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10 Best Pet Insurance Providers for Golden Retrievers in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

golden retriever dog lying on the floor

Just like any dog, Golden Retrievers will likely experience an illness or accident eventually. These surprises can add up quickly, leading to high veterinary bills. In fact, it is easy for your veterinary bills to get into the thousands or tens of thousands, depending on the accident.

Luckily, there are many different pet insurance options out there that can help you pay for these emergencies. However, these insurance brands do differ heavily. Plus, the pet insurance field has grown to include many different options, making it hard to pick the one that is best for your canine.

Below, we’ll review 10 pet insurance options out there for Golden Retrievers. We’ll go over what makes each company stand out so that you can choose the best option for your dog.


A Quick Comparison of the Winners for 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Spot Pet Insurance Spot Pet Insurance
  • Multiple pet discount
  • Office visit fee covered
  • Many choices available
  • Second place
    Lemonade Lemonade
  • Many customization options
  • Several plan add-ons, including wellness coverage
  • Cheaper than most other options
  • Third place
    Trupanion Trupanion
  • One, straightforward policy
  • Long company history
  • Some additional riders
  • Fetch Fetch
  • Unlimited yearly benefit
  • Covers a variety of conditions, including behavioral problems
  • Covers exam fees
  • Pets Best Pets Best
  • Low wait times
  • Wellness plan option
  • No upper age limits
  • The 10 Best Pet Insurance Providers for Golden Retrievers

    1. Spot – Best Overall


    Spot is known for having many different coverage options, which is why it is our number one pick. In fact, they easily have more coverage options than most other insurance providers. They have six different annual coverage options, for instance. They also have a slew of deductibles and reimbursement choices. Therefore, if you’re looking for complete customization, this brand is a solid option.

    Furthermore, they cover quite a bit more than other insurance companies. For instance, they cover vet exams for accidents and illnesses. They also offer a multi-pet discount of 10%, which is about industry standard. They also have an optional wellness plan, though this pays out just about as much as you pay in. Therefore, it is more of a savings account than an insurance plan.

    This company does have longer waiting periods at about 14 days per procedure. This is longer than most of the competition. Therefore, you may end up needing to pay out of pocket for any procedures that are necessary during this time.

    • Multiple pet discount
    • Office visit fee covered
    • Many choices available
    • Poor wellness package

    2. Lemonade


    Lemonade is able to keep its prices far lower than the competition by offering a basic plan and using AI for its claim payments. Therefore, they pay extremely fast and can keep their overhead costs low, leading to savings that they pass on to you.

    Based on this information, Lemonade is regularly the cheapest option out there for most Golden Retrievers.

    Plus, this company offers many customization options. While their general plan is extremely basic, this company does offer a more comprehensive option. As you’d imagine, this comprehensive plan costs a bit more. They also have a wellness addon, including one particularly for puppies and kittens.

    You can customize your plan heavily by choosing the deductible, annual coverage limit, and reimbursement rates. These options are generally what you’d expect to find in a pet insurance company, though there are some that don’t offer this customization option.

    While this company does cover most illnesses and treatments, there are a few things that they do not cover. Therefore, while they are cheaper, your dog will be a bit less covered in the event of an emergency if you choose this company.

    • Many customization options
    • Several plan add-ons, including wellness coverage
    • Cheaper than most other options
    • Near-instant claims payment
    • Bundling discounts
    • Several coverage limits, such as no dental
    • Doesn’t cover behavioral problems

    3. Pets Best

    Pet's Best

    Pets Best provides very comprehensive plans and extra features that are hard to find elsewhere. While they are often more expensive than other insurance companies, some Golden Retriever owners find the increased costs worth it.

    This company offers several different plans that you can choose from. Their Elite plan provides flexible options for deductibles and unlimited annual benefits. Therefore, no matter how expensive your dog’s treatment gets, this company will cover it. They also offer a wellness add-on that provides coverage for preventative care.

