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PetSmart Pet Hotel Review: Services, Prices, User Ratings, & FAQs (2022)

Petsmart Pet Hotel

PetSmart Pet Hotel Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give PetSmart Pet Hotel a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Availability: 4.5/5
Safety: 4.5/5
Value: 4.5/5



What Is PetSmart Pet Hotel? How Does It Work?

PetSmart is a well-known and trusted chain of pet stores, with around 1,500 stores. They are accessible to many people, and PetSmart has reached out to a new clientele by adding boarding facilities to some stores. With over 70 PetSmart Pet Hotels, there is a hotel within driving distance of most areas. Finding a pet sitter can be challenging, and boarding your pet at your vet’s office can be stressful for pets who aren’t fans of the vet. By opening this option to people, PetSmart has made finding a safe, reliable place to board your pet more manageable.

It’s easy to check availability and book with the PetSmart Pet Hotel because you can find the closest location, check availability, and make PetSmart Hotel reservations through the PetSmart website. Your pet is guaranteed access to veterinary care around the clock during any stay, potty breaks or litter boxes, staff interaction, a climate-controlled space, and a species-specific ventilation system. Your nervous cat won’t have dog smell blowing right in its face!

The PetSmart Pet Hotel doesn’t allow any outdoor time to keep pets safe and prevent escapes. They have specially designated indoor potty areas with pheromone diffusers that let your dog know it’s ok to potty in that area. This does somewhat limit the amount of exercise your dog can get while you’re away, but they do offer large boarding areas, large play areas, and indoor potty areas that allow your dog to stretch its legs. Cats are also guaranteed safe indoor play.

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PetSmart Pet Hotel – A Quick Look

  • Over 70 locations available
  • Easy to find locations, check availability, and book online
  • Guaranteed access to veterinary care 24/7
  • Potty breaks and staff interaction are included in the basic fees
  • All spaces are climate-controlled
  • Species-specific ventilation systems
  • Not available at all PetSmart locations
  • No outdoor time for pets

PetSmart Pet Hotel Pricing

The prices at the Pet Hotel vary depending on the suite you choose, the size and number of pets, whether you’re boarding a cat or dog, and what add-ons you select. Overnight stays start at $15 per night and cost up to $41 per night. However, if you add on spa packages, group, or one-on-one playtime, and a larger, more premium kennel, then you may end up spending more. The listed prices are the per pet prices, meaning additional pets will cost extra. If your pets can stay in a large open room together, then you may save a little bit.

What to Expect from PetSmart Pet Hotel

PetSmart Pet Hotel vaccine requirements include the requirement that all vaccines be administered at least 48 hours before your pet’s stay at the hotel. All dogs must be up-to-date on canine distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, Bordetella, canine influenza, and rabies vaccines. An up-to-date leptospirosis vaccine is recommended for dogs but not required. Cats must be up-to-date on feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), calicivirus, panleukopenia and rabies vaccines.

Pets should also be up-to-date on flea and tick treatments. Any pet showing signs of these parasites will be turned away from staying at the PetSmart Pet Hotel. Pets must be at least four months of age and will not be permitted younger than this for their safety and the safety of other animals in the Pet Hotel.

When planning a stay at the PetSmart Pet Hotel, it’s important to know what to bring. If your pet takes any medication, you need to bring this in its original, labeled container. They will not accept unlabeled medications or are no longer in the original container. PetSmart recommends you bring your pet’s food from home to prevent stomach upset, but this is not required. You may be charged extra if they feed their in-house food. Bedding and toys are optional. If you do not bring bedding and toys for your dog, safe bedding will be provided, and some packages include access to specific toys.

