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280 Incredible Pet Holidays From Around the World! (2024 Update)

woman hugging her dog on the beach

We all love holidays and we also love pets. So, what’s better than combining them?

There are so many more holidays beyond the popular ones like Halloween and New Year’s Eve, so now you can celebrate and even spoil your beloved pet all year long!

We pulled together all of the pet-related holidays so you can keep track of these special days.


The 280 National and International Pet Holidays


The month for making resolutions should definitely include our pets. January is about travel and appreciating our pets or just animals in general. Also, don’t forget to answer your cat’s all-important question!

  • Adopt a Rescued Bird Month
  • National Train Your Dog Month
  • Unchain a Dog Month
  • Walk Your Pet Month
Holidays/Special Days:
  • January 2: National Pet Travel Safety Day
  • January 2: Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
  • January 5: National Bird Day
  • January 6: National Standard Poodle Day
  • January 7: National Alaskan Malamute Day
  • January 8: National Labrador Retriever Day
  • January 9: National Australian Shepherd Day
  • January 13: National French Bulldog Day
  • January 14: National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • January 15: National American Eskimo Dog Day
  • January 16: National Bouvier de Flandres Day
  • January 17: National Boxer Day
  • January 22: National Yorkshire Terrier Day
  • January 22: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
  • January 24: Change a Pet’s Life Day
  • January 29: Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary
white cat with the owner
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock


This month is more about being responsible pet owners, with a focus on spaying and neutering our pets. There are also lovely days like Love Your Pet Day.

  • Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
  • Black Dog and Cat Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • International Hoof Care Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • National Prevent a Litter Month
  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Spay/Neuter Awareness Month (“Beat the Heat” month)
Weeklong Holidays:
  • February 7–14: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week
  • February 15–16: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  • February 21–28: National Justice for Animals Week
Holidays/Special Days:
  • February 1: World Galgo Day (This day brings awareness to the tragic fate of thousands of Spanish sighthounds, Galgos, which are abandoned or killed at the end of Spain’s hunting season every year.)
  • February 2: Sled Dog Day
  • February 2: National Brown Dog Day
  • February 3: Doggy Date Night
  • February 3: National Golden Retriever Day
  • February 12: Safety Pup Day
  • February 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • February 17: Cat Day (Poland)
  • February 17: Cat Day (Italy)
  • February 19: National Boston Terrier Day
  • February 20: National Love Your Pet Day
  • February 22: Cat Day (Japan)
  • February 22: National Walking the Dog Day
  • February 22: World Spay Day
  • February 23: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • February 23: National Dog Biscuit Day


This month, we celebrate our canine veterans, cuddly kittens, and often overlooked but truly essential pet sitters!

  • Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
  • Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • March 6–12: Professional Pet Sitters Week
  • March 14–21: Pet Theft Awareness Week (U.K.)
  • March 20–26: National Animal Poison Prevention Week (third week of March)
  • March 22–27: Tick Bite Prevention Week (U.K.) (third week of March)
Holidays/Special Days:
  • March 1: National Welsh Corgi Day
  • March 1: National Cat’s Day (Russia)
  • March 2: International Rescue Cat Day
  • March 3: International Tripawd Awareness Day (honoring three-legged pets)
  • March 3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day
  • March 8: International Akita Day
  • March 10–13: Crufts (the world’s largest dog show in Birmingham, England)
  • March 13: K-9 Veterans Day
  • March 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day (U.K.)
  • March 20: Dogs in Yellow Day (awareness day for anxious and reactive dogs, which are identified with bright yellow leashes, harnesses, and collars)
  • March 23: National Puppy Day
  • March 23. Cuddly Kitten Day
  • March 25: National Newfoundland Dog Day
  • March 27: National Terrier Day
  • March 28: Respect Your Cat Day
  • March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day
dog owner with his pet german shepherd
Image Credit: nori_jaafer, Pixabay


Heartworm has the whole month, and it’s an important one for dogs. But there’s also a celebration of adopting shelter pets and even pooper scoopers — after all, where would we be without them!

  • Active Dog Month
  • Canine Fitness Month
  • National Adopt a Greyhound Month
  • National Heartworm Awareness Month
  • National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
  • National Pet Month (U.K.)
  • Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • April 1–7: International Pooper Scooper Week
  • April 1–7: National Raw Feeding Week
  • April 10–16: Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week (second full week in April)
  • April 10–16: National Dog Bite Prevention Week (second week in April)
  • April 17–23: Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week (third week in April)
  • April 17–23: National Pet ID Week
Holidays/Special Days:
  • April 1: International Bull Terrier Day
  • April 2: Every Day Is Tag Day (first Saturday in April)
  • April 4: World Stray Animals Day
  • April 6: National Siamese Cat Day
  • April 7: National Pet Health Insurance Day
  • April 8: National Dog Fighting Awareness Day
  • April 8: National Catahoula Leopard Dog Day
  • April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day
  • April 11: National Pet Day
  • April 11: Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
  • April 17: Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day
  • April 19: National Dog Parent Appreciation Day
  • April 19: National Cat Lady Day
  • April 21: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
  • April 21: National Pet CBD Day
  • April 22: National Beagle Day
  • April 23: National Lost Dog Awareness Day
  • April 24: National Pet Parents Day (last Sunday in April)
  • April 26: National Kids and Pets Day
  • Last Sunday in April: International Search and Rescue Dog Day
  • April 27: National Little Pampered Dog Day
  • April 27: International Guide Dog Day (last Wednesday in April)
  • April 29: Hairball Awareness Day (last Friday in April)
  • April 30: World Veterinary Day (last Saturday in April)
  • April 30: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
  • April 30: National Therapy Animal Day
  • April 30: National Tabby Day