    The wait times for injuries and illnesses are generally pretty low for this plan. Furthermore, there is no upper age limit. They will cover dogs at literally any age, allowing your canine to always have coverage. Surprisingly, many dog insurance companies kick dogs off at a certain age.

    Sadly, the plans that this company offers that aren’t “elite” are quite poor. Therefore, we don’t recommend them for most owners—only the elite plan. Furthermore, this company will not cover all procedures. Their accident-only plan covers even fewer things and should be avoided. Their wellness plan is helpful, but it is itemized. Therefore, you only receive a certain amount of money for very specific preventative measures.

    • Low wait times
    • Wellness plan option
    • No upper age limits
    • Many different plan options
    • Unlimited annual benefits for the Elite plan
    • Some very poor plan options
    • Excludes pets with certain illnesses
    • Wellness plan is itemized

    4. Trupanion


    Trupanion provides simple plan options that lead to great coverage for your canine. Unlike some other plans, they don’t provide a huge number of customization options. However, their goal is to offer great insurance and make it as simple as possible for dog owners, which generally means not providing a huge number of choices.

    They offer unlimited annual benefits to all their customers, as well as 90% reimbursement. Therefore, they will cover most expenses after you meet your deductible—and they will continue to cover expenses no matter how expensive it gets.

    Their one, simple plan covers almost all illnesses and accidents. They even include congenital conditions and hereditary conditions, which are excluded from most plans. In fact, this company seems to cover far more conditions than other plans out there.

    They pay all vets directly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket and waiting for reimbursement. They have been around since 2000, so they are accepted at most vet offices in the United States and Canada.

    With that said, this company does not cover exam fees. They also don’t provide multiple pet discounts, which can make the plans more expensive. Plus, their plans tend to be more expensive anyway, largely because they don’t provide any customization options that may help you lower the price.

    • One, straightforward policy
    • Long company history
    • Some additional riders
    • 90% reimbursement
    • Unlimited annual benefits
    • No customization options
    • Vet exams are not covered
    • Can be expensive

    5. Healthy Paws

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Like Lemonade, Healthy Paws is a budget-friendly pet insurance company that generally costs less than others. It has some of the lowest premiums in the industry. They use tech heavily in their company, which is one reason they are able to keep their costs so low. They even have a mobile app that helps with the claims process.

    They offer one straightforward plan—just like Trupanion. This plan covers basically anything, which makes the process much more straightforward. They do have a few additional riders, though, such as a wellness plan. Their comprehensive plan provides unlimited coverage. There is no per-incident, lifetime, or annual maximum to worry about.

    You can go to any vet of your choice and use this plan. They only require that your vet is licensed. Besides that, there is no “network.”

    Their app allows you to quickly make claims and get paid for them. They usually pay out within a couple of days, which is faster than most of the industry. All you have to do is snap a picture of the vet bill and they will begin the claims process.

    However, this company does have a few letdowns. They are not great for older pets, unlike some of the plans we’ve already mentioned. If you enroll your pet after they are six, then you may have lower reimbursement rates, which can lead to more money out of your pocket. They also have a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia, which is common in Golden Retrievers. Therefore, this can be a serious problem.

    Before enrolling, they also require that you get your dog a complete workup. They require a complete medical history for every pet, while most plans only require about 12 months.

    • Quick claims process
    • One, simple plan
    • Mobile app makes claims easily
    • Often less expensive
    • Wellness plan offered
    • Lower payouts for older pets
    • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia
    • Complete medical history required

    6. Figo

    Figo Pet Insurance Logo

    Figo is one of the newer pet insurance companies in the industry. However, they offer quite a few benefits that may help your Golden Retriever specifically. They provide many different plan options, all of which vary widely. Some of them are quite basic and only offer a little coverage, while others are comprehensive (and more expensive, as you’d probably guess).

    They provide extensive hip dysplasia care. Because this condition is common in Golden Retrievers, this is something to keep in mind. They don’t require long waiting periods like some other companies.

