7 Most Affordable Pet Birds: Pocket Friendly Options (With Pictures)

Peach-Fronted Conure

It is impossible to know exactly how much any pet bird will cost their owner. It all depends on the size and type of habitat, the kind of diet that is maintained, and unforeseen costs, such as veterinarian bills. The first year of ownership is usually the most costly because new equipment and accessories must be purchased, but those items should last for years. That said, we do have a good idea of how much pet birds themselves cost, so we are focusing on that today. Here are the seven most affordable pet birds on the market.


Top 7 Most Affordable Pet Birds

1. Parakeets

  • $10-$40
male blue budgie parakeet bird sitting on tree branch
Image Credit: UniqSnaps, Shutterstock

Also referred to as Budgies in some locations, these small birds have long tail feathers and are known to enjoy mimicking their human companions. With proper care, parakeets can live up to 20 years in captivity, making them a long-term companion that kids can enjoy growing up with. Parakeets love to talk, are highly active, and prefer living with a mate rather than by themselves.

2. Finches

  • $10-$75
Zebra Finch
Image By: monikabaechler, Pixabay

Finches don’t talk like parrot breeds do, and they prefer not to be handled, which makes them perfect pets for those who don’t have the spare time to devote to an animal. Although finches are considered hands-off pets, they are active in their habitats, and they like to put on a good show for onlookers.

3. Pigeons & Doves

  • $25-$100
dove close up
Image Credit: chrisjmit, Pixabay

These birds are common in most places on Earth, save for extreme environments like Antarctica and the Sahara Desert. They can be found flying around the country and in big cities. They also happen to be popular pets among children and adults alike. Doves do not need much space, so they can fit in well in apartment environments.

4. Canaries

  • $25-$125
canary bird on branch with flowers
Image Credit: Terentieva Yulia, Shutterstock

There are more than 200 types of canaries in existence today, all of which are popular pets around the world. These birds do not require the handling, interaction, and attention that other types of birds, like parrots, do. They are solitary birds that should live with a habitat mate for optimal health and happiness.

5. Cockatiels

  • $50-$150
Blue Cockatiel
Image Credit: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH, Shutterstock

Their bodies may be small, but a Cockatiel’s personality is huge. These spunky birds love human contact and will happily spend hours on a shoulder. They love to dance, say hello to anyone who comes near, and imitate sounds that they hear around the house. Cockatiels are extremely social and will not allow their household companions to ignore them, especially when they are bored.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of cockatiels, you’ll need a great resource to help your birds thrive. We highly recommend taking a closer look at The Ultimate Guide to Cockatiels, available on Amazon.

The Ultimate Guide to Cockatiels

This excellent book covers everything from the history, color mutations, and anatomy of cockatiels to expert housing, feeding, breeding, and health care tips.

6. Parrotlets

  • $100-$250
parrotlet bird
Image Credit: Rafael Cerqueira, Shutterstock

These little birds grow to be about 5 inches long, which has contributed to the reason for them earning the nickname “pocket parrot.” Parrotlets do not make much noise, which makes them suitable for those with nearby neighbors. They love toys like mirrors and swings to keep themselves entertained while in their habitat.

7. Conures

  • $150-$600
colorful sun conure
Image Credit: Naypong Studio, Shutterstock

Conures come in small and medium sizes and have various eye-catching colors, including yellow, red, green, and blue. They all tend to display curiosity and playfulness when spending time with human companions. These are birds that often sing and screech, which can be annoying to those who enjoy a quiet home. However, they are not known for speaking words like many other parrot species do.

divider-birdsFinal Thoughts

With all these affordable yet beautiful pet birds to choose from, anyone can become a bird parent if they want to. It is important to learn all about a bird’s personality, specific care requirements, and temperament before purchasing to ensure that they are going to be the right fit for your household. Which of these pet birds interests you the most, and why? Let us know in the comments section.

Featured Image Credit By: bluepaints, Pixabay

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