PetSmart Pet Hotel Info

  • Offers multiple packages to fit most budgets
  • Requires pets to be up-to-date on vaccines before the stay
  • Requires pets to be free of fleas and ticks
  • Doesn’t accept pets younger than four months
  • Can administer medications from their original, labeled container only
  • Recommends bringing your pet’s food from home
  • Additional fees apply when the Pet Hotel feeds their in-house food
  • Provides bedding at no additional charge if you don’t bring your own
  • Some toys are included in certain boarding packages

Packages for Every Budget

Boarding your pets can get expensive quickly, but PetSmart Pet Hotels offer packages to fit most budgets. Starting at just $15 for an overnight stay and offering Afterpay payment options, there is something that will fit almost any budget if you need to leave your pet while you go out of town. Most small business boarding facilities and vet clinics cannot offer payment plans, so PetSmart has an advantage over these businesses through its partnership with Afterpay.

Multiple Locations

Since they have over 70 locations available, the PetSmart Pet Hotel is a viable boarding option for many people. There may be small differences between locations, but all boarding facilities have similar setups: all guarantee species-specific ventilation and indoor play areas, as well as access to a veterinarian around the clock if needed.

Safety Considerations

One of the great things about PetSmart Pet Hotels is the dedication to your pet’s safety. By requiring vaccine records and refusing pets who are too young or have visible parasites, they can help keep the other animals in the facility safe.

They do offer group playtime, but only with certain packages. You can choose if you want your dog to have group playtime or one-on-one time with a staff member. This can keep reactive dogs entertained while keeping everyone safe and stress-free.

Is PetSmart Pet Hotel a Good Value?

The PetSmart Pet Hotel is a fantastic value for many people. It offers affordable packages with payment plans and lots of special add-ons to keep your pet feeling safe and happy while you’re away. Since they can offer payment plans, this is a more affordable option for many people than other boarding facilities and pet sitters. Without add-ons, your pet still has access to everything to meet its basic needs, keep it comfortable and safe, and keep it entertained and stress-free.



FAQ: PetSmart Pet Hotel Services, Prices, & User Ratings

Are vaccines required at the PetSmart Pet Hotel?

Yes! The full list of required and recommended vaccines is available on the PetSmart website. Vaccines must be administered at least 48 hours before boarding at the Pet Hotel.

What happens if my pet gets sick or has an emergency?

The Pet Hotel offers 24/7 staffing and access to an on-call veterinarian. If your pet becomes ill or experiences any emergency during the stay, the Pet Hotel will reach out to you. When you fill out your paperwork, you agree to allow PetSmart to seek veterinary care for your pet if they are unable to reach you in the event of an emergency.

Can my pets stay together?

It depends. If you are boarding two dogs or two cats, there are options that can allow them to be together. Dogs can be kept in a large boarding space, allowing them to stay together without feeling crowded. Cats may be kept in two suites with open space between them that allows your cats to be together if they choose to be. Pets that aren’t getting along will be separated, though. Cats and dogs cannot be kept together during the stay.



What the Users Say

We’ve checked out what people are saying about PetSmart Pets Hotels. We’ve found a ton of great feedback from people who are beyond satisfied with the care their pets received during their stay. Some users praise the cleanliness of their local Pet Hotel, while others are thrilled with the package options available to ensure the comfort of their pets. People also report their satisfaction with the care and affection that many employees show toward the animals at the hotel.

Unfortunately, the same people don’t work at every PetSmart Pet Hotel, so the experience is variable based on the location and people working at the time of the stay. Some people have reported issues with employees seeming distracted or not keeping things as neat, tidy, and supervised as they should be. This does not seem to be the general experience most people have, though.



Conclusion: PetSmart Pet Hotel Review

The PetSmart Pet Hotels are a wonderful boarding option for people who have nearby locations. The payment plans and available packages mean you can customize your pet’s stay to suit your budget and your pet’s needs. There are options available that allow your dogs or cats to spend time together while you’re away, as well as group play options for dogs and the option for one-on-one time with staff. Bedding, toys, and food can be brought from home or provided by the hotel, although you may pay extra if you don’t bring your own food.

Featured Image Credit: PetSmart

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