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10 Types of Pitbull Bloodlines (With Pictures)

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While many people think that Pitbulls are a dog breed, the term encompasses many breeds, including the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Bully.

Fanciers of the Pitbull breed have long faced pushback when it comes to breeding the dogs. Overbreeding and spotty history with dogfighting lead to the term “Pitbull” becoming a loaded term. Despite these setbacks, breeders have cultivated many identifiable bloodlines of the Pitbull. Here are 10 bloodlines you might see when looking at Pitbulls.

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The 10 Types of Pitbull Bloodlines

1. Colby Pitbull

Colby pitbull
Image Credit: SerinaAnnPhotography, Shutterstock

Colby Pitbulls are one of America’s oldest and most popular Pitbull bloodlines. They were the result of arduous work by American breeder John Colby in 1889. The Colby bloodline features a distinct lineage of Irish and English dogs to produce a standard look for the bloodline.

Now sporting over 100 years of history, Colby Pitbulls feature highly muscular builds, broad heads, and short tails. Colby Pitbulls also have a characteristically shiny coat. They shed like it’s nobody’s business, though, so regular grooming will be necessary to keep your Colby Pitbull looking great.

They’re popular for their even temperament and make great family dogs.

2. Old Family Red Nose Pitbull

The Old Family Red Nose bloodline originates from the Irish “Old Family” Pitbull bloodline, dating back over 150 years in Ireland. The name comes from the long history of inbreeding within the bloodline.

The Old Family Red Nose features a red coat and nose and is highly popular amongst fanciers for its amiable nature. The Old Family Red Nose is stockier and bulkier than other Pitbull bloodlines, and they feature a powerful jaw.

In addition to their red nose, they’ll have a copper or reddish-brown hue to their nails as well.

3. Razor’s Edge Pit Bull

razors edge ptbull

The Razor’s Edge bloodline is best known for being one of the best companion breeds of Pitbull. Despite its rather intense name, the Razor’s Edge bloodline features a mild and calm temperament.

Razor’s Edge Pitbulls belong to the American Bully breed and feature a blocky muzzle with a broad chest and large bones despite their otherwise slim body. They have a coarse coat, but the look should still be sleek and shiny.

4. Gator Mouth Pitbulls

The Gator Mouth Pitbulls or Gator Pitbulls are thought to be extinct by breed fanciers. The bloodline is the direct descendants of Champions Gator and Alligator and was initially bred for fighting.

Since dogfighting has become illegal, the bloodline is thought to be extinct. Anyone looking for a Gator Pitbull should look for a reputable kennel with ethical breeding and selling practices.

Be very wary of backyard breeders who claim to be selling dogs of the bloodline and you should be sure that the kennel can furnish them with a Certificate of Bloodline.

5. Ruffian Pitbull Bloodline

The Ruffian bloodline is bred from Champion, The Ruffian. The founders of the Ruffian bloodline are Clayton Harriman and William Whitaker, who worked tirelessly to produce the champions of this bloodline.

The Ruffian bloodline features short, pointed ears with a short tail. They have a sleek coat and a muscular build that makes them excellent show dogs. Their bloodline was bred alongside the X-Pert bloodline.

6. X-Pert

The X-Pert bloodline of Pitbulls is a bloodline of American Staffordshire Terriers. The bloodline was started in 1930 by Clifford and Alberta Ormsby when Pitbulls could be found for a mere $5.

At the time, the streets were crawling with poorly bred Pitbulls with no standards of breeding or care. The Ormsbys purchased Ormbsy’s Madge, the first dog in the X-Pert bloodline, from a Texas breeder and sired her with Bennett’s Mack, who carried lineage in the Smiths and Tudors bloodlines.

The X-Pert bloodline is agile and lithe and features a springy gait and a powerful jump.

7. Jeep

The Jeep bloodline started with Jim Crenshaw’s Pitbull “Crenshaw’s Jeep.” Born in 1976, Crenshaw’s Jeep was unofficially crowned the king of fighters and sired many future champion dogs.

The Jeep bloodline is marked by deep-set eyes that are smaller than the average Pitbull’s. They’re muscular, harkening back to Jeep’s fighting days, and have a wide ribcage. The deep ribcage is a hallmark feature of the bloodline and goes well with its wide and powerful forearms.

Another notable feature of the Jeep bloodline is its long tail, a feature that isn’t as commonly seen in bullies. Unlike some other Pitbull bloodlines, the Jeep bloodline doesn’t have a shiny coat. But their coats do have a glossy sheen.

8. Gottiline

Gottiline Pitbulls are named for their sire, Juan Gotty, who sired his first litter at around 7 months old. Juan Gotty is considered the most celebrated American Bully of all time, and his children were so popular that Gotty sired over 1,000 pups before passing.

Gottiline Pitbulls are easy to spot because they’re incredibly bulky. They’re very muscular and powerful and lead with their broad, square heads. The Gottiline Pitbull has a defined neck that blends seamlessly into his chest.

9. Carver

The Carver bloodline is a highly popular bloodline within the Bully breeds, and many other bloodlines have lineage in the Carver line. It’s hard to find a pure Carver bloodline dog because their bloodline has been used to create so many different bloodlines.

The Carver bloodline does it all when it comes to bully breeds. Some Carver dogs are known for their gentle dispositions, while others are known for their fighting history. Almost every Pitbull bloodline can trace into the Carver bloodline somewhere because of their versatility.

10. Budweiser Crusher

Mickel’s Budweiser Crusher sired the Budweiser Crusher bloodline. The bloodline is very popular in North Carolina, from where Budweiser Crusher hailed.

Budweiser Crusher was a champion show dog despite the somewhat silly name, but he had it all. He was known for being a great family and hunting dog when he wasn’t busy winning dog shows.

Dogs in his bloodline are known for their gentle and friendly temperaments and make great family dogs.

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These are only a handful of the many Pitbull bloodlines out there. There are hundreds of Pitbull bloodlines, though few of them are as distinct as some of the ones we’ve featured. No matter what kind of dog you’re looking for, there’s a Pitbull bloodline out there that was bred just for that!

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