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Petco Review 2024 Update: Our Picks, Pros & Cons

Petco review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Petco a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

If you’ve never visited Petco, you’ve probably seen their stores as you drive on the highway. After all, the blue cat and red dog from their logo are hard to miss.

Petco is a lot like other corporate pet product stores. They offer grooming, training, and veterinary services at an affordable rate. Their aisles are filled with rows upon rows of pet food, treats, shampoos, and enclosures. Since 1999, they’ve offered more and more to the public while keeping their prices low.

Well, their prices are low online at least. One of the reasons people shop at Petco is their online repeat delivery service with free shipping. However, based on reviews, it’s not as great as it seems.

With that said, let’s get our hands dirty and talk about Petco more closely.


The Best Petco Services at a Glance

Image Product Details
Most Popular
Petco Dog Grooming Petco Dog Grooming
  • Customized packages
  • Accepts walk-ins
  • Gland expression and nail trim included
  • Second place
    Petco Dog Training Petco Dog Training
  • Online and in-person training
  • Puppy and adult packages
  • Private classes for basic commands
  • Third place
    Petco Veterinary Services Petco Veterinary Services
  • Affordable vaccine packages
  • Full-service and vaccine clinics
  • Petco Vital Care Petco Vital Care
  • Pals Rewards every month
  • Unlimited routine vet exams at Vetco Total Care locations or unlimited $20 Pals Rewards for every routine exam at members’ veterinarian of choice for dogs and cats
  • Petco Pet Insurance Petco Pet Insurance
  • As part of your pet health insurance plan, talk with certified vet professionals and health consultants for FREE
  • Peace of mind
  • Petco Reviewed

    Who Makes Petco Products, & Where Is It Located?

    Petco’s headquarters is in San Diego, but they have over 1,500 locations across the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The company doesn’t have a specific manufacturer. Instead, they work with several brands that have their own manufacturers.

    Who Is Petco Best Suited For?

    Petco is best suited for households on a budget. Petco offers several budget-friendly services that are cheaper than its competitor, PetSmart.

    Who Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

    Sometimes, cheaper isn’t always better. After reading the reviews, many customers prefer to pay for higher-costing services with Petsmart.


    Discussion of Petco’s Products

    Petco offers several products for dogs, cats, and reptiles like pet food, cat litter, toys, and enclosures. You can also pay for special services like grooming, training, and veterinary care. Ultimately, Petco prides itself on affordability. They offer several budget-friendly services to make pet ownership a breeze.

    Several customers will debate if Petco is really budget-friendly. Honestly, it depends on what you buy and where you buy it. Regardless, Petco tries to make pet shopping and care easier by making their store a one-stop-shop location.

    Walk-In Services

    Don’t panic if you’re strapped for time or forgot to schedule your dog’s grooming appointment. Petco allows walk-in services for grooming and even has a self-serve dog washing station (this might vary based on location).

    With their walk-in service, you have your selection of teeth brushing, nail trims, face trims, and much more. The only downside is you have to actually walk into the grooming salon to request an appointment. But either way, their services are affordable and convenient.

    Online Services

    For added convenience, Petco offers a few online perks for customers. You can enroll your dog in online training courses to learn basic commands. You can also set recurring orders for favorite items and receive free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

    The downside is their online customer service. Several Petco customers report horrible experiences dealing with rude workers over the phone or with scary shipments.

    Budget-Friendly Services

    As we just stated, you can receive free shipping for online orders over $35. But you can also earn other discounts if you’re a frequent customer. For example, Petco offers a generous discount through Rover, the pet sitting and dog walking app. If you’re ever in a pinch and need a sitter ASAP, Petco can help with the cost.

    Petco also has a Vital Care program that unlocks additional discounts for other services. You can get unlimited veterinary exams at any Petco location, 20% off every groom, extra repeat delivery savings, and more. It’s a nice option if you’re trying to save money on pet care. Aren’t we all?


