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22 Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners (2023 Update)

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When it’s time to buy a present for the pet lover in your life, you could always go with something simple, like a gift certificate to the pet store or something. That’s always appreciated and simple isn’t necessarily bad.

If you really want to knock their socks off, though, then you’ll need to buy them something personalized. The personalized gifts on this list are sure to be loved by their intended recipient (and they pair well with gift certificates too!).


Top 22 Personalized Pet Gifts for Owners

1. Frisco Personalized Plaid Paw Shape Metal Ornament

Frisco Personalized Plaid Paw Shape Metal Ornament

There’s nothing that pet owners love more than their own pets, so anything that reminds them of their four-legged friends is sure to be loved. This metal ornament features a picture of their pet, along with their name, so it will quickly become their most treasured knickknack.

2. Paint Your Life Custom Pet Portrait


What pet lover wouldn’t enjoy a hand-painted portrait of their favorite furball? Paint Your Life offers amazingly realistic custom pet paintings at a very reasonable price. All you have to do is send in your favorite photo and the professional painter will take it from there. Even better, you get to approve the painting before it’s completed. All in all, Paint Your Life is truly an extra special gift for any pet owner! Plus, you can save 25% on your portrait using code PETKEEN25.

3. Bungalow Flooring Makes Our House a Home Personalized Dachshund Floor Mat

MyPupSocks Custom Dog Mug

If the intended recipient is a proud Dachshund owner (or a Dachshund themselves), this floor mat from Bungalow Flooring will make a wonderful gift. It features a picture of a Dachshund wearing a customizable nametag, along with the apt slogan, “Makes Our House a Home.” The only downside is that it’s so adorable, they may not be willing to wipe their feet on it.

4. Cuddle Clones Personalized Plush Toy

a dog and its cuddle clone

Any pet owner would be delighted to receive one of these adorable plush toys. Cuddle Clones handmakes plush animals based on photos of your specific pet, including unique characteristics like patches and other coloring. Even better, you can have any kind of pet made — not just dogs and cats!

5. Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Personalized Paw Print Bracelet

Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Personalized Paw Print Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet from Ross-Simons is striking enough on its own, but once they realize that it has a paw print and their pet’s name on it, it will go from beautiful to irreplaceable. It’s luxurious enough to be dressed up for a night on the town yet durable enough for everyday wear. It also comes in a classy gift box.

6. MyPupSocks Custom Dog Mug

MyPupSocks Custom Dog Mug

If coffee is the only thing that your friend is as passionate about as their pet, then this adorable mug from MyPupSocks will be a huge hit. It features a person and one or two dogs sitting on a dock, looking out on the beach. Under each figure is their name, giving it a personalized touch that will floor the recipient. They may even be happy to see it before they’ve had their first cup of the day.

7. MignonandMignon Personalized Pet Necklace

MignonandMignon Personalized Pet Necklace

This necklace from MignonandMignon — available in silver, rose gold, or gold — features a portrait of their pet’s face and their name. It’s a beautiful way for them to carry their best friend around wherever they go, and you can personalize it with any pet, not just a dog or a cat. It’s so striking, they won’t believe how affordable it is (not that you’d ever tell them, of course).

8. Baby Mushroom Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Wooden Photo Frame

Baby Mushroom Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Wooden Photo Frame

The Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake from Baby Mushroom requires a little more work than some of the other options on this list, as you’ll need access to your friend’s pet (or at least their paws). There’s space for two photos on one side of the frame, and on the other, you can put a clay cast of their paws. It’s a beautiful way to remind them of their connection to their pet (and their little feet are pretty adorable too).

9. VEELU Custom Photo Blanket

VEELU Custom Photo Blanket

There’s nothing as snuggly as your pet — unless it’s a blanket with your pet’s picture on it. This is a large blanket at 30” x 40”, and it’s made of surprisingly thick fleece. Your buddy will reach for it every time they need to warm up — and after a few days, it will likely have a realistic amount of fur on it as well.

10. STARATION Custom Picture Photo Engraved Necklace

STARATION Custom Picture Photo Engraved Necklace

STARATION can take a picture of any pet and turn it into a gorgeous lookalike pendant. If the picture itself doesn’t make it unique enough, there’s room for a customized engraving on the back.

11. J Devlin Glass Art Personalized Picture Frame

J Devlin Glass Art Personalized Picture Frame

This frame from J Devlin Glass Art is intended to be a memorial, so it’s not likely to be given on a joyous occasion. It’s sure to warm the recipient’s heart, though, as it features a photo of the pet ensconced in an attractive, handcrafted stained glass frame. At the top, the words, “No longer by our side but forever in our hearts,” are written, to remind them of the days they spent together with their pet.

