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Pet Peek: The Fence Window for Your Pet!

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If you’ve never heard of the Pet Peek before, you’re certainly not alone. However, you might discover that it’s the pet product you never knew you needed! Perfect for curious pets that spend a lot of time inside fenced-in yards, the Pet Peek is a domed window made of durable materials that lets your pet peek out of the yard and see what’s happening on the other side of the fence.

Does your dog over hop over the fence and escape? Have you ever wondered if he was just curious about what’s on the other side? With the Pet Peek, your dog will be less likely to escape as it can peek its head through and discover the world outside without jumping over the fence. Plus, it will totally freak out anybody that’s walking unaware on the other side of the fence when your dog’s head suddenly bursts into the window!

Do you need the Pet Peek? Will your dog love it? What exactly does it do? By the end of this article, we’re hoping you’ll have the answers to these questions and more as we discuss the Pet Peek.

What Does the Pet Peek Do?

Put simply, the Pet Peek is just a domed window that sits in your fence. On its own, it doesn’t sound that special, but your dog will feel otherwise. Installed at the correct height, the Pet Peek gives your pet a window to the outside world. Your pet might be stuck securely behind your backyard fence, but it still wants to know what’s going on outside; especially when they hear interesting noises that perk them up and get their attention.

When your dog hears something, with the Pet Peek, it can put its head into the domed window, essentially allowing your dog’s head to stick out of the fence like its head was forced through a hole. But the Pet Peek is large enough that your dog’s head will be in no danger of getting stuck!

Why Use the Pet Peek?

The main reason to use the Pet Peek is that your pets will love it! Dogs are inquisitive creatures, and we all know that cats are as well. After all, curiosity killed the cat. But with the Pet Peek, they can be curious without taking risks or breaking out of the confines of your yard. All they have to do is poke their head into the Pet Peek and their curiosity will be abated.

If your dog is constantly finding ways to break out of the backyard, the Pet Peek might be the solution you’re seeking. Since it allows your pet to stick its head out of the backyard and see the outside world, it’s a great deterrent to escaping. Plus, it’s just plain fun for your pup or even a cat. You’re likely to find your pet using it all the time as they watch all the happenings outside of the backyard.

Fences aren’t the only places you can use the Pet Peek. It’s also great in kennels or dog houses. Your pet will love the Pet Peek anywhere you install it; particularly in places where it feels confined and might want to see what’s going on beyond the walls he’s stuck within.

Of course, the Pet Peek isn’t just for pets, though the name sort of implies that it is. In reality, you can find all sorts of other uses for the Pet Peek! It’s sometimes used on storm chaser vehicles so they can stick their head out of the roof and safely observe the crazy weather. It’s also perfect for kids’ playhouses and jungle gyms. They’ll love it as much as the pets do!

What is the Pet Peek Made From?

The Pet Peek is made from quality materials that won’t break and risk causing harm to your dog, cat, child, or self! Rather than glass, the window is made from clear acrylic that’s 3/16 of an inch thick. Acrylic doesn’t shatter like glass, and it’s known for its impressive strength.

Installing the Pet Peek

You can install the Pet Peek by yourself with just a few simple tools. You’ll need a measuring tape, pencil, saw, and a drill. It can be installed in wood or vinyl. Full instructions will be included with the Pet Peek, but they’re quite easy. You’ll just need to mark the hole and cut it out to fit the Pet Peek. Then, you can install the apparatus by installing just four included bolts into the flange.

Final Thoughts

The Pet Peek is an interesting device that you might have never seen before. It’s designed to let pets see the outside world when they’re stuck in a confined space like a fenced-in backyard or a kennel. However, it’s just as usable for other purposes like children’s playhouses and even storm chaser vehicles. Since it’s made from acrylic instead of glass, it’s durable and less dangerous. It’s great for keeping your kids or pets occupied, and you can install it with minimal tools or experience.

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