    Furthermore, Figo covers all exam fees, which often run as much as $100. Many companies do not cover these fees, like Trupanion. They also have no upper age limit. Your dog can stay enrolled throughout their lifetime without any worries. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an unlimited plan, they offer some very affordable options. However, they also provide some plans with caps if you’re looking for something cheaper.

    Sadly, this company doesn’t provide any money for routine care. You cannot purchase a wellness addon as some other companies offer. Furthermore, this company is not very old at all. Therefore, their prices may be volatile for a time. They may also have a very small pool of clients, which can be a problem if a bunch of expensive claims are all made at the same time.

    • Covers exam fees
    • Simple and straightforward plans
    • No upper lifetime limits
    • Unlimited plan
    • Very new company
    • No medical add-ons for routine care
    • Prices may be volatile

    7. Embrace Pet Insurance

    Embrace Pet Insurance

    Embrace Pet Insurance has a whole host of plan options for your Golden Retriever. They are one of the older brands in the field, which means that they have a lot of experience. They aren’t the cheapest option on the market, but they have competitive pricing. Plus, like most insurance companies, they provide a quote after you answer a few questions about your canine.

    They offer a comprehensive plan that covers just about everything. Unlike other companies, they do not have a cheaper, basic plan. While this does mean that their plan is more expensive, it also means that your dog has better coverage.

    Their plans feature one annual deductible, not a deductible per condition. Generally, this leads to you paying less. All exam fees are covered, which is surprisingly rare for a dog insurance policy. They also have a very short illness waiting period, so you can start using your plan sooner.

    Furthermore, some of your premiums can carry over into the next year if your dog doesn’t use the plan. For years when you make no claims, you receive a $50 credit. This feature is stackable and can lead to huge savings over the years.

    They also have a wellness plan that allows you to get some money for general healthcare, such as vaccinations, grooming, and heartworm prevention.

    • Wellness plan available
    • Annual deductible
    • Competitive pricing
    • Deductible roll-overs
    • Comprehensive plan
    • Covers exam fees
    • No basic plan available

    8. Fetch

    Fetch Pet Insurance

    Fetch is a newer company that just came under new management. This company covers many of the illnesses and accidents that most companies cover. They do not offer any plan for wellness or preventative care. However, they do offer coverage for some items that aren’t typically covered. For instance, they include canine dental protection, advertising rewards for lost pets, and boarding fees should you get hospitalized. Furthermore, behavioral care is also included.

    With that said, hip dysplasia isn’t included in the coverage for 6 months. This is a common condition for Golden Retrievers, so this lack of coverage could cost you thousands of dollars. This waiting time is quite a bit longer than most other options out there. The coverage for everything else is 15 days, which is one of the longest in the industry.

    Furthermore, your pet has to be examined by a vet within 60 days of the policy beginning.

    • Unlimited yearly benefit
    • Covers a variety of conditions, including behavioral problems
    • Covers exam fees
    • Goes beyond accidents and illnesses
    • No preventative care
    • Limited coverage for older pets
    • Long waiting periods

    9. ManyPets


    ManyPets features competitive pricing compared to other options. They aren’t terribly expensive, and they have some good coverage options. Therefore, they are a suitable choice for many Golden Retrievers.

    They offer many different coverage options, so you can choose exactly what you want your plan to cover. You can go up to unlimited annual coverage, choose between various reimbursement choices, and select your own deductible. They have a waiting period of 15 days for most illnesses. However, they will reduce this to only 24 hours if you’re switching from another insurance company.

    Plus, we love that they cover exam fees.

    Sadly, they aren’t available in all states. In fact, they are only available in 18. However, they are planning on expanding their offerings soon. They also don’t cover everything, including behavioral therapy. Their coverage options seem to be a bit less extensive than other options.

    • Many plan choice options
    • Waiting period can be reduced to 24 hours
    • Covers many vet exams
    • No behavioral therapy coverage
    • Only available in some states
    • May have too many choices

    10. Nationwide

    Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Just about everyone knows what Nationwide is, as they offer insurance for a wide variety of things. Therefore, they are often a trusted source of insurance. In fact, they are absolutely one of the biggest insurance companies on this list.

