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How Much Does Open Farm Cat Food Cost? (2024 Update)

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The pet food industry has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, and customers have more access to high-quality food, delivery services, and ingredient sourcing data. In the past, cat food producers often displayed vague descriptions of their ingredients and rarely mentioned where the food was sourced. Although that has thankfully changed, pet parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the large number of choices available. We selected some of the most popular cat food products and compared them to Open Farm’s meals for cats to give you a straightforward analysis of your options.

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Open Farm’s Unique Business

Open Farm was started in 2014 by Jacqueline Prehogan and her husband, Isaac. After rescuing their dog Bella, the Prehogans tried to find a healthy, natural food made by producers who shared their environmental concerns. Jacqueline Prehogan was surprised that most companies were not concerned with sustainability, animal welfare, or transparency. With help from their brother-in-law, the Prehogans set out to create a healthy pet food that met their strict criteria.

Open Farm is committed to providing nutritious meals for cats and ensuring its suppliers are sustainable and ethical. The company uses 100% humanely raised and antibiotic-free meats, ingredients free of growth hormones and antibiotics, wild-caught and sustainably sourced fish, and ingredients with zero fillers or artificial flavors. It only partners with verified family farms that practice humane farming techniques.

To ensure its suppliers follow the proper standards, Open Farm regularly conducts audits. It does not work with farms that use cages or crates for their animals or fisheries that supply customers with farm-raised fish. All fish recipes come from wild-caught sources. One of the company’s most innovative developments is its tracing program. You can enter the code displayed on the product’s label to find the origin of every ingredient.

How Much Does Open Farm Cat Food Cost?

Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat Food

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Open Farm’s dry food for cats ranges from $0.399 per ounce to $0.43 per ounce, and wet food costs $0.48 per ounce. The company’s dry food is more expensive than mid-range dry food, but it’s significantly cheaper than premium freeze-dried meals. Open Farm’s wet meals are more costly than premium wet food but not by too much. If you examine the calorie content of the cat food brands, you’ll notice that Open Farm is higher in calories than every brand.

Although older cats with weight issues may need a smaller portion, healthy cats may benefit from switching to a brand with more calories. Open Farm’s meals are nutrient-dense, and while you’ll pay a lower price for other brands, you get more protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals from Open Farm meals. If you compare the first four ingredients of Purina One Indoor Advantage to Open Farm Homestead Chicken and Turkey Dry Food, you’ll notice a remarkable difference.

  • Purina One: Turkey, chicken by-product meal, rice, corn gluten meal
  • Open Farm: Humanely raised turkey, humanely raised chicken, ocean whitefish meal, herring meal

Open Farm does not use fillers like corn or soy in their meals, and their top four ingredients contain animal and fish proteins rather than plant-based proteins that are not beneficial to a cat’s carnivorous diet.

Cat Food Brand Price ($) Price Per Ounce ($) Price Per Day ($) (8oz) Calories
Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Chicken Feast 19.20 0.267/oz 2.136 793 kcal/kg
Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat Food 28.98 0.113/oz 0.904 3,555 kcal/kg
Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Chicken Entrée Pate Wet Cat Food 41.49 0.314/oz 2.512 1,141 kcal/kg
Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain-Free Cage-Free Duck Recipe 35.99 0.56/oz 4.48 4,510 kcal/kg
Open Farm Harvest Chicken Rustic Blend Wet Food 31.99 0.48/oz 3.84 5,111.11 kcal/kg
Open Farm Wild Caught Salmon Dry Food 27.49 0.43/oz 3.44 4,173.91 kcal/kg
Open Farm Homestead Chicken and Turkey Dry Food 25.49 0.399/oz 3.192 4,173.91 kcal/kg

Source: and

Is Open Farm Worth the Cost?

Open Farm is more expensive than some of its competitors, but the higher price seems justified when you consider the quality of the ingredients. Most corporate pet food producers are more concerned with profits than the quality of the ingredients or how their suppliers handle their livestock. By partnering with suppliers who use ethical methods and frequently inspecting their suppliers’ operations, Open Farm is committed to ensuring their food is high-quality and environmentally sound. Instead of boosting the protein content of its meals with plant-based sources, Open farm relies heavily on proteins from fish and animal sources.

Open Farm dry cat food comes in smaller bags than most competitors, so if your cat does not like the flavor, you’ll have less waste than you would from a 10-pound or 15-pound bag. Their wet food comes in resealable cardboard containers instead of cans.

Other Products Open Farm Offers

Goat Milk Digestion Blend For Cats

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Open Farm also offers bone broth and goat milk supplements for your cat. The bone broth is made with bone broth (chicken, beef, or turkey), pumpkin, parsley, and turmeric. You have a choice of four goat milk products and one cow milk product that include:

  • Goat Milk Digestion Blend for Cats
  • Goat Milk Relaxation Blend for Cats
  • Goat Milk Antioxidant Blend for Cats
  • Certified Humane Goat Milk Kefir for Cats
  • Organic Grass-Fed Cows Milk Kefir for Cats

Open Farm includes a greater variety of products for cats than its competitors, and it also produces high-quality dog food. You can save 5% when you sign up for the auto-ship option.

What Do Customers Think of Open Farm?

Overall, customers and their felines seem to enjoy Open Farm meals. On Amazon, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the negative reviews generally mention that cats did not like the brand’s flavor.

Positive reviews focused on the fact that many cats that previously had stomach issues seemed to shed their ailments with the introduction of Open Farm food. Reviewers also loved that they could ethically back the company’s efforts and feel good about providing their cats with quality chow.

The negative reviews largely boiled down to those cats that turned their nose up at the food, a fate that is somewhat individualistic to cats. A few people did mention that the shape of the food pieces was so small that cats didn’t chew it, which created digestion issues for them.

persian cat eating dry food
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Is Open Farm the Right Food for Your Cat?

Open Farm cat food is a wholesome, premium brand with plenty of animal proteins, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It does not contain chemical preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors, or unnecessary fillers. It’s not the most expensive food on the market, but you’ll pay more than you would for popular wet and dry brands.

Unlike other pet food makers, Open Farm allows you to trace the ingredient’s source for every batch. The company’s philosophy about only working with ethical farmers who minimize their impacts on the environment and treat animals humanely is unique in the pet food industry but should be practiced by every manufacturer. We were impressed with Open Farm’s cat food products and believe your feline could benefit from their meals.



Open Farm is a different type of pet food producer that seems to care about the pets it serves and the animals providing the ingredients. With its tracing program, Open Farm demonstrates that it is more transparent about its food than the competition. You have numerous options for dry and wet premium cat food, but Open Farm seems to stand apart from the other brands because of its commitment to high-quality proteins, ethically sourced ingredients, and minimal environmental impact.

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