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Pacman Frogs For Sale: 2024 Breeders List in the United States

Pacman frog sitting on leaves

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Pacman frogs are certainly exciting and highly compatible frogs for just about any amphibian lover. They make excellent pets for both novice and seasoned owners, touting skin color variations and a fascinating body structure.

No matter your reasoning for wanting one of these unique creatures, you want to make sure you find the perfect frog for you. Health and quality should be primary components on your Pacman frog checklist. Here are some terrific buying options for you in the United States.

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Pacman Frog Breeders in the United States

Because Pacman frogs are just one frog species, it’s rare to find a Pacman frog-only breeder. Typically, these breeders will have other areas of expertise as well, so you can easily browse through listings to discover your options.

Hornfrog on a log Ceratophrys Canwelli or Pacman frogHornfrog on a log Ceratophrys Canwelli or Pacman frog
Image Credit: Patchara T, Shutterstock

Pacman Frog Breeders Near Me

Finding a breeder who specializes strictly in Pacman frogs can be challenging, but it’s possible. You can search through specific sites and classifieds to locate such breeders, but they won’t be as prevalent as breeders for some other species.

Try out sites like:

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly Classifieds logo


craiglist logo

Even though you’d probably have luck finding a Pacman frog at a local pet shop, you should really steer clear of these places if you can. They tend to undergo lots of stress, and many workers aren’t equipped to deal with the unique needs of amphibians.

You often run the risk of having an ill pet, leading to health issues or early death.

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Pacman Frog Breeders That Ship

1. Snakes at Sunset

Snakes at Sunset logo

Snakes at Sunset is an online breeder specializing in reptiles and amphibians—not limited to Pacman frogs. They list several variations to choose from so you can pick the frog that looks most exciting to you.

2. Josh’s Frogs

Josh’s Frogs logo

Josh’s Frogs have a very high reputation for having all kinds of frogs to choose from—including amazing Pacman frogs. The website is super easy to use, and you have all results on one page, so you can easily select what catches your eye.

3. The Frog Depot

The Frog Depot logo

The Frog Depot is a website dedicated to frogs of all kinds, Pacman frogs included. On top of that, they also breed certain reptiles, insects, spiders, and scorpions.

4. Underground Reptiles

Underground Reptiles logo

As the name implies, Underground Reptiles mainly specializes in reptiles. However, they do carry some Pacman frogs especially albino.

5. Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles logo

Backwater Reptiles has a small selection of Pacman frogs, and you can specify the gender if you please. This company offers a 100% live arrival guarantee.

6. Big Apple Herp

Big Apple Herp logo

Big Apple Herp carries all kinds of Pacman frog morphs to choose from. Prices tend to be lower than some other sites, but make sure you factor in shipping costs.

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Pacman Frog Rescue

There are no breed-specific rescues for Pacman frogs. However, there are many rescues across the United States that take in unwanted or abandoned pets of many species.

You can look on local rescue website pages near you, or utilize sites like PetFinder to locate a Pacman frog in your area.

Pacman Breeders Registered with Breedir

Here is a list of registered frog breeders in the United States. Please take note that only certain breeders specialize in Pacman frogs. Look to the side of each listing to see what frogs they have to offer.

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How Much Does a Pacman Frog Cost?

Pacman frogs can range a bit in price depending on where you buy and what type of Pacman frog it is. There are eight species of Pacman frogs.

Common Pacman frogs usually cost between $20 and $40. However, with certain morphs, they can cost $60 or more.

The price varies based on many factors, including the morph, area you live, quality, and rarity of the species. There is no set-price guarantee.

albino pacman frog on top of weeds
Image Credit: yusuf kurnia, Shutterstock

Things to Ask a Pacman Frog Breeder

When you buy your Pacman frog, you can think of several things you want to know beforehand. Here are just a few ideas of questions you might want to ask.

1. How satisfied are your customers?

You might not even have to ask the breeder this question directly, as many list these reviews on their website. However, when in doubt, you can ask about breeding success rates and happy customers.

2. Is there a live arrival guarantee?

Some websites specifically state whether their animals come with a live arrival guarantee. These guarantees state that if, for any reason, the animal is not alive once it arrives at your residence, you will be refunded, or the frog will be replaced at no additional cost.

Some rules on this guarantee may vary by the breeder.

3. Can you guarantee sex?

If you request a specific frog breed, many breeders will try to accommodate you. However, most of them cannot guarantee gender, as there are mistakes during sexing sometimes.

Albino pacman frog resting on water
Image Credit: MilletStudio, Shutterstock

4. Am I a good fit for this species?

This might not be a question for online breeders directly, but you can ask this of a local breeder. When it comes to Pacman frogs, they tend to be very easy to care for, but certain factors might make you more or less likely to be compatible with the species.

5. Are there any must-have products you can recommend?

In addition to purchasing your frog, you might wonder what items you could get to enhance your frog’s environment. Never be afraid to ask for tips.

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The 6 Things to Know Before Buying a Pacman Frog

  • There are eight species of Pacman frogs.
  • Pacman frogs are insectivores who eat mostly waxworms.
  • Pacman frogs are available in all sorts of interesting morphs.
  • Pacman frogs have very sensitive skin, so they aren’t the best frogs for people who often want to handle their pets.
  • Male Pacman frogs are louder than females, but both make vocal expressions.
  • Pacman frogs are easy to care for by both novice and experienced owners.
high red ornate pacman frog, ceratophrys ornata
Image Credit: Opayaza12, Shutterstock

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If you think a Pacman frog sounds like a perfect fit as a pet in your home, make sure to do all your homework before committing. It’s best to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies to care for this amphibian before any purchase takes place.

Don’t be afraid to browse before you select the breeder you wish to buy from. Certain ones will have certain features that might set them apart from others.

Featured Image Credit: Dirk Ercken, Shutterstock

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