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Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Nest Bedding Dog Bed

Our Final Verdict

We give the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Variety: 4.5/5

Material: 5/5

Pet Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Style: 4.8/5

Finding the right bed for your pet is a rather important facet of parenting, and it’s certainly not as simple as it seems. Not only do you have to factor in your dog’s potential finickyness (mine can be super picky!), but pet beds can also impact your dog’s health.

As my dog suffers from the onset of early arthritis and has canine scoliosis, I take a lot of care in picking where she lays. Beds that are too firm, improperly set, or made of cheap materials can have an impact on your pup’s joints, muscles, back, and more. A bad pet could leave her sore for days, as we have learned through trial and error, sadly!

This is where Nest Bedding became the greatest addition to our daily routine; the bolstered pet bed is my pup’s favorite spot to curl up. Made of high-quality material and a breathable fabric, alongside being perfectly padded and moldable to her body, this bed has helped her tremendously. Nest Bedding actually helps you save the environment, which is pretty nifty!


About Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding Dog Bed - lorelei sitting on the product

Nest Bedding is a company obsessed with sleep (both for you and your pet). The company remains family-owned to this day, thoughtfully designing everything in California and manufacturing all of their mattresses and pet beds in the United States.

Best known for its bed-in-a-box concept (Nest Bedding is the first company to start this!), Nest Bedding has been revolutionizing sleep since 2011. Specializing in products made of eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, and American-made materials, many of Nest Bedding’s offerings are luxury that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

The Bolstered Pet Bed is one of two pet bed offerings that Nest Bedding has, expanding upon its human-oriented line of sleep products. The concept of the bolstered pet bed is similar to that of mattresses and pillows, down to the organic and safe materials!



Nest Bedding Dog Bed - product on carpet

Although there are several beds out there that are similar in appearance, the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed does have some characteristics that set it apart from the rest.

Pricing and Shipping

The Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed ranges from $99 to $179.

Shipping is free in the United States. All of the beds are made to order, so expect production to take about three to five business days and shipping to be three to eight business days.

Available Sizes

There are three sizes available, being comfortable for most dogs:
  • Small (24″ x 7″)
  • Medium (29″ x 8″)
  • Large (35″ x 8″)

Material and Durability

What makes the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed different from the rest is what the bed is made of and how durable it is.

The bed is made of breathable canvas cotton, which is machine-washable on a gentle cycle. All of the beds are handmade (on demand) and made in the USA.

The inside stuffing of the bed is made entirely of green-waste recycled plastic, helping keep the planet a little cleaner. It certainly doesn’t feel like plastic inside, as the bed remains cushy and soft.

We all know that pets can be messy, from leaving stains on fabric to trying to hide food in the bed folds, and this bed is designed to factor that in. This fabric can handle stain remover and various treatments if needed.

Nest Bedding Dog Bed - lorelei lying on the product in the bedroom


The appearance is where some people might have some opinions. Personally, I think the bed is a nice neutral color and lays wherever I put it just fine. My dog loves it, and that’s what matters!

For others however, there are no color options or extras for aesthetics. Pet parents who try to tailor their pet products to the home decor may not be too fond of the lack of options. Because the bed is meant to have wrinkles and puffy bolstering to it, the appearance isn’t very ‘modern’.

Orthopedic Benefits

The bolstering specifically helps your dog’s physical body. The bolstered edges take a lot of the pressure off of their joints and bones, offering relief on all of the sensitive points.

No matter how your pup curls up (and trust me, mine can sleep in some bizarre positions), there won’t be needless pressure. The pressure is what tends to lead to orthopedic problems over time.

In Summary

  • Ultra comfortable
  • Bolstering helps reduce orthopedic problems
  • Made of 100% cotton breathable canvas in a pretty neutral tan color
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Stuffed with recycled plastic
  • Washable and durable
  • Easy to carry around and plop anywhere
  • My dog is obsessed with it (this is a pro in my book!)
  • Free shipping!

  • No color or appearance options
  • Only three size options (which work for most all dogs, but some giant dogs may have trouble)


Made of Good Materials

The 100% breathable cotton canvas is a game changer, not only is this material good for your pup’s skin, but it’s easy to wash and care for.


The inside is stuffed with recycled plastic, helping keep plastic away from landfills.

