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Petsense Grooming Review 2024: Services, Prices, User Ratings and FAQs

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Our Final Verdict

We give Petsense Grooming a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4/5
Quality: 3.5/5
Support: 4.8/5
Price: 4/5
Pet's Well-being: 4.5/5

Petsense specializes in pet care and, just like you, really cares about your pet, their comfort, and safety. They have a 7-point check-in where they’ll ask you questions about your pet before starting the grooming process. This check-in covers your pet’s history, vaccination status, and behavior. They will then evaluate your pet’s coat, nails, and teeth and recommend the services that they believe your pet will benefit the most from.

Petsense grooming has many grooming packages available, including the puppy package and the express groom for nervous pets. Packages are a more affordable grooming option as individual services add up.

You’ll most likely find Petsense grooming services in smaller communities, but their “WOW customer service” is excellent as they strive to be customer-focused in both their service and attitude. They also get involved in the community and help with pet adoptions.

If you’re looking for a grooming service that is friendly and provides great service while also offering pet training, a vet clinic, pet food, and pet supplies, Petsense will tick all your boxes.


Petsense Grooming – A Quick Look

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Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock
  • Groomers at Petsense care about your pets and want to know about your concerns
  • Petsense grooming evaluates your pet and recommends the treatment they need
  • You will most likely locate Petsense grooming nearby
  • Petsense doesn’t only offer grooming, but other services too
  • Excellent WOW customer service
  • The company is involved in community work by supporting pet shelters
  • Offer various grooming packages
  • Petsense is growing but may not be in your community yet
  • Veterinary clinics aren’t at all store locations

What to Expect from Petsense

Petsense grooming has a thoughtful and convenient approach to its service. All grooming takes place at the Petsense store, which allows you to have your pet groomed while you shop. You can buy pet food and supplies at the stores, and Petsense also offers pet training for you and your furry friend.

Another beneficial service that many (but not all) Petsense stores offer is a veterinary clinic—where your pet doesn’t even need an appointment to be seen. You can have your pet vaccinated there, and it’s also close by if anything goes wrong with the grooming or pet training.

Petsense evaluates your pet when they come in for grooming and will discuss their recommendation with you to keep you informed and have your approval. The company strives to offer you the best of the best. The only downside is that it’s still growing and doesn’t have a large number of locations yet.


Grooming Prices

man grooming grey persian cat
Image Credit: artcasta, Shutterstock

Petsense Pet Salon is reasonably priced, with standard packages ranging between $30 and $90. Fixed prices aren’t offered, so what may cost $30 for one pet groom might be $50 for another pet—it all depends on your pet’s breed and coat condition.

Various grooming packages are offered, saving you money because individual services are more expensive. Add-ons can be as low as $5 or be higher than $24, it all depends on what and how many add-ons you’ve agreed to or requested from the groomer.

Vaccination Status

If you’re behind on your pet’s vaccinations, your pet won’t be accepted for grooming. This may feel frustrating initially, but it’s beneficial. Petsense grooming cares about your pet’s safety and won’t let in pets that aren’t up to date with their rabies vaccinations. This rule gives pet owners peace of mind that their pets are only around other healthy, vaccinated pets.

WOW Customer Service

Instead of dreading going into your pet’s salon because you don’t want to face grumpy, rude staff, Petsense staff are passionate about what they do and aim to only provide WOW customer service. They think about the experience they would want to have at a pet store and apply it in their approach to customers.

Petsense groomers are helpful, friendly, and have a genuine interest in your pets. Both you and your fur baby will build a relationship with the groomer, making you both feel at ease whenever it comes time for another groom.


FAQ: Petsense Grooming

man grooming golden retriever dog
Image Credit: SB Arts Media, Shutterstock

What is included in Petsense grooming?

There are various services available to your pet at Petsense grooming. Some of the options are a full groom, bath and trim or brush, express groom, the puppy package, and the de-shedding package. There are also add-ons available, such as nail trimming or filing, moisturizing treatment, flea and tick removal, ear cleaning, and oral cleaning and breath spray.

How often should my pet go to a Petsense groomer?

How often you take your pet to the groomer depends on your level of grooming at home and the breed of pet you have. Pets with long hair need to be groomed more often. You should brush through your pet’s coat at least three times a week and have them washed about once a month or when they’re muddy. It’s a good idea to take your pet to Petsense groomers once a month for a groom that includes a wash and nail trimming.

How many stores does Petsense have?

There are 189 Petsense locations in 25 states and 182 cities in the US. The highest number of Petsense stores are in North Carolina, with 22 locations.

Are the grooming fees the same for all my pets?

No, grooming prices at Petsense vary depending on your pet’s size, hair type, and package you choose.

Are there any pet requirements at Petsense grooming? 

Yes, the groomers won’t allow your pets into their care unless you provide them with your pet’s medical history and prove that their rabies vaccination is up to date.

What the Users Say

To save you time, we’ve gone through different forums and compiled points on what users have to say about Petsense grooming so that you can be fully informed on a more personal level.

  • Several users said that Petsense groomers are excellent with nervous dogs and appreciate the express groom option.
  • Users were thrilled over Petsense grooming time management, mentioning that their pets were always groomed and ready to go home by the pickup time.
  • Many users complained about the grooming service being unorganized and not informing them of canceled appointments.
  • Unfortunately, a few dog owners said that their dogs had come back from the grooming service with a few cuts.
  • People said that they are happy with the grooming service and prices.
  • Several users said that the groomers are very personable and listen to your grooming requirements and concerns.
  • Many users applauded Petsense grooming on their friendly groomers and staff in general.
  • A few users hope to see more Petsense locations as many have lost the benefit of the company when they’ve moved to a new community.
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If you’re looking for a fantastic pet grooming service, pop in and chat with a Petsense groomer. There are various packages available, and they offer add-ons for additional prices. Petsense doesn’t only offer grooming services but also training for you and your dog. If you have any health concerns, they also have a vet clinic that will see to your pet.

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