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What And When Is National Dog Photography Day 2023? Here’s How You Celebrate

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Do you know anyone more photogenic than your dog? If you love your dog, and love snapping pics, you might be pleased to know about National Dog Photography Day. On this day, we can celebrate the relationships we have with them—and photograph it for later memory.

If you’re just now learning about National Dog Photography Day, which is celebrated on July 26th every year,  you might how it came about and exactly what you do. Luckily, we’re here to give you the skinny. Let’s find out what this holiday is and how you and your pup can enjoy it this year.


When Is National Dog Photography Day?

National Dog Photography Day is celebrated on July 26th every year. So, have the costumes prepared or plans mapped out to photograph your delightful dog in their prime.

person taking photo of dog
Image Credit: eva_blanco, Shutterstock

How Was National Dog Photography Day Thought Up?

National Dog Photography was started in 2018 by a photographer named Kerry Jordan. This holiday quickly picked up momentum, going viral across social media platforms. People really love to jump at the chance to take more photographs of their furry friends.

If you participate in this holiday, use the hashtag #nationaldogphotographyday. That way, it will connect you with fellow dog lovers so you can share in appreciating pooches of all shapes and sizes. It’s a great way to connect virtually with fellow dog lovers and owners.

Plus, who doesn’t love to see adorable pictures of pups taking over their feed? Take the opportunity this year to participate!


How to Celebrate National Dog Photography Day

Only you can decide how exactly you will celebrate National Dog Photography Day. But here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Drop a Ton of Photos on Social Media

You have probably taken countless photos of your dog throughout the year. You can post them on social media for all your friends to see so everyone else can also appreciate them. To celebrate this magnificent holiday, round up your favorite snapshots of your wondrous pooch.

Have Your Own Doggy Photoshoot

Do you have a smartphone or camera? If you opt for a doggy photo shoot, you can get very involved. You can get costumes, dress them up, take them out, whatever you please!

You could make it funny, make them charming, or whatever strikes your fancy. If your dog is more photogenic in action, take them out to their favorite dog park and get some great shots of them expending their energy.

woman taking a photo of a dog on a rock
Image Credit: Honza Reznik, Unsplash

Get a Professional Shoot 

Whether you have a growing family or you’re a single person, you can make memories with your dog that will last a lifetime. Just ask photographer Kerry Jordan about her success photographing dogs. Trusting a professional, why don’t you get fancied up and take a photo shoot with your dog?

After all, they’re only here briefly, and it’s best to take as many photographs as possible to add to all the wonderful memories you can reflect on. Plus, it might feel good for you both to get all done up for a second.

Make a Scrapbook

Do you already have some photos developed of your pup? You could always make a scrapbook! On top of pictures and such, you can even paint or ink on your pup’s paw and have them sign it themselves.

Every year, you can add to it if you’d like. After a while, you have a whole booklet of memories to look back on, keeping your pup’s memory for years to come.

Rottweiler in photoshoot
Image Credit: MISS_SUMMER, Pixabay

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National Dog Photography Day can be a real blast for you and your dogs. Even if you don’t celebrate it publicly, it’s fun to look back on the memories you have with your dog based on the pictures you’ve taken.

So, you can make it count whether you plan an all-out photoshoot or put together a little group of photos that you love most of your pooch.

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