    Generally, customers choose this company because they want someone they can trust. Plus, Nationwide bundles their pet insurance with their other insurance options. Therefore, you can save a little bit of money by bundling your home or auto with your dog insurance.

    However, this option isn’t great for everyone. For instance, Nationwide doesn’t include any congenital conditions. Therefore, Golden Retrievers usually won’t benefit a lot from this insurance. After all, they have a lot of congenital defects.

    This company does have a single plan. Therefore, it isn’t terribly complicated to pick out a plan. However, that also means that you can’t make choices yourself. You’re stuck with the plan they provide.

    • Trusted company
    • Bundling available
    • Simple plan
    • No congenital conditions covered
    • Rigid plan options


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Plan for Your Golden Retriever

    Pet insurance varies a lot. Of course, you need to keep coverage and price in mind. However, there are other factors that are vital, too. For instance, how fast a company pays out is vital. After all, you don’t want to be waiting for 6 months for your repayment.

    Let’s take a look at some features you should keep in mind.

    Policy Coverage

    Not all insurance companies cover all accidents and illnesses. For instance, many plans don’t cover most alternative therapies, physical therapy, or behavioral training. Therefore, if your dog needs any of these options, you’ll have to pay out of pocket in most plans. However, there are a few that cover it.

    At the same time, there are many common issues that certain plans don’t cover. Quite a few won’t pay for hip dysplasia or any other congenital defect. Because Golden Retrievers are prone to these problems, it is vital that you ensure your plan covers it.

    Some plans also cover wellness and preventative care. However, these packages often won’t pay out more than you put in. They work more similarly to a savings account that you pay into every month. These plans don’t cover everything, either. Therefore, before you pay into a wellness plan, be sure you’re going to get your money back.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    A pet insurance company is only as good as its customer service. If the company doesn’t process your claims quickly or respond to your questions, they likely aren’t going to do you much good. A company may claim to cover a range of illnesses. However, if they never get back to you about signing up or getting a claim processed, they probably aren’t going to do you much good.

    While reputation isn’t always correct, it can be quite accurate. If a company has a bad reputation, there is probably a reason for it. While you shouldn’t rely on reputation alone, we do recommend keeping an eye on it.

    Claim Repayment

    Sadly, there are many companies out there that hardly pay out any claims. Often, companies will refuse to pay for preexisting conditions (which is industry standard), but then they will draw lines between preexisting conditions and new illnesses.

    Therefore, be sure you research the company before purchasing their insurance. The last thing you want to do is pay for insurance that ends up not paying for your dog’s accidents or illnesses.

    Of course, determining the claim repayment percentage is often difficult. Companies do not often advertise these percentages up front, and you can’t exactly always trust them even if they do. Therefore, you have to rely on third-party reports or customer reviews.

    couple with a dog getting a pet insurance
    Image by: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

    Price of Policy

    A policy’s price is very important. No matter how good an insurance plan is, if it is extremely expensive, many people won’t be able to afford it. Luckily, you can get a free quote from many plans, which allows you to compare your rates across many options.

    While some companies tend to be cheaper than others, it really will depend on your specific situation. Some insurance companies weigh certain factors more than others when determining the price, which will change what is more expensive for you.

    You also have to consider coverage and other factors. Some plans may charge a lot extra for unlimited limits, while others may barely raise the price of the plan.

    Plan Customization

    Usually, you can choose between annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement options. However, different plans have different options. There are a few plans that don’t have any options in two or more of these categories. Usually, these companies tout a simplified insurance purchasing process, which means reducing the number of choices available.

    If you want to spend a decent amount of time messing with options, then choosing a company with more choices is probably best. You can lower the cost of the plan by raising the deductible or annual limit, as well as lowering the reimbursement amount. Therefore, these choices can help save you a bit of money.

    However, sometimes too many choices aren’t a good thing. If you aren’t sure where to begin, then a bunch of options may not help you very much. In this case, a straightforward company with only a few choices may be helpful.



    Pet Insurance Care Guarantee Concept
    Image by:, Shutterstock

    Can I Get Pet Insurance Outside the US?

