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Nom Nom Variety Pack Dog Food Review 2023: Is It a Good Value?

Our Final Verdict

We give Nom Nom dog food a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Founded in 2014, Nom Nom is a leading brand supplying fresh-made, custom-portioned, and vet-formulated meals for canine companions in the USA. With kitchens based on both the east and west coast—in Nashville, TN and San Francisco, CA, respectively—Nom Nom delivers right to the doors of dogs and their humans throughout the 48 contiguous states, with over three million boxes delivered to date (and counting!).

Embodying its company values of doggedness, stamina, innovation, balance, integrity, and collaboration, Nom Nom makes fresh personalized meal plans (and recommended portions) for each individual dog’s nutritional needs. Each recipe is veterinarian-approved and contains quality proteins and vegetables with targeted vitamins and minerals and no artificial nonsense—giving dogs the utmost nutrition they deserve.

While dog parents can choose between the tasty recipes of Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare, Nom Nom’s Variety Pack gives them the option to treat their precious pups to all four! A perfect complete assortment for either the picky eater, or the easily-bored eater who craves variety in every bowl.

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Nom Nom’s Pork Potluck Nom Nom’s Pork Potluck
  • Tasty flavor dogs love
  • Cooked fresh for easier digestion
  • Made of real, natural foods and ingredients
  • Second place
    Nom Nom’s Turkey Fare Nom Nom’s Turkey Fare
  • Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Made fresh with only healthy, natural ingredients
  • Contains less moisture per pack
  • Third place
    Nom Nom’s Beef Mash Nom Nom’s Beef Mash
  • Loaded with amino acids
  • Ideal for dogs needing to lose weight
  • Tasty beef flavor dogs are sure to love
  • Nom Nom’s Chicken Cuisine Nom Nom’s Chicken Cuisine
  • Delicious natural flavors that dogs love
  • Contains the second highest protein content
  • Nutritious blend of quality protein and healthy ingredients
  • Nom Nom Variety Pack Reviewed

    nom nom variety packs in the box
    I received two bags, but the regular order comes with one.

    Who Makes Nom Nom and Where Is It Produced?

    Nom Nom is an American brand based in the USA. Fresh dog food is produced and shipped frozen to dogs and their humans living throughout the 48 contiguous states—from coast to coast, out of the company’s Nashville and San Francisco kitchens.

    Which Types of Dogs is Nom Nom Best Suited For?

    Nom Nom is ideal for any dog parents wanting to give their dog(s) the best chance at a healthy, happy life by feeding them quality, natural, fresh food. All Nom Nom recipes are formulated with the guidance and approval of Board-Certified Veterinary nutrtionalists and contain nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Food Nutrient Profiles.

    With Nom Nom, dog owners can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they’re feeding their fur babies top-notch nutrition meant to help optimize their health and prevent chronic disease.


    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and bad)

    nom nom variety pack and coco in the background

    Quality Protein

    Each of the Nom Nom Variety Pack’s four recipes features a quality protein as the main ingredient. As protein plays such vital roles in promoting good health in dogs—such as maintaining a balanced diet, building and repairing muscles, increasing energy, promoting healthy immunity and functioning, and supporting the growth of skin cells, hair, body tissues and more—this is a definite perk for any lucky pups who get to enjoy Nom Nom’s various recipes.

    Based on their preference (and their dog’s taste buds), dog parents can choose between ground beef (Beef Mash), chicken (Chicken Cuisine), ground pork (Pork Potluck), and ground turkey (Turkey Fare). Additionally, both the Beef Mash and Turkey Fare recipes contain eggs as an added source of protein.


    As omnivores, dogs eat both meat and vegetables. Vegetables are loaded with nutrients that keep dogs healthy. For example, carrots, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes all contain important vitamins that are good for a dog’s muscles, nerves, and kidneys, as well as fiber to help regulate their digestion.

