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7 Exciting Pet Technology Trends to Know in 2024

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In today’s modern society, technology has advanced in many ways to make daily life easier. There are so many devices available that we probably wouldn’t know how to function without them. We are always on the lookout for updates with the latest gadgets, appliances, and even applications on our phones.

Among these new innovations, technological advancements for our pets have also been trending. New gadgets and services have given us new ways of interacting and caring for our pets. Pet-related technology has been booming to meet the needs and wants of the ever-growing pet industry.

To keep up with the constantly advancing technology for pets, here are 7 trends that are currently booming in the industry!


The 7 Exciting Pet Technology Trends

1. Pet Wearables

dachshund dog with electronic collar
Image Credit: Zhanna Kavaliova, Shutterstock

Wearable technology, such as smart watches, has been a huge hit amongst the fitness community. You can often see athletes and fitness junkies wearing a device that allows them to monitor their vital signs, performance, and location. Readily available for humans, similar wearable technology is also available for pets.

Wearable devices such as Fido, WonderWoof, Whistle, and PetPace allow pet owners to monitor their pets’ vital signs and health information, such as their heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature. These devices can also monitor your pet’s movement and daily exercise by counting their steps—much like a human’s smart watch!

Most of these wearable devices can also record one’s GPS location. This allows owners to monitor their pets’ location, especially when they are away. Safety alerts can be set up in case your pet moves away from a designated area, to avoid your pet getting lost.

Like human smart watches, these devices can be connected to smartphone applications, where you can monitor your pet’s vital signs and location.

2. Pet Feeders

automatic pet food feeder
Image Credit: doomu, Shutterstock

A huge problem for owners is making sure their pets are well-fed when they are not home, especially for those that work long-hour jobs. Luckily, automatic feeding technology can help solve this problem with the use of smart food dispensers.

Like most gadgets, different models can come with different features at varying price ranges. Smart food dispensers generally serve food to your pet at a certain schedule set by the owner, with a specific amount of food. This allows pet owners to control how often and how much their pets eat, even if they are away.

Most smart dispensers can hold and serve dry foods, but some can hold semi-moist and even wet foods depending on the model and its features. Some models can even play a voice-recorded message to inform their pet that it’s time to eat! Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important to prevent any illnesses and to maintain your pet’s health. Some smart food dispensers to check out include Petlibro, Petsafe, and Whisker Feeder.

Although a handy and convenient solution, smart food dispensers are not recommended as substitutes for pet-sitters, and is not recommended for long trips.

3. Cameras

white IP security camera
Image Credit: domoticaxiaomi, Pixabay

Speaking of leaving your pet alone while you’re away, live cameras can be placed in your home so you can check in on your fur baby remotely! This also allows pet owners to monitor their pet sitter when they come to check in on their pet.

Similar to smart food dispensers, some camera devices even dispense treats at set times. Most camera monitors allow you to also speak to your pet, and some even provide a 2-way video camera for your pet to see you when you say hello! These added features can come in handy if your pet suffers from separation anxiety, and can help your pet feel less alone while you’re away.

If you’re looking for a camera, some devices to check out include Petcube, PetChatz, Eufy, Wyze, and Furbo.

4. Toys

kid playing with his dog with automatic fetch toy
Image Credit: alexei_tm, Shutterstock

Toys are important for pets as they provide stimulation—both mentally and physically. As cats and dogs are different in how they play, there are many toys available specifically for both cats and dogs.

Dog toys, such as iFetch and iDig, are designed to satisfy dogs’ innate behaviors to play fetch and to dig. iFetch is a device that automatically throws balls at set distances and intervals. This allows you to rest, relax, and play fetch with your dog at the same time! iDig, on the other hand, hides toys and treats for your dog to dig up. This interactive toy helps prevent any carpet or furniture damage from digging, as the toy provides them the opportunity to do it through play!

Cat toys like Mousr, Ambush, and Catit Senses help stimulate cats both mentally and physically by satisfying their innate predatory instincts. Toys, such as Mousr and Ambush, provide interactive hunting experiences for your pet cat.

5. Potty Technology

automatic cat litter box toilet potty
Image Credit: 279photo Studio, Shutterstock

Tired of going through the trouble of potty training your puppy? Potty technology exists to make your life easier when handling your pet’s potty behavior.

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer is a device with a pad using the Pavlovian principle of providing positive reinforcement to encourage a certain behavior—in this case, doing the business on the pad! Using sensors, the pad provides your puppy with a treat after they go potty. This is a useful tool to help potty train your puppy, even if you’re not there to give them their reward!

Similar technology is available to help cat owners monitor bathroom behavior as well. To save you the trouble of cleaning up after your cats, self-cleaning litter boxes like ScoopFree, Tailio, and Litter-Robot exist! These smart litter boxes automatically clean your cat’s litter so that you don’t have to.

6. Animal Health through Telemedicine

dog laying on the lap of the owner who is typing on laptop
Image Credit: Mirjana Zidar, Shutterstock

Telemedicine has provided an easy and convenient way for pet owners to consult with medical professionals from the comfort of their homes. This allows for time efficient consultation of cases in which the professional doesn’t need to physically handle or evaluate the patient.

Telemedicine services also exist for meeting your pet’s needs. This technology provides pet owners a way to connect with professionals, such as veterinarians and nutritionists, via videoconferencing applications and over-the-phone calls. This set-up can help pet owners get quick answers and advice from the health expert in-charge. For more serious cases, they can always be called to the actual facility after first teleconsulting for immediate intervention.

Consult with your local veterinarian to find out if they offer any form of telemedicine, and how you can set appointments!

7. Online Purchasing

cat looking at the laptop with cat food, catnip and cat toy
Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

Online purchasing has allowed people to buy anything they need, conveniently delivered right to their doorstep. This set-up for shopping can also serve pet-owners greatly as pet products can be easily delivered after buying them online.

There are a multitude of websites that sell pet products containing elaborate descriptions and reviews from other buyers. This makes it easier for pet owners to make decisions when purchasing products for their pets, all from the convenience of their smartphone or computer! You can even search and purchase all the above-mentioned gadgets in this article online!

As pet owners, we always want what’s best for our fur babies! When purchasing pet products online, be sure to shop on websites and stores that are recognized to avoid any scams and fake products.



The rate at which current technology always improving is truly amazing. As such, the pet technology industry continues to grow and advance in ways that benefit pet owners and their furry companions everywhere. Every year, we see the emergence of new toys, gadgets, and services to help pet owners care for their pets—making it important to stay in the loop for current trends!

Featured Image Credit: Julija Kumpinovica, Shutterstock

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