    You can usually find pet insurance outside of the United States. However, you’ll have to go to specific companies that cover your area. Most U.S.-based companies do not cover other countries. Therefore, you’ll have to do a little bit of research to find an option that covers your country. However, in most places, there is at least one company that offers pet insurance.

    Trupanion works in Canada and the United States, but it seems to be the only major company that works in both countries.

    What If My Insurance Company Is Not Listed In Your Review?

    Just because an insurance company isn’t listed in our review doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad. We tried to use the biggest companies that provided a wide swath of different options. Therefore, if we left a company off of our list, it may be that it just doesn’t cover many states or is extremely similar to another insurance company we had listed.

    Generally speaking, the companies we chose above are the best options on the market. If you’re looking for an insurance plan, your best bet is to choose one of the options you’ve listed.

    Which Pet Insurance Provider Has the Best Consumer Reviews?

    Most of the companies we listed above have very good reviews. There are a few options out there that are known for not paying claims or covering what customers thought they covered. We left these insurance companies off of our list above, as they didn’t meet our criteria.

    However, most negative reviews for the insurance companies we mentioned involve the customer not understanding the plan. For instance, many companies have negative reviews involving the waiting period. Often, this part of the plan is skimmed over. Therefore, when the plan won’t cover an injury that occurs within the waiting period, customers leave negative reviews.

    Therefore, our best advice is to read your plan carefully and understand what you’re paying for. Companies won’t cover anything until the waiting period is over, which can range from 24 hours to 6 months for certain conditions.

    What is the Best and Most Affordable Pet Insurance?

    The best insurance for you will depend on what you’re looking for, while the price will vary by your location. In areas where vet bills tend to be higher, your insurance premiums will be higher, too. However, plans do differ in how they compute costs. Therefore, what is very expensive in one area may be cheaper in another.

    Generally, we recommend Embrace pet insurance for most Golden Retriever owners. This company has a very good reputation and covers many illnesses. They also cover exam fees, which is rare. Plus, they usually cost about average.

    golden retriever dogs lying on the floor with pet sitter
    Image by: atyana Vyc, Shutterstock

    What the Users Say

    Generally, customers love the insurance companies we listed above. These companies tend to pay out their claims properly and do so in a timely manner. However, the exact time between the claim and payout does vary, so be sure to check if it is important to you. Some of the companies we mentioned even directly pay vets, like Trupanion.

    Most negative reviews result from customers not understanding the plan. Sometimes, negative reviews discuss how the company didn’t pay for a particular treatment when that type of treatment isn’t covered. Waiting periods are often a point of contention, as well.

    Therefore, before you purchase any plan, be sure you understand it. You should know exactly what you’re paying for. If you have questions, reach out to customer service and ask before paying. Not only will this answer your question, but it will also give you a chance to test out the company’s customer service.

    Which Golden Retriever Insurance Provider is Best for You?

    For the most part, which insurance is best for you will depend on what you’re looking for. If you just want to have great, all-around coverage for your pet, choose Embrace. This company provides a premium plan only, which makes them more expensive. However, their coverage is straightforward and comprehensive. Therefore, you don’t have to do much decision-making to get your dog a great plan.

    However, if you’re looking for something cheaper or more basic, you may want to try Lemonade. They offer cheaper plans that cover more basic things. Therefore, they’re great for those on a budget or who simply don’t care about coverage limits.

    We also liked Trupanion, specifically because they pay vets directly. Some dog owners simply can’t pay for huge expenses out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement. Therefore, you may want to look into this company if you fall into this category.



    Choosing a great insurance plan for your Golden Retriever is vital. These dogs aren’t terribly unhealthy, but they are prone to a few issues. Plus, you never know when your dog may get into an accident or become ill.

    We highly recommend that you do plenty of research and consider what you’re really looking for in a plan. All of the insurance companies we reviewed above are great choices, though they all offer something a little bit different.

    Featured Image Credit: Tatyana Vyc, Shutterstock

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