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20 Pet Startups To Look Out For In 2024 – Our Favorites Reviewed

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While many businesses and industries suffered during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global pet care market did the exact opposite. Driven by a rise in pet adoptions as well as overall spending on pets, the worldwide pet market is expected to be worth over 325 billion USD by 20301. With business booming, pet-related startups are looking to capitalize on this cash flow. Here are the pet startups to look out for this year.


Top 20 Pet Startups to Look Out for in 2024

1. Dig

The Dog Persons Dating App

Services Provided: Dating app
Geared towards: Dog owners

Dig is a dating app startup directed toward people who don’t even want to entertain a relationship with someone who won’t like their dog. With so many Millennials and Gen Zers choosing pet parenthood over human kids, this app fits right into the future plans of these generations. Not only can the app help you match with a fellow dog lover, it allows you to matchmake your pups as well, ensuring they’ll get along when you all meet in person. It also advises couples on planning dog-friendly dates.

2. Animal ID

Services Provided: Lost pet tracking, storing pet information
Geared towards: All pet owners

Animal ID began as a global registry to help pet owners find and reunite with lost pets. They offer a one-of-a-kind QR pet tag that’s activated via an app. Within the app, you can build a fully public profile for your pet, allowing them to be easily identified should they be lost or stolen. This startup is constantly expanding the functions of its app as well, building towards a complete pet care platform. Currently, you can upload and store your pet’s medical information and documents, track their weight, and manage all their appointments.

3. Loyal


Services Provided: Pet pharmaceuticals
Geared towards: Dog owners

Loyal is a veterinary pharmaceutical startup focused on developing drugs to combat aging in dogs. The company is made up of researchers and veterinarians, all working on scientific solutions to delay and reverse aging in our canine companions. Not only is Loyal hoping to help dogs live longer, healthier lives, they believe their research may be useful to human medicine as well. The goal is to create drugs that slow the overall rate of aging, preventing and delaying the development of age-related medical issues at the same time.

4. Dobbin Dog Ranch

Dobbin Dog Ranch

Services Provided: Boarding, training, grooming, daycare
Geared towards: Dog owners

This Texas-based startup bills itself as a luxury pet resort. Dobbin Dog Ranch combines 20 acres of gorgeous countryside with luxurious indoor accommodations. Catering to those in search of high-end boarding facilities with all the amenities, this startup offers everything from a boarding and training program to doggy spa services to limousine pick up and drop off for your pet. Market researchers project that demand for premium and luxury pet services will be a big driver of the growth of the industry, and Dobbin Dog Ranch certainly fits into that niche.

5. PetDx

The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pet

Services Provided: Early cancer detection
Geared towards: Dog owners

PetDX is a California-based startup that offers a blood test called OncoK9 through partnerships with major veterinary laboratory companies. This test functions as a “liquid biopsy” detecting genetic changes associated with early cancer development. Not only is this test non-invasive, but it can also identify cancerous changes extremely early, allowing veterinarians and dog owners to make treatment plans while the disease is more manageable. In the future, the company hopes to develop a similar test for cats based on the feline genetic code.

6. Bingo Insurance

Bingo Pet Insurance

Services Provided: Pet insurance
Geared towards: Dog owners

Bingo is a pet insurance startup primarily geared toward canines that aims to help owners afford their vet bills while eliminating the hassles involved with making claims. All insurance functions can be performed within the Bingo app. Insurance plans are customizable, with a base plan and seven separate add-ons so you can make sure your pup is covered in all circumstances. Bingo Insurance is not available in all states yet, as the company continues to grow.

7. HelloBello


Services Provided: Pet food subscription
Geared towards: Dog owners

HelloBello is a European-based pet food subscription startup. They offer fresh-cooked diets with simple ingredients customized to your dog’s individual nutrition needs. Owners fill out a questionnaire regarding their dog’s age, health, and lifestyle. Personalized diets are then created with input from veterinary nutrition experts. The food is packaged in pre-portioned amounts and shipped directly to your home. Currently, this startup is primarily focused on European markets, allowing it to maintain the quality and freshness of its food.

8. BasePaws

Cat DNA Test & Oral Health Test by Basepaws

Services Provided: Genetic testing
Geared towards: Cat owners

BasePaws is a California-based pet startup that provides at-home genetic testing kits for cat owners. The tests are intended to give feline people information regarding their kitties’ breed makeup, health indicators, and early disease indicators so they can make more informed decisions about their medical care. You can also have your cat’s entire genome sequenced, which not only provides you with fascinating insights into your kitty but assists with feline genetic research.

9. Felmo


Services Provided: Mobile veterinarian
Geared towards: All pet owners

Felmo is a German-based mobile veterinary startup that allows pet owners to manage their animal’s health fully from an app. The app allows you to book appointments 24/7 and connects you with a veterinarian from your area who will come directly to your home to treat your pet. You can even pay in the app and view all your pet’s medical records. Felmo currently only employs vets in Germany, but the hassle-free mobile animal health care model is ripe for expansion, making this startup one to watch this year.

10. Lea&Bo


Services Provided: Fresh dog food and treats
Geared towards: Dog owners

Lea&Bo is a Mexico-based pet startup that cooks and ships fresh dog food and treats made from simple, recognizable ingredients. With the assistance of a veterinary nutritionist, the company creates custom recipes for your dog, portioned out just right to make feeding simple and easy. The diets are nutritionally balanced based on standards developed in the United States. Shipping is always free, and the food can be ordered as a one-time purchase or as a continuous subscription.

