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What Is The Pet Supplies Plus Return Policy? Requirements & Process

Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus is a pet supply store chain in the United States that has over 250 locations and is one of the largest pet food retailers in the country. Whether you are considering a shopping trip to this popular pet store or have recently made a purchase, you may be wondering what their return policy is.

Since most Pet Supplies Plus stores are franchised, the return policy will vary by location. We have researched for you and have included an overview of what to expect when returning a Pet Supplies Plus purchase.


Requirements for Return

Requirements for returning a product to Pet Supplies Plus are bound to vary by the store due to the franchising. Not all stores are going to have the same policy, so it is important to contact your location for more accurate information.

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Returns Are Typically Accepted Within 30 Days of the Original Purchase

It is best to have your original receipt available to make the return or exchange process as smooth as possible. Some stores may be able to accept a return without a receipt, but this will be based on that store’s management decisions.

If you provide a receipt that is more than 30 days old, you need to be aware that in most, if not all, locations, no refund or exchange can be provided.

Items Without Tags

Items such as toys, collars, leashes, pet beds, and clothing will typically be accepted for return without the original tags if the receipt can be provided upon the return request. If the item is unused and in great condition, it is possible to return it without the tags, but your fate will likely be decided by the cashier and that store’s degree of leniency in this regard.

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Used or Opened Products

Most Pet Supplies Plus locations are willing to accept a return with a valid receipt even if the product has been opened or was partially used. If you purchased a product that did not meet your expectations for one reason or another, the stores do their best to accommodate your need for the return.

Some locations will only offer exchanges on opened food items like kibble and treats, rather than a refund. Generally, most food items will need to be at least half full, preferably as full as possible, whether you’re planning on returning or exchanging it.

Some locations have more strict policies and to be eligible for a return or exchange, the item must be unused and in the exact same condition as when it was purchased with the original packaging.

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Return Process

To exchange or return a purchase from Pet Supplies Plus you will need to bring any of the items needing to be returned, the receipt (if available), and the payment method used for the purchase. If you do provide your receipt, the refund will be processed back to the original payment method.

This will need to be done during regular store hours, which may differ by location. Most Pet Supplies Plus locations are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays, but make sure to verify this with your store.

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What If I Can’t Find My Receipt?

If you have lost or thrown away your receipt, you may still be able to get a full refund for the purchase to the original payment method if you’re a member of the Pet Supplies Plus Preferred Pet Club. A team member will be able to look up your Preferred Pet Club information, which will provide a record of your previous purchases.

If you are not a Preferred Pet Club member and you do not have a receipt, the store may still accept your return, but you are likely to receive your refund as store credit, as opposed to cash or credit to the original payment method.

What About Online Purchases?

Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t allow returns to take place via mail, even if the item was purchased online and delivered to your home.  Since these stores are franchised, the local store fulfills online orders, so you will have to contact the store directly if you need a return or exchange or if any part of your order was damaged or had anything missing.

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Pet Supplies Plus typically allows returns within 30 days, though the exact return policy is going to vary by location. It is best to have your receipt available for the process to go smoothly, but if you don’t have your receipt, the store may still accept your return and may be able to look up your purchase without it if you are a Preferred Pet Club member. Returns must be done in-store, even for online purchases that are delivered to your home.

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