    Nom Nom’s Variety Pack recipes each contain the following vegetables:
    • Beef Mash: Russet potatoes, carrots, and peas
    • Chicken Cuisine: Sweet potatoes, squash, and spinach
    • Pork Potluck: Russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale, and cremini mushrooms
    • Turkey Fare: Carrots and spinach

    nom nom beef mash, chicken cuisine, pork potluck, and turkey fare recipes

    Targeted Vitamins and Minerals

    To top off the quality protein and vegetables in each recipe, each of Nom Nom’s Variety Pack meals are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to optimize their nutritional value and health benefits, like a strong immune system and overall health.

    Such vitamins and minerals include iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, vitamin D3, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, and many more.


    A Quick Look at Nom Nom’s Variety Pack

    • Contains all four Nom Nom fresh food recipes for dogs
    • Packed with quality proteins, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals
    • Cooked fresh with real, natural ingredients for easy digestion
    • Contains no artificial fillers
    • Ships frozen to preserve nutritional value and freshness
    • Each pack contains only one 200g pouch of each recipe (not ideal for bigger dogs who eat more)


    Reviews of the Nom Nom Recipes We Tried

    Let’s take a look at each of the four recipes in the variety pack: Pork Potluck, Turkey Fare, Beef Mash, and Chicken Cuisine.

    1. Pork Potluck – Our Favorite

    Nom Nom Port Potluck

    With a mix of ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale, and cremini mushrooms as the main ingredients, the Pork Potluck recipe is filled with natural, real food to nourish your pup while pleasing their taste buds as well. Loaded with other essential vitamins and minerals in ingredients like fish oil, vitamin E supplement, and potassium chloride, your dog is sure to get a full-balanced meal in every pre-portioned pack, tailored to their specific nutritional needs.

    Like all of Nom Nom’s recipes, the Pork Potluck is cooked fresh and comes frozen to preserve as much of its nutritional value and benefits as possible, delivered right to your dog’s food bowl. Not to mention, its tasty flavor seems to be a favorite amongst many canine companions—it certainly was for mine!

    • Made of real, natural foods and ingredients
    • Cooked fresh for easier digestion
    • Delivered frozen to preserve maximum nutritional value
    • Tasty flavor dogs love
    • Contains the lowest protein content of the four recipes
    • Pork is a known allergen for some dogs

    2. Turkey Fare

    Nom Nom Turkey Fare

    Whether served as a Thanksgiving treat or as an everyday meal, the Turkey Fare is another hit with canines and their owners alike. Consisting of ground turkey meat, brown rice, eggs, carrots, and spinach, and infused with vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin E supplements and other essential vitamins and minerals, the Turkey Fare provides another flavor of full-balanced nutritional goodness your pup is sure to love!

    With 10% minimum crude protein, this recipe contains the highest protein content of the four variety pack flavors—making it the best choice for dogs needing to up their protein intake for maximum energy or for any other reason (e.g., energetic dogs, work dogs, etc.). The higher protein content is from both ground turkey and eggs being main ingredients, though be careful to first clear your dog with your vet for a possible allergy to eggs.

    The Turkey Fare also contains the lowest moisture content of the four recipes, which I considered a plus as it was much less messy to handle than the others.

    • Contains the highest protein content of the four recipes
    • Made fresh with only healthy, natural ingredients
    • Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal nutritional value
    • Contains less moisture per pack, making for lighter and cleaner handling
    • Has the highest calories per serving; not ideal for overweight dogs
    • Contains eggs, a known allergen for some dogs

    3. Beef Mash

    Nom Nom Beef Mash

    Comparable to a hearty meatloaf meal, the Beef Mash is a tasty blend of ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, and peas. Other important ingredients help optimize the nutritional benefits your dog reaps with every bowl—such as taurine for regulated heart functioning, and other amino acids for proper body functioning overall. It is also loaded with essential vitamins like all the B’s (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12), vitamin D3, and vitamin A, to name a few.

    While beef is packed with protein that most dogs also find to be tasty, beef is also one of the most common proteins that dogs can be allergic to. So, it’s a good idea to check with your vet if your dog may be allergic to beef, as well as eggs (another known allergen) to avoid any possible allergic reactions.

