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pawTree Dog Food Review 2023: Pros, Cons, Recalls & FAQ

pawTree Dog Food Review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give pawTree dog food a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


pawTree is an online pet product distributor that uses direct sales marketing to sell its products. It sells premium dog food, and all the recipes contain nutrient-dense, natural ingredients. All its dog food is made in the USA, and the majority of its ingredients are also sourced from American farms.

Many dog owners can switch to pawTree dog food, as it makes recipes for dogs of all ages and breeds. It also has some recipes that are mindful of food allergies. However, it’s not the best option for dogs that have other dietary restrictions because it doesn’t produce other specialized diets.

If you’re looking to feed your dog premium dog food, pawTree is a considerable option because of its use of high-quality ingredients. We do understand that all dogs are unique, and that one dog food brand can’t supply the perfect dog food for every single dog. So, keep reading to determine if pawTree offers the best food for your dog.


At a Glance: The Best pawTree Dog Food Recipes:

Image Product Details
pawTree Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe pawTree Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Natural flavor
  • Contains chelated minerals
  • Have protein-boosting effect
  • Second place
    pawTree Real Lamb, Chickpeas & Lentils Recipe POULTRY FREE pawTree Real Lamb, Chickpeas & Lentils Recipe POULTRY FREE
  • Rich in soluble fiber
  • Actual meat content
  • Quality ingredient
  • Third place
    pawTree Real Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe pawTree Real Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Contains over 80% protein
  • Rich in the prized EPA
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • pawTree Real Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe pawTree Real Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Rich in Medium-chain fatty acids
  • Includes chelated minerals
  • Contains over 80% protein
  • pawTree Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe POULTRY FREE pawTree Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe POULTRY FREE
  • Quality ingredient
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Rich in soluble fiber
  • divider-pawpawTree Dog Food Reviewed

    Who Makes pawTree and Where Is It Produced?

    pawTree was founded in August 2012 by company owner and CEO, Roger Morgan. Its headquarters is in Southlake, Texas, and it has manufacturing facilities in the US.

    Most of pawTree’s ingredients are sourced within the US, but there are a few ingredients that are sourced from different countries. For example, the duck used in the dog recipes is sourced from France.

    Which Type of Dogs Is pawTree Best Suited For?

    pawTree dog food recipes contain a lot of natural ingredients, and they’re fortified with some synthetic vitamins and minerals to meet AAFCO nutrient standards. The recipes meet nutritional standards for both puppies and adult dogs.

    As chicken is a common food allergen for dogs, pawTree offers several different poultry-free recipes. So, it’s a great option for dogs that have chicken allergies or sensitive stomachs.

    Which Type of Dog Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    While pawTree produces healthy recipes with natural ingredients, it doesn’t have special diets, such as weight management and skin and coat support formulas. So, if your dog has a chronic condition that requires a specific diet, you’ll be better off with a brand that provides more specialized selections, such as Purina Pro Plan.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good & Bad)

    pawTree uses natural ingredients that are mostly sourced in the US. Here’s a breakdown of some common ingredients you’ll find in its recipes.

    Real Meat

    All of pawTree’s dog food lists real meat as their first ingredient. The different sources of meat that pawTree uses in its dog food include chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, salmon, trout, and whitefish. pawTree currently doesn’t have any beef dog food recipes.

    Most of the meats included in the recipes are from farms located in the US. The trout is farm-raised, while the salmon is both farm-raised and wild-caught.

    Meat Meal

    pawTree indicates that its meat meal consists of dehydrated and ground meat. The company is very clear that it doesn’t use any animal by-products or meals in any of its recipes.

    While it’s unclear as to exactly what cuts of meat go into pawTree’s meat meal, the meal is always specified with the type of protein, such as chicken meal or salmon meal. Since meat meal is dehydrated, it has a more concentrated amount of protein than whole meat, and many pet food manufacturers, including pawTree, add meat meal in their recipes to raise the protein content.

    Nutritious Grains

    pawTree’s dog food contains nutritious whole grains, like barley, brown rice, and oatmeal. While it’s difficult to determine which grain is best for dogs, it’s safe to say that the types of grains that pawTree uses are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need to maintain daily functioning.


    pawTree does use a good amount of legumes in its recipes. You can find chickpeas, lentils, and peas as the main ingredients in a lot of their recipes. For the most part, lentils are nutritious and safe for dogs to eat if they’ve been cooked and prepared properly.

    However, the FDA is currently investigating the link between legumes and heart issues in dogs. So, if you have a dog breed that’s susceptible to developing heart issues, it may be best to avoid dog food containing significant amounts of legumes for now.

    Poultry-Free Recipes

    pawTree has a decent selection of poultry-free recipes that contain different kinds of meats that most dogs will enjoy. Many dog food labels from other companies may not have poultry in their names, but they still can contain poultry products, like chicken fat or egg product. What’s nice about pawTree’s poultry-free recipes is that most of them are actually completely free of any poultry products, including chicken fat.

    Always Includes Fruits and Vegetables

    pawTree doesn’t just rely on synthetic vitamins and minerals to deliver nutrients to your dog. All dog food includes nutritious fruits and vegetables. You’ll find an assortment of all kinds of superfoods, like blueberries and kale, in each recipe. Not only are these foods packed with nutrients, but they also add more flavor, which makes meals more palatable and enjoyable for dogs.