May is all about encouraging pet owners to get their pets microchipped, as well as celebrating rescue dogs.

  • Chip Your Pet Month
  • National Pet Month (U.S.)
  • Responsible Animal Guardian Month
  • National Service Animal Eye Exam
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • Pet Sitter Safety Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • May 1–7: American Humane Society’s Be Kind to Animals Week (first full week of May)
  • May 1–7: National Scoop the Poop Week
  • May 1–7: Dog Anxiety Awareness Week
  • May 1–7: National Pet Week (first full week of May)
  • May 2–7: Puppy Mill Action Week
Holidays/Special Days:
  • May 1: National Purebred Dog Day
  • May 1: International Doodle Dog Day
  • May 1: International Day of the Podenco (bringing awareness to the cruel fate that thousands of Podencos face in Spain after hunting season)
  • May 1: International Samoyed Day
  • May 1: Mayday for Mutts (first Sunday in May)
  • May 3: National Specially-Abled Pets Day
  • May 8: National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • May 10: German Shepherd Day
  • May 14: National Dog Mom’s Day (second Saturday in May)
  • May 14: International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
  • May 14: Pick Up the Poo Day (U.K.)
  • May 20: National Rescue Dog Day
  • May 28: International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day
  • May 28: Saint Bernard Day
  • May 29: National Dog Friendly Day (U.K.)
veterinarian microchipping beagle dog with syringe
Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock


June is focused on cat adoption and taking your pets to work. There’s even the ugliest dog day. But who really cares how our pets look? It’s all about love and companionship!

  • Adopt-a-Cat Month
  • Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month
  • National Foster a Pet Month
  • National Pet Preparedness Month
  • National Microchipping Month
  • Social PETworking Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • June 5–11: Pet Appreciation Week (first week in June
  • June 13–17: National Pet Wedding Week (second week of June)
  • Third week in June: Animal Rights Awareness Week
  • June 19–23: Take Your Pet to Work Week
Holidays/Special Days:
  • June 1: International Sheltie Day
  • June 2: National Greyhound Day
  • June 4: Hug Your Cat Day
  • June 4: International Corgi Day
  • June 8: Best Friends Day
  • June 11: Just One Day (advocating for no-kill shelters)
  • June 12: Peruvian Hairless Dog Day
  • June 14: World Pet Memorial Day (second Tuesday in June)
  • June 18: Veterinary Appreciation Day
  • June 18: National Dog Dad Day
  • June 19: National Pets in Film Day
  • June 19: Take Your Cat to Work Day
  • June 20: Ugliest Dog Day
  • June 21: National Dog Party Day
  • June 21: National Dachshund Day
  • June 24: Cat World Domination Day (although that’s every day, really!)
  • June 24: Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • June 25: World Day Against Pet Abandonment (the last Saturday in June)


Now that we’re officially in the summer months, the importance of keeping your pets hydrated and celebrating mutts is what you’ll find here.

  • Dog House Repair Month
  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month
  • National Pet Hydration Awareness Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • Third week in July: National Feed a Rescue Pet Week
Holidays/Special Days:
  • July 1: ID Your Pet Day
  • July 4: International Whippet Day
  • July 5: Pet Remembrance Day (U.K.)
  • July 9: Coon Dog Day (always held on the Saturday following July 4)
  • July 10: National Kitten Day
  • July 14: Dog on a Lead Day
  • July 15: National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • July 16: Feline Leukemia Day
  • July 21: World Collie Day
  • July 21: National Craft for your Local Shelters Day
  • July 21: No Pet Store Puppies Day (anti-puppy mill)
  • July 26: National Dog Photography Day (U.K.)
  • July 31: National Mutt Day
woman feeding dalmatian dog
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


In this month, you get to spoil your dog but also remember your pets that have passed on.

  • Clear the Shelters (featuring low-cost or fee-waived adoptions at shelters across the U.S.)
  • Itchy Pet Awareness Month
  • National Dog Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • 7–13: International Assistance Dog Week
  • 7–13: Give a Dog a Bone Week (donate food and supplies for the pets of the homeless)
Holidays/Special Days:
  • 1: National Yorkie Day
  • 4: Assistance Dog Day
  • 8: International Cat Day
  • 8: National Cat Day (Canada)
  • 10: National Spoil Your Dog Day
  • 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • 20: International Homeless Animals’ Day (third Saturday in August)
  • 22: National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day
  • 23: International Blind Dog Day
  • 26: National Dog Day
  • 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
  • 30: National Holistic Pet Day


This month, you’re encouraged to adopt a pet that isn’t as adoptable as some others and to celebrate your ginger cats!