    • Tasty beef flavor dogs are sure to love
    • Most calorie-friendly recipe of the four; ideal for dogs needing to lose weight
    • Contains a hearty mix of only real, fresh ingredients
    • Loaded with amino acids for proper body and cardiac functioning
    • Contains both beef and eggs, both common known allergens for dogs

    4. Chicken Cuisine

    Nom Nom chicken cuisine

    Serving a delicious blend of chicken, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, sunflower oil, and other natural flavoring, the Chicken Cuisine is sure to be a hit with your dog(s). With the second highest protein content of the four recipes, it is sure to help keep your dog fit, their body functional, and their immunity high while also developing healthy skin, coat, muscles, and joints.

    Like beef, chicken is another protein that dogs are commonly allergic to—something to be mindful and cautious of to get ahead of any possible allergic reactions.

    With added water for sufficient processing of all ingredients, this recipe is a bit “wetter” and messier to handle and may involve more clean up—a small price to pay for the nutritious deliciousness your dog gets to enjoy!

    • Nutritious blend of quality protein, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients
    • Contains the second highest protein content of the variety pack recipes
    • Delicious natural flavors that dogs love
    • Cooked fresh and delivered frozen for optimal nutritional benefits
    • Contains chicken, a known allergen for some dogs
    • More water and moisture per pack; messier handling and clean up


    Our Experience With Nom Nom’s Variety Pack

    coco eating nom nom dog food

    I have been feeding my 5-year old Chihuahua-terrier mix fur baby, Coco, fresh food from Nom Nom for several months now. Once I made the switch from her old store-bought kibble and canned wet foods, it was hard to go back after seeing all the benefits Coco was reaping from freshly cooked food made with quality ingredients and actual food. Being able to clearly see the protein and vegetables contained within each recipe was such a nice change from the crunchy pellets and questionable mush of God-knows-what I was feeding her before.

    Before trying out Nom Nom’s variety pack, I had mainly stuck with feeding Coco the recipes with white meat—Turkey Fare and Chicken Cuisine—to stay on the safe side with regard to her allergies. She can be an itchy baby sometimes, and until pinpointing exactly what she’s allergic too, I wanted to avoid red meat if possible. With Nom Nom’s Variety Pack, which contains one of each recipe, I was able to test out the other two flavors—Pork Potluck and Beef Mash—without having to commit to buying them in bulk and possibly wasting them if it turns out she was allergic to either.

    Luckily, she wasn’t! And she seemed to thoroughly enjoy both these other flavors—particularly the Pork Potluck, which is clearly her new favorite. After trying out the variety pack and seeing that Coco’s not allergic to the other two flavors (and that she’s actually quite fond of them), I’ll be mixing them into her bulk orders moving forward to treat her to her new fave, and also give her a bit more variety of food.

    Since switching Coco over to Nom Nom, I’ve seen improvement in several aspects of her health and overall wellbeing. Her energy is noticeably higher, her coat is shinier, her skin is less dry and flaky than before, her poops are more regular—and best of all, she is always excited at meal time now! The benefits of feeding dogs fresh, quality, natural food are evident, and it’s exciting to see Nom Nom heading this movement to ensure more healthy, happy pups everywhere!



    Since 2014, Nom Nom has grown to be one of the most recognized names bringing freshly cooked dog food made of only real, natural ingredients, giving our favorite canines the proper balanced nutrition needed to live their happiest, healthiest life.

    Nom Nom gives doting dog parents the option to customize their dogs’ meal plans—taking into account the different recipes and ingredients available, as well as recommended portions—tailored to each individual dog’s nutritional needs. Each recipe is approved by Board-Certified Veterinary nutrtionalists and contains quality proteins and vegetables, along with targeted vitamins and minerals and no artificial nonsense—giving dogs the highest nutritional value they deserve in every bite.

    While choosing between the four delicious recipes may be a challenge, Nom Nom’s Variety Pack gives dog owners the option to treat their beloved pups to all four—Pork Potluck, Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, and Turkey Fare. After all, our dogs deserve only the best from us!

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