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20 Pets That Like to Cuddle (With Pictures)

owner cuddling and hugging her pet pomeranian dog

There’s perhaps no better way to end a hard day of work than cuddling up on the couch with your best friend. After all, there’s a good reason why over 63 million American households have a dog as part of their families. They offer so much to the dedicated pet owner, from unconditional love to a running buddy. They entertain us when we’re down and give us a good excuse to get outside.

At the end of the day, pets are steadfast companions. For example, dogs can read our emotions and probably know us better than we do. Different animals respond in varying ways to handling. Of course, early socialization is a significant factor, along with an animal’s history. Some are born cuddlers, like the 20 pets on our list. Grab a blanket and your place on the couch to share with your BFF.divider-multiprint

The 20 Pets That Like To Cuddle

1. Cockatoo

Image Credit: Benita5, Pixabay

The Cockatoo is probably one of the best cuddlers you’ll find in the avian world. He can’t get close enough to you. These birds are big enough to hold and sweet enough to handle. They like having their head scratched, too. You can teach him to bow his head down and fan out his crest for some loving. His gentle manner and adorable brown eyes seal the deal every time.

2. American Shorthair Cat

Cat American shorthair
Image Credit: chie hidaka, Shutterstock

You know you have a cuddler on your hands when you meet an American Shorthair Cat for the first time. What can you say about a cat that is so easygoing? It certainly helps that she has such a sweet nature. She is a cat that you’ll want to cuddle because she’s so affectionate. When she’s not snuggling, she’s probably entertaining herself with a toy or watching the birds flit around outside the window.

3. Boxer

Image Credit: Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay

The Boxer is a delightful pet. He has such an outgoing, happy-go-lucky manner. If he’s not cuddling, he’s probably doing something to make you smile. This pup feeds on your positive responses because he is so eager to please. This pooch is a high-energy dog, so you’ll have to make sure he gets enough exercise every day to settle down and snuggle up to you.

4. English Lop Rabbit

English Lop_topimages_shutterstock
Credit: topimages, Shutterstock

You may not think of the English Lop Rabbit as your first choice for a cuddler. Enthusiasts bred this bunny to be affectionate and friendly. He’s a larger pet, with bucks getting up to 15 pounds. And, of course, there are his adorable ears, hence his name. This guy loves people to a fault. You’ll make his day if you invite him to snuggle with you.

5. Horse

Image Credit: WenPhotos, Pixabay

Nearly 2 million American households include a horse among their pets. It’s easy to see why, if you have the time and space. It may surprise you to learn how loving and fun they are. They form strong attachments to their owners, too. Sure, they’re not a pet for everyone because of the financial commitment to raise one. However, you’ll enjoy your equine friend for a long time.

6. Labrador Retriever

Image Credit: Pipeman, Pixabay

There are too many reasons to count why the Labrador Retriever is one of the AKC’s most popular breeds. He’s smart with a clownish side. He’s loving and affectionate in a way no other dog can beat. This one is a keeper for one of the best cuddling pets you’ll ever find. The great thing is that he wants to be around you as much as you want him there beside you.

8. Leopard Gecko

8Leopard Gecko
Image Credit: Danny112, Pixabay

The Leopard Gecko is probably one of the cuter reptiles you’ll ever find. They are easy to care for, which makes them a good choice for the kids, too. They are also relatively long-lived for an animal this size. A healthy gecko can live up to 20 years with the right lighting and cage.

9. Cockatiel

Image Credit: Joshua_Willson, Pixabay

The Cockatiel makes a delightful pet that is surprisingly very intelligent and affectionate. He can even pick up a word or two if you’re patient. This bird responds well to handling and genuinely seems to enjoy the attention. The essential thing is to make sure his cage is out of drafty areas. Toys are vital, too, to keep this curious avian from chewing anything inappropriate when you let him out for some exercise.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of cockatiels, you’ll need a great resource to help your birds thrive. We highly recommend taking a closer look at The Ultimate Guide to Cockatiels, available on Amazon.

The Ultimate Guide to Cockatiels

This excellent book covers everything from the history, color mutations, and anatomy of cockatiels to expert housing, feeding, breeding, and health care tips.

10. Ball Python

10Ball Python
Image Credit: sipa, Pixabay

Different snakes have varying personalities. The Ball Python is one of the gentlest ones you’ll meet. It also helps that he’s one of the smaller reptiles, only reaching a maximum size of 5 feet. He’ll enjoy wrapping himself around your arm to take advantage of your body heat to stay warm. With proper care, he’ll live up to 30 years.

