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Paint Your Life Pet Portraits Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Paint Your Life Pet Portraits - Featured Image

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Paint Your Life a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Turnaround Time: 5/5
Value: 5/5

Do you want a literal picture portrait of your family or beloved pets? If so, let us introduce you to Paint Your Life. This company employs a group of artists that take photographs of your family members or pets, recreating these precious moments.

Every single piece is entirely handmade or painted. You can choose from several mediums, displays, and setups. Let us explain how the entire process works to determine if this company suits your expectations.


What Is Paint Your Life? How Does It Work?


Paint Your Life is a company that employs artists to re-create photographs of those you love. These portraits can make a wonderful mantelpiece, Father’s Day idea, birthday surprise, or gift for Nana.

No matter your idea, it is a meaningful, handmade, beautiful, specialized creation that you can keep forever. There are many options for the type of medium you want for the framework.

All artworks are beautiful, and the artists are incredibly talented. Are you sold yet? If you would like to have your own portrait painted by Paint Your Life, you can get started on the site.

All you have to do is go through a quick process to submit your photographs and payment per their website, and you will get email correspondence after that to update you on the process.

How to Submit

The website makes it incredibly straightforward to order. You simply click and follow the directions on the screen from the main page. The company will walk you through the process, asking you questions and requesting that you upload photos you would like used for reference.

Once the company receives your order, they assign the best fit they have for an artist in the medium that you choose so they can bring your drawing to life. Then you wait to receive communication from the company letting you know what stage your painting is in the development process.

As long as you’re patiently and eagerly waiting, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the quality of craftsmanship.

Paint Your Life – A Quick Look

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Handmade and sentimental
  • Unique
  • High-dollar commitment

Paint Your Life Pricing

We want to include a few key points here in pricing. If you get on to Paint My Life and check out their quotes, it might seem like costs are a little expensive. But you have to consider that these are hand-painted or drawn items that a real-life artist created especially for you and your family.

Someone took time out of their day to create something customized just for you, so we think the price is more than fair on these items.

What to Expect from Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life seems to be very selective when it comes to choosing its artists and ensuring they provide quality work at excellent prices. You could choose from various options that work best for the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

paint your life painting packaging

The Process

To get started with Paint Your Life, you quite literally hit the “get started” button on the main page. The next step will ask you how many people and/or animals will be in the photograph. You click on the accurate option and click continue.

On the next page, it’s time to choose your medium of preference.

Here are the select mediums you can choose from:
  • Oil
  • Charcoal
  • Acrylic
  • Colored pencil
  • Pastel
  • Black pencil

Once you’ve chosen your desired style, you can select the background, the option to add the video of your painting creation and artist preference. You will also select the method you plan to use for payment.

Next, you upload the photographs that your artist will choose for reference. Within roughly 24 to 48 hours, the artist will send you a mockup of the painting. Once you approve placement and color, the artist can get started on the composition.

The company updates you along the way, letting you know when your painting is ready for shipment. It’s a very seamless and straightforward process. We were delighted with the ease of purchase and overall results.

Quality of Painting

We were incredibly satisfied with the quality of the painting. The artist did a marvelous job bringing life into the painting. The portrait was the correct size and had the exact frame we selected. It looked excellent hanging up on the bedroom wall, making us smile every time we saw it. We couldn’t be more impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity of the artist.

Turnaround Time

We were thrilled with the turnaround time. And for such a quality portrait, it would typically take much longer for some artists. But our fantastic artist turned right around and provided exceptional work creating an invaluable piece of art our family can cherish for years to come—even after our beloved pups are gone.

two pugs and paint your life painting box

Photo Customization

What we thought was really cool about Paint Your Life is that you can upload as many photos if you want. Any artist can make a collage of the photos’ creation, incorporating pets that might not actually be together in the photos.

Choosing very high-quality images will enhance the artist’s ability to draw details from your reference photos. Make sure no pictures are blurry or distorted to get the highest replication accuracy.

Soon, the artist will draw up a mockup of what your painting will look like upon completion. If you are satisfied with the positioning and drafts in their entirety, you can approve the image, and it will move on to the creation process.

Afterward, an artist will get started with the actual painting and add details. So, as you can see, there are several options for corrections or revisions before the final product is ready to ship.

Pay for Artists

We do not personally know the artist employed by Paint Your Life. However, based on the price of the painting, we would guess that the artists are paid very little for their work.

In comparison to what actually goes into their pocket, their work is funded by a larger company, which reaps most of the benefits of their talent. However, these artists are employed by choice, and all are intensely qualified and incredibly artistic.

We give the artists a round of applause for their tremendous hard work. We will value this piece of work for generations to come.

Is Paint Your Life a Good Value?

We think that Paint Your Life makes an outstanding value. If you consider that the artist is only getting paid a fraction of what you’re actually spending, you can see how it’s worth it.

We think for the convenience and artistic factors alone, the painting is definitely worth every penny. If you don’t have the money to pay for the full total upfront, you can also select different payment options in the checkout that could potentially help you financially afford it.

the back of paint your life painting


FAQs: Paint Your Life Pet Service

Is payment due upfront?

Payment for the painting is due upfront and you can select from several different payment options.

Can you make payments?

You can make payments through three different third-party companies, but the actual website itself does not offer alternate payment options. You can choose from Klarna, Zip, or PayPal, all of which have a four-for-four payment option.

How you make your payment is entirely up to you. Just know that affordable options are available if you are on a budget.

Do they accept revisions?

Paint Your Life Accepts revisions when they request that you approve a part of the painting. They leave an open window of communication. You can tell the artist if you want to change anything with color or placement.

However, if you approve of the drawing or painting, be sure that you are completely fine with how it looks by granting the artist permission to continue doing exactly what they’re doing. It’s tough to change a painting after all of it has been done.

So they don’t allow revisions after a certain part of the painting process. However, during the window of time when you’re able to revise, they give you an unlimited amount of revisions.

portrait of a pug

Our Experience With Paint Your Life

We had a wonderful experience with this company and would definitely recommend it to potential customers. We had a very straightforward ordering process with amazing turnaround time.

The company kept us in the loop every step so we never have to wonder if the company is still working on your order. Everything is fast, efficient, well-packaged, and excellently presented.

We needed to replicate the fantastic photogenic attributes of our fan pug named Sid. Our little puppy girl, Clementine Frankenstein, looks as beautiful as ever, but I think we all can agree who takes the cake here.

With Sid’s mischievous, questionable grin and mildly suggestive pose, we think this entire image fits his personality to a tee. The artist did an amazing job recreating a hilarious photo that brought so much laughter into our home.

Ultimately, we think this is a really great way to honor your pet in the best of ways. Whether you absolutely love your guy or gal, or once to have a painting to remember a much-loved past dog or cat, this company will definitely deliver the results you seek.

This piece is incredibly sentimental and will be cherished for years to come. It’s nice to have these beautiful memories and unique, personal works to remember important moments of your life.


Final Thoughts

Overall, we give Paint Your Life a big thumbs up. We loved the whole process from start to finish. It was fast, impeccable, and high-quality. We can’t say enough how much we think you or the pet lover in your life would appreciate such a meaningful gift idea.

As you can see, Sid and Clementine make a majestic mantel piece—think of where you can hang your pet’s personal painting!

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