Bolstered Cushioning

The bolstered cushion caters to pups who like to curl up, as well as older pets who need some extra support for their older bones.

Three Sizes Available

There are three sizes available to meet the needs of most pups!


Is the Bolstered Pet Bed a Good Value?

Some may consider the pet bed price to be a bit on the steep side when comparable items seen at Petco are significantly less, but what you are paying for is quality. Comparables may not be made out of 100% cotton, may be more hazardous to the environment than not, and are definitely not handmade.

The Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed is made to order and done by hand, entirely in the USA. The cotton is organic and comfortable, the stuffing is at a perfect firmness, and the shipping is free (which does help a lot)! This bed is designed to last years, not just something you throw away in 12 months.

All of this lends itself to the bed’s value, where $99 to $179 isn’t really that huge of an investment when it’s the only bed you’ll really need to buy! Plus, pet comfort is priceless if you ask me.

Nest Bedding Dog Bed - lorelei lying on the product



How do you wash the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed?

The bed is machine-washable on a gentle cycle, but just hang it to dry (don’t put it in the dryer). If there is a stain on the bed, you can use a stain remover before throwing it into the washer.

Is the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed only for dogs?

Nope! This bed is great for cats, too!

Is there a trial period? Warranty?

Nest Bedding is confident in their pet bed, so the company offers a 30-night sleep trial. You can exchange the bed for a different size within 30 days.

Nest Bedding also offers a two-year warranty on all pet beds.

Nest Bedding Dog Bed - lorelei lying on the product on the bed


Our Experience With the Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually gotten my dog Lorelei a bolstered bed before. She is a big curler, a common trait for small dogs (she is only 10 lbs), and I had a theory that she would enjoy this bed, but I had nothing to substantiate that without trial and error.

For a bit of context, Lorelei suffers from some health problems relating to her joints and bones, due to being neglected in her formative years before I adopted her. As such, she easily gets sore, and finding the right bed can be a big deal.

The bed came in a simple cardboard box and plastic bag and unfurled itself moments after cutting the plastic. The bed immediately got into its shape and held it – I didn’t have to wait for the bed to become, well, a bed!

The bed is a beautiful tan neutral color and feels very nice to the touch. I was very surprised to learn that the inside of the bed is stuffed with recycled plastic! The bed doesn’t feel like that at all; the stuffing is very soft and comfortable. It is perfectly stuffed (if I can repeat myself here), not too firm but also not too soft.

My dog prefers fluffy fabric over smooth fabric, so I was curious to see how she would be in this situation. It was a 50/50 as to whether she would like it! The moment I put the bed on the ground in the living room, she immediately leaped into it from a full run – success! I have had this bed for about a week now, and she is glued to it. I can even offer her the “Place” command, and where she would once choose her kennel as her ‘place, ‘ she would now go to the Nest Bedding pet bed (all of her own volition).

I can tell whenever my dog lays on the bed because it forms to her body and leaves a little Lorelei-shaped form in the cushion. That may be why she likes it so much as well; it feels custom-made for her little 10lb self!

On a daily basis, the bed is placed right against my own bed and next to my dog’s stairs. She likes to switch between sleeping on the bed with me and sleeping on the Nest Bedding pet bed, and I like that she has that convenient option.

I often take this bed with me on road trips, I place it in the back of my car, and she can sleep the whole drive! It is also a big relief in hotel rooms because she often doesn’t feel comfortable without something familiar from home.

I haven’t had a reason to wash the bed yet, but knowing that I can throw it in my machine on a gentle cycle and then hang it up to dry is great. When I first brought my dog home from the shelter, she had so many stomach issues that puking on the dog bed wasn’t unheard of. Other dog beds can make the washing process such a huge pain, but this one definitely doesn’t.

Lorelei hasn’t displayed any level of soreness or stiffness; if anything, she’s even more nimble than before. The bolstering really does work to keep pressure off of her little joints. All in all, it’s probably my dog’s favorite thing right now!

Nest Bedding Dog Bed - lorelei on the product



In conclusion, I am kicking myself for not getting this bed sooner. It’s a durable, well-made product that makes my dog happy – I can’t ask for more than that. I foresee many years of enjoyment out of this bed, and it makes me curious to check out Nest Bedding’s human products too!

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