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100+ Old Fashioned Dog Names: Vintage Options for Your Pup

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Finding the right name for your new pet is one of the first trials pet owners face. When you think you’ve landed on the perfect name, another comes along to steal the spotlight. With so many candidates, how are you supposed to choose? One tried and true method is to stick with the classics.

While new and trendy names have stolen the modern dog owner’s heart, it is impossible to deny that old-fashioned names have captivated the world for much longer. If you want to give your pet a name that endures the tests of time, take a look at these vintage names that still get a lot of love.


How to Pick an Old-Fashioned Name for Your Dog

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Before browsing our list of old-fashioned names, you’ll want to consider the parameters you want for your pet’s name. Do you want your dog’s name to suit their appearance or personality? Do you want their name to be short and sweet or classy and elegant? Do you want the potential for nicknames? Answering these questions can help you to narrow down your search before it even begins.


Old Fashioned Male Dog Names

For a male puppy, there are plenty of masculine vintage names to choose from. Whether you are looking for an “old man” name or a sophisticated moniker, this list has you covered.

  • Albert: Like Albert Einstein
  • Brian: Brian is a popular, enduring name
  • Tony: Like Tony Bennett, the famous singer
  • Ben: A perfect “old man” name with classic charm
  • Jerry: From the cartoon Tom & Jerry
  • Charlie: A beloved name for generations
  • Chuck: Similar to Chuck Norris
  • Barnaby: An adorable name for your dog
  • Martin: Like Martin Van Buren.
  • Clyde: Think Bonnie and Clyde
  • Pat: Although we’ve listed it as a male name, Pat is a great unisex name
  • Tim: Tim is a popular name for a puppy and an older dog
  • Ron: A tough name for your dog
  • Alan: An English name meaning handsome or cheerful
  • Stanley: Like Stanley Kramer, a director in the 1950s
  • Tom: Tom is a beloved name for dogs and humans
  • Wade: Like Wade Wilson
  • Randy: Although it’s most often a male name, Randy can also be unisex
  • Robin: A name like the beautiful bird
  • Bruce: Like the famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee
  • Steve: A common, easy-to-remember name
  • Lloyd: Means “gray-haired”
  • Neil: Short and sweet, which is easy for your dog to understand
  • Clay: A rustic name
  • Buster: A classic canine name.
  • Clifford: Like the big red dog
  • Barry: A gender-neutral name
  • Calvin: Like Calvin and Hobbes
  • Lucas: A popular name that can be turned into many nicknames
  • Leroy: A French name that means “the king”
  • Brandon: This name is popular among all generations with multiple spellings
  • Carl: Can also be spelled as Karl
  • Jay: Jay can be a great name for a male or female
  • Phil: Like Phil Collins
  • Rick: An old yet tough name
  • Marvin: A name with Welsh origins
  • Allen: A classic twist on the name Alan
  • Amos: Commonly associated with Amos Cookies
  • Benjamin: Like Benjamin from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Craig: A name with Scottish, Irish, and Welsh roots
  • Andrew: A name that can be easily turned into several great nicknames
  • Lewis: Means “renowned warrior”
  • Bill: A short and sweet old man’s name
  • Curt: Can be spelled Kurt
  • Bob: Often shortened from the name Robert
  • Dale: A unisex name
  • Joe: A common masculine name
  • Larry: Like Larry King.
  • Dan: A name with Biblical roots
  • Darrell: Can also be spelled as Darrel
  • Dave: A common male name
  • Glen: An Irish name
  • David: An old, noble name
  • Ed: Like Ed O’Neill
  • Dennis: An old name with Greek origins
  • Frank: This name means “free”
  • Gordon: A beloved Scottish name
  • Fred: Like Fred Flintstone from the classic cartoon, The Flintstones
  • Greg: A name that means “watchful” or “vigilant”
  • Guy: A simple name for a male dog
  • Harry: A name that never goes out of style

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Old Fashioned Female Dog Names

There are few names as classy as feminine vintage names. Giving your puppy one of the names below is sure to make them sound respectable yet adorable at the same time.

  • Addie: A gender-neutral German name
  • Bernice: This name means “bringer of victory”
  • Bertha: An old classic
  • Bessie: A great stand-alone name or a nickname for Elizabeth
  • Alberta: Similar to Bertha, but with its special flair
  • Betsy: A cute name for any aged dog
  • Beatrice: The feisty fictional character from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing
  • Darlene: A classy name for a sophisticated pup
  • Greta: Can be short for Margaret
  • Maggie: An old name that always sounds young
  • Maude: Meaning “mighty in battle”
  • Molly: A long-time popular name
  • Dolores: A lovely name with Spanish origin
  • Doris: A Greek unisex name
  • Mae: Can also be spelled as May
  • Harriet: Derived from Henriette, another elegant and old name
  • Edith: Like Edith Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States
  • Mabel: An adorable classic
  • Flora: A perfect name for anyone who loves flowers.
  • Hattie: An old name that can also sound puppyish
  • Eunice: Means “good victory”
  • Gladys: Originates from the Welsh name Gwladus or Gwladys
  • Rosamund: A feminine English name
  • Sophie: A beautiful name with many potential variants
  • Winifred: An elegant Welsh name
  • Gertie: An old German name
  • Gertrude: Like the protagonist’s mother in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet
  • Hilda: A Danish name with a strong spirit
  • Janice: An adorable name for an older dog
  • Judith: A sophisticated name with Hebrew origins
  • Irma: Means “universal” or “complete”
  • Kathleen: A beloved name with room for variation or nicknames
  • Myrtle: An elegant classic
  • Maple: Perfect for those who love nature
  • Rosie: A feminine, vintage name
  • Thelma: Popularized by author Marie Corelli’s novel, Thelma
  • Petunia: A beautiful flower name
  • Ruby: An old-fashioned yet feisty name
  • Prudence: This name can be traced back to medieval times
  • Sybil: Can also be spelled as Sibyl
  • Selma: Means “God’s helmet ”
  • Wilhelmina: Like the Dutch monarch, Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
  • Rose: Another beautiful floral name
  • Susan: A common, classic feminine name
  • Winnie: Can be used as your dog’s full name or nickname
  • Rosemary: An elegant, vintage name
  • Celeste: A unique, heavenly name
  • Charlotte: A French name with many possible nicknames or variations
  • Agatha: Like the famous author Agatha Christie
  • Adelaide: This name means “noble kind”
  • Blanche: Means “white” or “pure,” making this name ideal for a white dog
  • Eleanor: Like Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States.
  • Frances: A classy name
  • Henrietta: Originates from the masculine name, Henry
  • Constance: Means “constant”
  • Estella: This name can be slightly altered to become Stella
  • Augusta: A Latin name that means “great” or “magnificent”
  • Annabelle: A name that can be shortened or altered as desired.

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Final Thoughts

Picking a name for your dog doesn’t have to be such an impossible challenge. By taking inspiration from your dog’s appearance and personality, you can compile a list of characteristics you want your pet’s name to embody. With your mental list, look through vintage names to find one for your pet that will never go out of style.

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