11. Meowtel

The #1 Cat Sitting App - Meowtel

Services Provided: Cat sitting
Geared towards: Cat owners

Meowtel is a pet sitting app geared exclusively towards cat lovers. This startup maintains a network of vetted and insured cat sitters throughout the United States. As the only cat-exclusive pet sitting app, Meowtel appeals to kitty owners who want to know their babies are being cared for by fellow feline lovers. Cat sitters are available in over 150 cities, and the service continues to expand. Meowtel sitters provide services including feeding, litter scooping, playtime, and even administering medications. Costs vary by the sitter.

12. Dinbeat


Services Provided: Pet-related technology
Geared towards: Dog and cat owners, veterinarians

Dinbeat is a European startup that uses cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of pets. They produce a line of automated and tech-savvy devices, including their first innovation, a wearable smart jacket that measures and records information like heart rate, temperature, breathing rate, and activity level. They also sell devices such as a QR code ID tag, a smart bed that regulates its temperature, and automated food and water dispensers.

13. Pretty Litter

PrettyLitter logo 2022

Services Provided: Smart cat litter
Geared towards: Cat owners

Pretty Litter is a cat litter subscription service with a twist: their litter changes color if it detects concerning alterations in your cat’s urine, such as blood. Armed with this early knowledge, cat owners can seek treatment from their vet quickly. Pretty Litter ships replacement litter monthly, including to many international locations. The litter itself costs less per month on average than competing subscription services, with a unique gimmick that further sets it apart.

14. Petsies


Services Provided: Custom stuffed animals
Geared towards: All pet owners

Petsies is a startup that specializes in creating custom stuffed animals based on a photo of your pet. They provide other custom products as well, including magnets, keychains, socks, and photo pillows, but the replica stuffies are the big draw. The creation process is super simple, merely requiring you to upload a photo of your pet and order your product of choice. The stuffed animals are custom-made by hand, correct down to the smallest details. Petsies ships internationally as well.

15. The Farmer’s Dog

fluffy white dog outside on grass with The Farmer's Dog fresh food box

Services Provided: Fresh pet food
Geared towards: Dog owners

The Farmer’s Dog is a New York-based pet startup that produces and ships high-quality, fresh dog food directly to your home. The food is made with simple ingredients and cooked in USDA-certified kitchens. It’s essentially a homemade diet, except you don’t have to worry that it’s not nutritionally balanced. The Farmer’s Dog works with veterinary nutritionists to create custom meals based on your dog’s unique nutrient needs. The company only ships to the lower 48 states currently, so there’s room to grow.

16. PetDesk


Services Provided: Veterinary communication and organization
Geared towards: Pet owners, veterinary professionals

PetDesk is a startup geared towards veterinary practices that provides streamlined communication and reduces wasted time. The service cuts down on the amount of time vet staff spends on the phone (priceless!) and improves overall lines of communication both within the hospital and with clients. With so many veterinary clinics to choose from, the struggle to retain clients is  fundamental. PetDesk cuts down on the tedious little tasks and allows the staff to focus on patient care. Pet owners can also get appointment reminders and request refills via the app.

17. Embark Veterinary

Embark Dog DNA Test

Services Provided: DNA testing
Geared towards: Dog owners

Embark Veterinary is a startup that provides at-home DNA test kits for dogs. With a simple mouth swab, you can find out what mixture of breeds gives your beloved mutt their unique appearance. Beyond breed ID tests, Embark also allows you to screen your dog for over 200 potential inherited health risks. Embark was developed with the help of veterinarians at Cornell University, who partner with the company to perform genetic research. The testing process is straightforward, with results available in 2-4 weeks.

18. Tractive

Tractive GPS Tracker

Services Provided: GPS tracking
Geared towards: All pet owners

Tractive is a European-based startup that offers real-time GPS tracking for pets. The trackers are waterproof, shock-resistant, and lightweight. Tractive offers worldwide coverage and location updates every 2-3 seconds directly to your phone via the accompanying app. Within the app, you can also track your pet’s activity and sleep. For further peace of mind, you can set virtual boundaries for your pet, triggering an alert when they cross the line. This technology was recently featured on a pet reality/competition series, bringing it to the attention of a worldwide audience.

19. Barkyn


Services Provided: Custom pet food
Geared towards: Dog owners

Barkyn is a startup founded in Portugal that offers custom dog food, at this time primarily in Spain, Italy, and its home country. The food is made from fresh ingredients, which are then shaped into kibble. The recipes are tailored to your dog’s specific needs and include multiple supplements, including a unique anti-aging additive. Barkyn also offers full-time veterinary support to clients, including help crafting their dog food.

20. AirVet


Services Provided: Veterinary telehealth, clinic communication tools
Geared towards: All pet owners, veterinary professionals

Airvet is a multi-functional startup providing services to pet owners and veterinary practices alike. For pet parents, Airvet offers telehealth services for a monthly subscription fee. Airvet doctors are available 24/7 to answer any questions or address emergency concerns. Subscribers also have access to a one-time emergency fund of $3,000 if they need help paying for life-saving care. Airvet offers digital client communication and practice management to veterinary clinics, helping improve overall efficiency and productivity.


In Conclusion

Our pets aren’t just sources of unconditional love and joy; for some, they are big business. These startups represent just a fraction of the thought, creativity, and money pouring into the global pet market. As the industry grows, look for even more startups to begin hunting for investors and capital.

Featured Image Credit: Ermolaev Alexander, Shutterstock

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