12. MyPupSocks Custom Personalized Pet Face Socks

MyPupSocks Custom Personalized Pet Face Socks

These socks with your friend’s pet’s face all over them from MyPupSocks will go with absolutely every outfit, so they may never want to take them off (please remind them to wash them occasionally, though). They come in a variety of colors and are suitable for unisex use, so you may be able to use them to scratch multiple people off your Christmas list this year. Best of all, they may be the only pair that a pup will feel guilty about chewing a hole in.

13. Personalized Gifts German Shepherd T-Shirt

Personalized Gifts German Shepherd T-Shirt

German Shepherd lovers will love this custom tee from Personalized Gifts. There’s a striking Shepherd on the front, with their pup’s name written across the body. It comes in a variety of colors, and it’s as comfortable as it is attractive. The fabric is treated to ensure color-fastness, so it will last for years (no guarantee on how it will fare against dog hair, though).

14. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Crate Mat

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Crate Mat

If you really want to get in good with the pet lover in your life, give them a gift that’s for their pet. This cushy mat from Custom Catch will make crate time more comfortable for their pup, and since it will have their name written on it, their pup will never get confused. Available in five different colors, it’s also machine washable.

15. Julius Paw & Style Custom Pet Portrait

Julius Paw & Style Custom Pet Portrait

Nothing will get more laughs than one of these hilarious custom prints from Julius Paw & Style. They take your pet’s head and put them in historical portraits. If you’ve ever wondered how your furry friend would look as a king, duke, or beloved mistress, now’s your time to find out. The portraits show painstaking attention to detail, so you’ll feel like you commissioned them from Rembrandt himself.

16. Frisco Personalized Dotted Collage Photo Puzzle

Frisco Personalized Dotted Collage Photo Puzzle

The love we have for our pets is so strong, it can be puzzling to non-owners. This collage puzzle from Frisco is an entertaining way to spend time, as it’s a 252-piece set that forms your favorite pic of your pet. It’s not the hardest puzzle to solve, but the picture is so cute, why would you ever want to break it up?

17. I See Me! Personalized Book

I See Me! Personalized Book

Your dog is undoubtedly a great hero, and what better way to commit their exploits to the annals of history than with a personalized book? This tome from I See Me! includes your pup’s name, along with the names of two of their favorite people. You can even choose from 10 different dog styles to find the one that most closely resembles your pet. The 20-page story celebrates the love between person and pooch, so you should probably file it in the non-fiction section.

18. Personalized Corner Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Personalized Corner Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

This tumbler from Personalized Corner features a variety of Dachshunds and bones on the outside, along with a big text block where you can include your pup’s name. It’s a great way to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot while also celebrating your best friend. The stainless-steel construction makes it virtually indestructible, and it uses dye-sublimation materials to ensure that the colors never fade.

19. Personalized Gifts Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board

Personalized Gifts Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board from Personalized Gifts is sure to get plenty of use in your buddy’s kitchen. You can emblazon it with the recipient’s last name (or their dog’s name, if you prefer), making it great for a wedding or housewarming present. Best of all, since it already has puppy paw prints on it, their pooch will have plausible deniability when food mysteriously goes missing from it.

20. My Sticker Face Store Dog Stickers

My Sticker Face Store Dog Stickers

What better way to remind yourself that you have the best pup in the world than by plastering their mug all over your home? You can put your dog’s face on these stickers and then, put the stickers on other things. It’s simple but adorable (much like your dog, come to think of it).

21. YMGifts Custom Pet Hoodie

YMGifts Custom Pet Hoodie

Putting on a hoodie is getting dressed in easy mode, but at least you can feel stylish now that you have your pet’s face on the front of your sweatshirt. All you have to do is send in a picture of your little buddy, and they’ll put it on the sweatshirt — simple as that.

22. Temporary Tattoos Pet Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Pet Tattoos

What better tribute to your pet than to physically put their visage on your body? Temporary Tattoos lets you do just that, without having to get permanently inked. You just send the company an image (they accept any species of pet), and they’ll mail you back 2” x 2” tattoos that last two to five days on average.

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Summing Up Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners

Pet lovers love anything involving their furry friends, and each gift on this list can be customized to feature their very own little buddy. These presents are sure to win you a lifetime of gratitude — just make sure they know when your birthday is so they can return the favor.

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