    A Quick Look at Petco

    • Walk-in and self-serve options
    • Teeth cleaning services
    • Several puppy training courses
    • Pet sitting discount through Rover
    • Vital Care Program
    • Several one-star reviews
    • Expensive merchandise
    • Expensive dog training courses


    Reviews of the 3 Best Petco Products

    Let’s take a look at Petco’s three most popular services. These services are why people go to Petco in the first place (besides picking up pet food).

    1. Petco Dog Grooming – Most Popular

    Petco Dog Grooming
    Image Credit: Petco

    Pet grooming is by far their most popular service. It’s affordable, convenient, and includes teeth brushing. Petco offers several customizable packages from extra small breeds to extra-large breeds. Walk-ins are limited to services they can receive, but they still have several options.

    You have to watch out for the pricing, though. Petco lists its grooming prices on the website, but it’s subject to change and dependent on location. This hasn’t worked out well for some owners who were quoted a higher price. Owners have also reported poor customer service, especially with aggressive or anxious dogs.

    • Customized packages
    • Accepts walk-ins
    • Gland expression and nail trim included
    • Teeth brushing included
    • Unpleasant customer service
    • Wrong pricing online

    2. Petco Dog Training

    Petco Dog Training
    Image Credit: Petco

    Petco offers dog training for all sizes and breeds, in-person and online. You can choose from group classes with other dogs and owners or private lessons to learn basic commands. Whichever you choose, each class works on a punishment-free training model, which they teach you in your classes.

    These classes are best for learning basic commands. If you want advanced training, it’s best to find a private dog trainer. The other downside is Petco’s pricing. Petco is affordable in several areas, but their dog training classes aren’t one of them.

    • Online and in-person training
    • Puppy and adult packages
    • Private classes for basic commands
    • Punishment-free training
    • Expensive
    • Trainers can be salesy
    • Best for beginner training

    3. Petco Veterinary Services

    Petco Veterinary Services
    Image Credit: Petco

    Last but not least is Petco’s veterinary services. We should first mention that Petco and Vetco are not the same hospitals. Unlike PetSmart, Petco doesn’t work with an outside veterinary hospital. They have their own veterinary clinic and operate it under Petco Veterinary Services.

    With Petco, you can choose a full-service hospital or a vaccine clinic. However, locations vary, so you might only have a vaccine clinic near you. Their vaccine packages are affordable for dogs and cats, but their individual vaccines are pricey.

    Petco offers pet insurance through Pet Coach if you can’t afford veterinary care, but their monthly prices are high. You have to sacrifice annual coverage and a low deductible to afford their insurance. Plus, Petco doesn’t treat exotics.

    Overall, their clinics are good, but their pet insurance isn’t worth it.

    • Affordable vaccine packages
    • Full-service and vaccine clinics
    • Some stores don’t have a full-service hospital
    • Expensive pet insurance
    • No wellness coverage with insurance
    • Doesn’t treat exotics


    What Other Users Are Saying

    Truthfully, it was hard to find many great reviews about Petco. Most reviews were from angry customers regarding the shipping and online customer service. It seems that the best way to shop at Petco is in-store to avoid any headaches. Here are what a couple of customers said about their in-store shopping experience:

    • Petco – “I love the atmosphere and cleanliness of the store as well as the knowledge of the staff. It’s great when I need a little advice they are always there”
    • Yelp – “Employees so knowledgeable!!! Loved talking to them! Great location! They are lucky to have such great young women working for them there! A great experience all around.”



    So, is shopping at Petco worth it?

    It could be if you shop in-store. Their online shopping is a nightmare. But customers usually have great experiences when they go inside the store. The downside is you might be paying a higher price for in-store merchandise. It’s a good idea to double-check prices at a location near you since their prices are incorrect online (at least for grooming).

    Ultimately, Petco is a good option if you need affordable pet care in a one-stop-shop location.

    Featured Image Credit: Petco

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