  • Animal Pain Awareness Month
  • Happy Cat Month
  • National Pet Insurance Month
  • National Service Dog Month
  • Pet Sitter Education Month
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Month
  • World Animal Remembrance Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • September 18–24: Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week
  • September 18–24: National Deaf Dog Awareness Week (last full week in September)
  • September 18–24: National Dog Week (last full week in September)
Holidays/Special Days:
  • September 1: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
  • September 1: Boykin Spaniel Day
  • September 5: Canine Enrichment Day (U.K.)
  • September 8: National Dog Walker Appreciation Day
  • September 9: Happy Dog Day (U.K.)
  • September 11: National Pet Memorial Day
  • September 11: National Hug Your Hound Day (second Sunday in September)
  • September 13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day
  • September 17: National Pet Bird Day
  • September 17: Puppy Mill Awareness Day (third Saturday in September)
  • September 17: Responsible Dog Ownership Day (third Saturday in September)
  • September 18: Love Your Dog Groomer Day (U.K.)
  • September 19: National Meow Like a Pirate Day
  • September 19: National Cat DNA Day
  • September 22: National Walk ‘n’ Roll Dog Day (dogs in wheelchairs and with mobility challenges)
  • September 22: Remember Me Thursday (social media awareness day bringing attention to adoptable pets waiting in shelters)
  • September 23: Adopted Dog Day
  • September 24: World’s Largest Pet Walk
  • September 25: National Schnauzer Day
  • September 27: Sighthound Day
  • September 28: World Rabies Day
  • September 30: Pet Tricks Day (U.K.)
  • September 30: National Puppy Mill Survivor Day
Woman holding up a ginger cat
Image Credit: Marlia Boiko, Shutterstock


The entire world honors cats in October, and being kind to animals is also an important part of this month.

  • Adopt-a-Dog Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month
  • National Pet Wellness Month
  • National Pit Bull Awareness Month
  • World Animal Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • October 2–8: National Walk Your Dog Week (first full week of October)
  • October 2–8: Animal Welfare Week (first full week of October)
  • October 16–22: National Veterinary Technician Week (the third week in October)
Holidays/Special Days:
  • October 1: National Fire Pup Day
  • October 1: National Black Dog Day
  • October 2: Poodle Day
  • October 4: World Animal Day
  • October 4: Kindness to Animals Day
  • October 10: World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day
  • October 11: National Spoodle Day
  • October 12: National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
  • October 14: Vet Nurse Day (the second Friday in October)
  • October 15: National Pug Day
  • October 15: National Fetch Day
  • October 16: National Feral Cat Day
  • October 16: Global Cat Day
  • October 21: National Pets for Veterans Day
  • October 22: National Make a Dog’s Day
  • October 27: National Black Cat Day (U.K.)
  • October 29: National Cat Day
  • October 29: Muddy Dog Day (U.K.) (last Saturday in October)
  • October 29: National Pit Bull Awareness Day (last Saturday in October)
  • October 30: National Treat Your Pet Day


As the year starts to wind down, there’s an emphasis on adopting senior pets and a day dedicated to appreciating your slobbery dog!

  • Adopt a Senior Pet Month
  • National Senior Pet Month
  • National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • Pet Diabetes Month
Weeklong Holidays:
  • November 6–12: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (first full week of November)
  • November 13–19: Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week (the second week in November)
Holidays/Special Days:
  • November 1: National Cook for Your Pets Day
  • November 1:  International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day
  • November 7: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
  • November 12: World Animal Enrichment Day
  • November 16: National Slobber Appreciation Day
  • November 18: National Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Awareness, Research, and Education Day
  • November 19: National Get a Pal for Your Pet Day
  • November 23: Thankful for My Dog Day
  • November 24: National Border Collie Day
dog hugging owner
Image Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj, Shutterstock


Now that we’ve reached the end of the year, we can celebrate shelter pets through adoption or word of mouth, and let’s not forget those cat herders!

  • National Cat Lover’s Month
Holidays/Special Days:
  • December 1: Celebrate Shelter Pets Day
  • December 1: National Twin With Your Dog Day (matching outfits with your dog)
  • December 2: National Mutt Day
  • December 9: International Day of Veterinary Medicine
  • December 10: International Animal Rights Day
  • December 15: National Cat Herders Day



Our pets are essential to us every day of the week, and none of us really need one day or even one week out of the year specifically to recognize this. But some of these days are great reminders of all the important work that people do in the name of pets. For example, adoption and pet care are incredibly important!

So, go ahead and celebrate your pet as often as you can. You know that they deserve it!

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