    Potential to Earn Savings

    pawTree’s Paw Club Membership program is available to anyone who sets up and maintains an EZ Ship. Once you’ve set up EZ Ship on your orders, you automatically become a Paw Club member. Members can earn points with their purchases and can redeem them for extra savings. They can also receive shipping discounts and free shipping if they purchase three or more qualifying items.

    Not Widely Accessible

    You may be able to find some pawTree seasonings and supplements on Amazon, but your options are a little more limited when it comes to purchasing its dog food.

    pawTree uses a direct sales business model. This means that you have to either find an individual that sells pawTree, also known as a PetPro, or you have to purchase the dog food directly from pawTree’s website. Since there’s no way to get the dog food immediately from a local pet supply store, you’ll have to be on top of monitoring how much dog food you have so that you don’t run out before your next order.divider-paw

    A Quick Look at pawTree Dog Food


    • Real meat is first ingredient
    • Multiple poultry-free recipes for dogs with chicken allergies
    • Recipes contain superfoods
    • Offers membership perks
    • Some recipes have legumes as a main ingredient
    • Not available in pet supply stores

    divider-pawRecall History

    As of today, none of pawTree’s dog food has had any recalls.

    Reviews of the 3 Best pawTree Dog Food Recipes

    pawTree Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe


    The only source of animal protein in this recipe is chicken, so it’s a great option for dogs with beef or fish allergies. Chicken is the first ingredient, and the other main ingredients are chicken meal, oatmeal, brown rice, and pearled barley. You’ll also find other healthy natural ingredients, like dried spinach, dried apples, and dried cranberries.

    This high-protein recipe is suitable for puppies and adult dogs under 7 years old. However, it doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of most senior dogs.

    • Suitable for dogs with beef or fish allergies
    • Chicken is first ingredient
    • Includes many healthy natural ingredients
    • Not suitable for senior dogs

    pawTree Real Lamb, Chickpeas & Lentils Recipe POULTRY FREE

    In the rare case that your dog has wheat allergies, this recipe may be a considerable option because it doesn’t contain any type of wheat. Lamb is the first ingredient, but legumes take up a bulk of the rest of the main ingredients in this recipe. With the FDA investigation on legumes and heart disease, it’s best to avoid this recipe if your dog is predisposed to heart conditions.

    While this recipe is safe for dogs with poultry, beef, and wheat allergies, it contains salmon meal, so it’s not suitable for dogs with fish allergies. It does contain plenty of superfoods, like flaxseed, dried blueberries, and dried cranberries. It’s nutritious for both puppies and adult dogs to eat, so you don’t have to worry about transitioning your puppy to a new dog food if it enjoys this one.

    • Safe for dogs with beef, poultry, or wheat allergies
    • Lamb is first ingredient
    • Contains several superfoods
    • Nutritious for puppies and adult dogs
    • Legumes are main ingredients
    • Not safe for dogs with fish allergies

    pawTree Real Trout & Barley Recipe POULTRY FREE

    pawTree Real Trout & Barley Recipe POULTRY FREE

    This recipe uses trout as its first ingredient and menhaden fish meal as its second ingredient. It also contains healthy grains, including pearled barley, brown rice, and oatmeal. These grains are excellent sources of various nutrients, such as potassium, iron, and antioxidants. They’re also rich in fibers that help with digestion.

    This particular recipe is also great for older dogs and dogs that are overweight. It’s also completely poultry-free, so it’s safe for dogs with chicken allergies to eat. It may not be the most suitable diet for active and athletic dogs. The protein content is on the lower end, and it may not contain a sufficient amount of calories.

    • First ingredient is trout
    • Contains blend of healthy grains
    • Suitable for senior dogs and overweight dogs
    • Safe for dogs with chicken allergies
    • Not suitable for active and athletic dogs


    What Other Users Are Saying

    In general, pawTree has positive reviews from real customers. The food has good ratings, and many customers comment on seeing improvements in their dog’s health. Some customer complaints are geared toward sales representatives that overpromise on pawTree products. It’s important to note that pawTree doesn’t train or endorse any salespeople that give exaggerated product descriptions to customers.

    • Reviewopedia – “We have been almost a year without any tell-tale signs in-ear or behavior-based to require ear cleaning. We believe that is evidence of true pet health to the n-th degree”
    • BBB –  “I have 5 Frenchies and a husky and I cannot express how great it’s been for them! They not only love the food but have had tremendous results.”
    • Amazon – Amazon has reviews of some pawTree seasonings and supplements. These reviews can give you a better idea of what you can expect from pawTree’s products.


    Overall, pawTree provides nutritious meals to dogs of all ages. However, there are some factors to think through before switching to this dog food. pawTree uses legumes as the main ingredients in several of its recipes, and it doesn’t make specialized diets outside of poultry-free recipes.

    If these factors aren’t relatable concerns for you, then making a switch to pawTree dog food ensures that your dog will eat a healthy meal made with clean ingredients every day. If you find yourself becoming a fan of pawTree, you can become a Paw Club member and earn additional benefits. So, both you and your dog can be winners if you switch to pawTree dog food.

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