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National Walk Your Dog Day 2024: Here’s How It’s Celebrated

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The next National Walk Your Dog Day is on February 22, 2024. This day combines two things people love: exercise and walking their dogs. This national holiday’s purpose is to promote exercise and spending time with your canine pal.

Not only does the activity promote bonding with your pet, but it also gives you the chance to explore new areas together and ensures you both get the exercise you need to be healthy and happy.


Why Was This Day Invented?

While it’s unknown exactly when National Walk Your Dog Day began, the reason behind it is pretty simple. It’s thought to have started in the 1960s when there was a shift in women becoming more than stay-at-home wives. With more and more women joining the workforce, the family pet was left alone most of the day, meaning they weren’t getting the exercise or companionship needed to be healthy and feel loved.

This was when people started hiring others to walk their dogs for them, and the job of professional dog walker was born. Now, there is a specific day when people can get out, enjoy the weather, and spend time with their beloved canine pals, though you should walk your dog as often as you can, not just on National Walk Your Dog Day.

Smiling professional dog walker in the street with lots of dogs
Image Credit: Lucky Business, Shutterstock

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Day This Year

Of course, the bonding and exercise can get a bit old after a while for you and your pet. That’s why you should find fun ways to celebrate National Walk Your Dog Day this year. We’ll give you a few of our favorite activities below.

Try Out a New Trail

For many pet owners, it’s easy to walk your dog in one place or on one trail. This year, on National Walk Your Dog Day, try branching out and finding a new place to walk. Add excitement to your walk by exploring a new park or trail in a new town. Who knows? You and your dog may make some new friends along the way.

woman walking two bernese mountain dog
Image Credit: tugol, Shutterstock

Sign Up for a 5K

If you and your dog are really into running and exercising, you could sign up for a local 5K. The best thing about this is that you can walk or run, whichever feels better for you and your furry friend. The profits go to local charities, and you and your pet get exercise and a bit more exercise in your life.

Ask a Friend to Join

Why not ask some of your friends to join? It’s no fun to walk along. Ask a friend with a dog if they want to join you and your canine for National Walk Your Dog Day. You can have fun together and still get exercise at the same time, and your dog will also enjoy walking with a new friend.

pregnant couple walked their dog
Image Credit: Josep Suria, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

National Walk Your Dog Day is a great time to get out with your dog, bond, exercise, and possibly meet new friends at the same time. There are too many days out of the year when you must hurry your walks, hire a professional to walk your dog, or allow the dog to run in the backyard because you don’t have time.

Don’t let February 22, 2024, be one of those times. Write the National Walk Your Dog Day date on your calendar, invite a friend, and be ready to walk when the day arrives. Your pet will thank you for it!

Featured Image Credit: Zen Chung, Pexels

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