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National Pet Week 2024: What It Is & When to Celebrate

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It’s that time of the year again when we commemorate those furry, feathered, and scaly friends who love us unconditionally: National Pet Week! This weeklong celebration of our beloved companions is a chance to honor them and show how much they mean to us. National Pet Week is celebrated annually in the United States in the first full week in May.

National Pet Week was created in 1981 to highlight the importance of responsible pet ownership and promote the benefits that pets bring to our lives. This blog covers what National Pet Week is, why it’s important to celebrate our pets, and some tips on how to make the most of this special week.


History of National Pet Week

National Pet Week was founded in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition1. The week was created to educate people about responsible pet ownership and to promote the human-animal bond.

Since then, National Pet Week has grown in popularity and scope over the years. Today, it is celebrated in countries all over the world and has become an annual tradition for pet owners everywhere.

The celebration of National Pet Week has also become more than just a way to recognize our pets. It is also a chance for pet owners to educate themselves on proper pet care and nutrition, as well as how to keep their pets safe and healthy.

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When Is National Pet Week?

National Pet Week is celebrated annually in the United States from the first full week in May. During this weeklong celebration, pet owners are encouraged to show their appreciation for their pets by engaging in activities such as special training sessions, trips to the vet, and even throwing a party for their beloved companion!

Purpose of National Pet Week

It’s simple, really—to celebrate all our furry friends! Whether you have a pup, kitty, hamster, or another critter in your home, National Pet Week is the perfect opportunity to lavish them with extra love and attention.

It also serves as an important reminder to promote responsible pet ownership and raise awareness about the benefits of having a pet. Plus, animal welfare organizations receive much-needed support and recognition during this special week each year. So, show your furry friends some extra love during National Pet Week!

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divider-multiprint The 4 Activities and Events During National Pet Week

National Pet Week is filled with activities and events that can help you show your appreciation for your furry friend. Here are some ideas:

1. Pet Adoption Drives

Get involved in a local pet adoption drive to welcome a new member into the family! There’s nothing more rewarding than helping an animal in need find their forever home.

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2. Pet Health Checkups and Vaccinations

Make sure your furry friend is up to date with their vaccinations and other routine checkups. Your vet can provide advice on how to keep them healthy and happy all year round.

3. Pet-Themed Contests and Social Media Campaigns

Show off your pet’s unique talents or quirky personality by entering them in a pet-themed contest or participating in social media campaigns.

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4. Pet-Friendly Community Events

There are often pet-friendly events and activities that take place during National Pet Week, such as walks, parades, and fundraisers. Check out your local animal shelter or community organization to look for upcoming events!

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Pet Week, it’s sure to be a memorable and rewarding experience for both you and your pet. So, get ready to show your furry friends some extra love in May!


How to Celebrate National Pet Week

National Pet Week is a great time to show your love and appreciation for your pet.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of this special week:
  • Be sure your pet receives all the necessary vaccinations and health checkups.
  • Create activities that engage both you and your furry friend, such as going for a walk or playing a game of fetch.
  • Look for pet-friendly events happening in your community, and make sure to attend at least one.
  • Show your appreciation by treating your pet to something special, such as a new toy or treat.
  • Take some time to educate yourself on responsible pet ownership, such as proper nutrition and exercise needs.
  • Connect with other pet owners, either through social media campaigns or in your local community.

Ultimately, National Pet Week is a reminder to show our furry friends how much we appreciate them and all that they do for us. So, make sure to give your pet some extra love this May, and have a wonderful time celebrating National Pet Week together!



National Pet Week is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your furry friend. Whether you’re attending a pet-friendly event or participating in social media campaigns, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this special week together.

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