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Palomino Horses: Interesting Facts and Pictures

Dean Eby

Palomino horses are some of the most stately and striking creatures you’ll ever see. These majestic beasts are a beautiful sight to behold; creamy gold coats with manes and tails of either white or silver. They’re incredibly popular for pleasure and parade classes, and there are even two Palomino associations for registering these noble horses.


Palomino is a Color

palomino horse in the snow

Many people mistakenly believe Palomino horses are a breed, but Palomino is actually just a coloration. Palomino colors can be displayed by many breeds. To be a Palomino, a horse must have a coat of cream, yellow, or gold. Its mane and tail must be white or silver.

Palominos Don’t Breed True

The palomino gene is dominant but incomplete. When you breed two palomino horses, you’ll only get palomino offspring about half the time. You’re just as likely to get a chestnut or cremello foal instead.

Half of Palominos are Quarter Horses

woman riding in a palomino horse

Since palomino is a color and not a breed, you can find palomino specimens of many different breeds, including Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, American Saddlehorses, and even Tennessee Walking Horses, to name just a few. However, approximately 50% of all registered palominos come from just one breed; Quarter Horses.

Palomino or Imposter?

Any horse with palomino colors is a palomino, right? Not quite. To be a true palomino, a horse must have the cream gene. Some horses exhibit similar coloration, but without this gene, they’re not actually palominos. A good example is the Haflinger horse that has an appearance very similar to a palomino but lacks the cream gene.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Dean Eby

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