11. Ferrets

Image Credit: christels, Pixabay

The best pets that like to cuddle are those that have a lot of practice doing it. Meet the ferret. This guy is all about getting and receiving love. If he’s not snuggling with you, he’s entertaining you with his clownish behavior. If you’ve had a bad day, the ferret will cheer you up like no other pet can do. Ferrets are very intelligent animals—and curious, too. That’s something to remember when you let them out to play.

12. Ragdoll Cat

12Ragdoll Cat
Image Credit: monicore, Pixabay

Few breeds will melt your heart quite like the Ragdoll Cat. This pet is the epitome of a cuddling cat. She’s affectionate and always ready to show her love. While she is quite playful, she is also low energy. After all, there’s a good reason for the breed’s name. She’s a mellow feline that will adore curling up next to you on the sofa for hours on end.

13. Havanese

Image Credit: NicoleDenker, Pixabay

The Havanese has a lot of experience as a cuddler. What else can you say about a breed that is the national dog of Cuba? Fanciers lavished this pup with affection and love. This pup took it all in, enjoying every minute of it. He’ll feel the same about snuggling with you. He is a happy dog that always seems to be wearing a smile on his face. We can’t think of a better companion.

14. Chinchilla

Image Credit: webandi, Pixabay

The Chinchilla is about as adorable as it gets for a small animal. You’ll enjoy cuddling with him, too. His fur is absolutely luxurious! Handling him often is essential to hone his social skills. He’ll respond with lots of love. The important thing to understand about this herbivore is that he’s nocturnal. Daytime is for resting and the nights for fun. He also makes an excellent choice for a first-time pet owner.

15. Siamese Cat

15Siamese Cat
Image Credit: klimkin, Pixabay

The Siamese invites your attention with an open door. Her personality is absolutely charming. This cat thrives on attention and will share it in kind, too. After all, she has some friends in high places. The King of Siam was a fan, and it’s easy to see why she’s such a sweetie. This kitten fits into the role as a cuddler well. Today, she almost feels lost without her human companion.

16. Potbellied Pig

16Potbellied Pig
Image Credit: HG-Fotografie, Pixabay

The Potbellied Pig is the porcine version of the Great Dane. While his name might imply that he’s small, this pet can get up to 250 pounds! Early training and socialization are imperative with this guy. He’s very intelligent, so he’ll make your task easy. You can even housebreak him. It’s essential that you provide mental stimulation for him, too. A bored pig is a destructive one.

17. Havana Rabbit

Havana rabbit in tall grass
Image Credit: Petar Starčević, Pexels

The Havana Rabbit is a small pet that only weighs about 6 pounds when fully grown. While he isn’t from Cuba, some people think he looks like something that comes from the country: namely, cigars. This little guy is a sweetheart. He’s friendly, which will make him an excellent choice for older children for a first pet. He’s also an easygoing bunny that will enjoy the love you give him.

18. Bombay Cat

bombay cat
Image By: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

The Bombay is the feline version of the kid that never grows up. She’s always a kitten at heart. She’s quite agile, too. If there’s a high shelf in a room, she’s bound to find it. And she adores people. This feline won’t just cuddle next to you. She’ll want to be on top of you to get as close as she can. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pet that is more loving than this one.

19. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever_sasastock_shutterstock
Image By: sasastock, Shutterstock

The Golden Retriever is probably on everyone’s list for their favorite dog for cuddling. It helps that he looks like the cutest stuffed animal ever. He’s a sweetheart that will tolerate lots of snuggling. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more affectionate pup. He has a long history as a hunting companion and is an excellent gun dog. This pooch loves people.

20. Bichon Frise

20Bichon Frise
Image By: Antranias, Pixabay

You know you have a cuddler on your hands when you meet a Bichon Frise for the first time. What can you say about a pup with a history of being pampered and spoiled by French royalty? It certainly helps that he has such a sweet nature. He is a dog that you’ll want to cuddle because he’s so affectionate. The Bichon is the kind of dog that makes you smile.

divider-paw Final Thoughts About Pets That Like to Cuddle

If you thought only dogs like to cuddle, our roundup showed that many animals bond with their owners. They want to share your warmth and companionship. It probably makes them feel more secure. Oh, and they’ll keep you warm on a cold winter evening. It’s one of the greatest joys of inviting a pet into your home. As you can see, you have plenty of choices, too.

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Featured Image Credit: Alina Kruk, Shutterstock

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