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12 Pacman Frog Morphs & Colors (With Pictures)

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Pacman frogs are a favorite among amphibian lovers because they come in so many morphs and colors. In case you are new to the Pacman frog world, “morph” is simply the fancy term that refers to the designs on the frog’s bag. The morphs and colors make each frog look unique and intricate.

In this article, we are going to look at 12 popular Pacman frog morphs and colors. Although this certainly is not all the morphs and colors available in Pacman frogs, these are some of the most popular or unique looking. Let’s take a look.

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The 12 Pacman Frog Morphs & Colors

1. Green “Normal” Pacman

Ceratophrys Canwelli or Pacman frog
Image Credit: Patchara T_Shutterstock

The standard Pacman frog morph or color is the Green “normal” Pacman. It is bright green with brown spots throughout the entire body. This is the standard coloration for the frog, making it the most commonly sold in the pet industry. In nature, these frogs are actually brown, not green.

2. Albino Pacman

albino pacman frog on top of weeds
Image Credit: yusuf kurnia, Shutterstock

The Albino Pacman frog has no pigmentation. As a result, it almost has a yellow or orange skin tone. It also has red eyes, which is common in other albino animals as well. Because these frogs do not have pigment, you can clearly see the blood vessels underneath their skin and bodies. As a result, their eyes appear red, and their colors are dulled.

3. Strawberry Pineapple Albino Pacman

Albino Pacman Frog
Image Credit: Dennis W Donohue, Shutterstock

Another popular Pacman frog morph is the Strawberry Pineapple Albino. This frog is named after the fruits that it tends to look like. Standard Strawberry Pacmans have pinkish tones, but this individual morph has a duller coloration because it is albino. It is different from a regular Albino Pacman in that it has pinkish tints.

4. Chocolate Mint Pacman

Chocolate mint frog white background
Image Credit: serg_bimbirekov, Shutterstock

If you can’t tell, Pacman frog breeders like naming their frog morphs after foods. The Chocolate Mint Pacman has a pale green color that is much more muted than the standard Green Pacman. It also includes lighter brown accents.

5. Caatinga Pacman

Caatinga Pacmans are incredibly hyper. They can come in different colors, but they are most commonly bright green with brown spots. Of all the Pacman frogs, these tend to be the most active and energetic.

6. Samurai Blue Line Ornate

If you like Pacmans that are pretty big and have incredibly loud colorations, you will love the Samurai Blue Line Ornate. This is a morph that has quite a bit of red, but there is a blue line down the body. These frogs are unique looking and are difficult to miss.

7. Samurai Lime Green Albino Pacman

Samurai Lime Green Albino Pacmans still have a green tint, but their pattern and coloration are much more muted because of their albino pigmentation. The exact level of color will depend on the individual frogs. In some Samurai Lime Green Albinos, the only green will be seen on its sides or on top of its eyes.

8. Samurai Apricot Albino Pacman

The Samurai Apricot Albino is one of the few brightly colored albino frogs. Unlike other Albino Pacmans, their apricot color does not fade. They still have bright colors, but they also have red eyes and lack other pigmentations. This is an incredibly unique morph.

9. Citrus Albino Pacman

The Citrus Albino Pacman is a cross between the above-mentioned Samurai Lime Green Albino and the Samurai Apricot Albino. As a result, these Pacman frogs tend to have a bright yellow body with orange spots. This frog really is unique and beautiful.

10. High Red Ornate Pacman

high red ornate pacman frog, ceratophrys ornata
Image Credit: Opayaza12, Shutterstock

A very vibrant Pacman frog is the High Red Ornate. It is incredibly bright with vibrant red spots. The term “high” means “bright” or “a lot” when used in naming reptiles and amphibians, meaning that this frog has a lot of red.

11. Samurai Ornate

Samurai Ornates come in different shades and patterns, but they tend to have quite a bit of green and red. They also will have brown spots. Like the other Ornate varieties, there are quite a few more ornately placed spots around the body.

12. Black Eye Mutant

If you are a fan of really weird-looking Pacman frogs, you will love the Black Eyed Mutant. This morph is incredibly unique, making it a freak among the frog world. As its name sounds, the eyes are black, but the rest of its body is pink, almost reminiscent of raw chicken. Very little is known about this mutant, but they are often produced whenever two blues are bred with one another.

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About Pacman Frogs

Pacman frogs are amphibians that are native to South America. Unlike many other amphibians, Pacman frogs are bad swimmers and spend almost all their time on land. As you would probably assume, the Pacman frog gets its name from the Pacman game because it has a similar shape to the character.

Pacman frog sitting on leaves
Image By: Dirk Ercken_Shutterstock

This frog can grow to be 6 inches long, and they tend to be as wide as they are long, making them almost a complete circle. Unlike many other breeds, the females are larger than the males. They also live for quite a long time, typically between 7 and 10 years.

This frog is a great pet for people who want a frog to look at without handling them much. Unlike other pets, Pacman frogs do not like being held or picked up, making them less suitable for people who want an active companion. Because of their unique colorations, they are stunning and beautiful to look at.

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As you can see, Pacman frogs come in many colors and morphs. This article only looked at 12 popular morphs, but there are many more varieties available. Some people even like breeding different Pacman frogs to try to bring about more colors and morphs.

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