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32 Plants That Are Safe for Cats (With Pictures)

maine coon cat in the garden

Cats love to spend time in the great outdoors, chasing prey and climbing up trees. However, the outdoors can be dangerous for cats, especially those that spend most of their time inside. Luckily, indoor cats can experience the joys of outdoor life when there are plants throughout the house to enjoy. Some plants are toxic to cats, though, so it is important to make sure that any you decide to bring into the home is safe for your kitty. Here is a list of 32 plants that are safe for cats and that your furry family member is sure to love.


Top 32 Plants That Are Safe For Cats

1. Calathea Prayer

These plants have large vibrant leaves with white markings on them. They naturally filter the air and can help perk up any room that it is in. When it gets dark outside, the Calathea Prayer plant’s leaves turn upward, making each leaf look like a praying hand, hence its name.

2. Rattlesnake Plant

The spotted leaves on this plant are reminiscent of rattlesnakes, with dark green spots and wavy edges. The bottom sides of the leaves are purple, giving this plant an impressive 3D look. Rattlesnake plants are best grown in cooler climates but can do well indoors where temperatures are controlled.

3. Hibiscus

hibiscus plant
Image Credit: Pixabay

The hibiscus is a beautiful flower that is most commonly seen in tropical environments. However, when grown indoors, they can bloom in a variety of different settings. Cats seem to love their scent, and humans almost always appreciate their vibrant coloring.

4. Bromeliad

Image Credit: JoaoBOliver, Pixabay

Bromeliads are extremely hardy, so even those without a green thumb should have no trouble keeping one of these plants around. Their vibrant hues make them attractive to humans, and their thick, robust flower petals can stand up well to a cat’s gameplay.

5. Peperomia Ginny

These easy-to-care-for houseplants have bright oval leaves with rich, red edges. They are hardy plants that need little water and can grow in small or large pots, depending on where you want the plant to be in your home.

6. Calathea Peacock

The most striking thing about this plant is its bright green leaves with contrasting white wavy stripes. Sometimes, the leaves turn red before they begin to fall off. Cats love to help bat the older leaves off to make room for new leaves to grow.

7. Impatiens

impatiens plant
Image Credit: Piqsels

These plants stay green all year long but grow colorful, delicate flowers seasonally. They grow well in shady areas, so they can be kept in places within your home that do not receive direct sunlight. The colors of the flowers can vary from light pink and dark purple to shades of yellow and hues of coral.

8. Staghorn Fern

This is a tropical plant that needs little attention to thrive inside or outside of the home. Staghorns prefer heat and humidity, so they should be misted daily and kept in front of a window that gets full sunlight throughout most of the day.

9. Boston Fern

These delicate ferns can be grown in a hanging pot and will flow toward the ground, giving your kitty a tree-like experience to enjoy during the day. The Boston Fern offers shade, provides cleaner air, and helps keep kitty busy during playtime.

10. Bird’s Nest Fern

This is a tropical plant that likes balmy days, temperate nights, and plenty of sunshine. They should be grown near a window in tightly controlled temperatures that never get too cold, especially during the winter months. They have slightly textured leaves and come in a variety of different colors.

11. Kimberly Queen Fern

The Kimberly Queen Fern displays small, elegant leaves that grow quickly like weeds. Whether in a hanging or standing pot, the leaf fronds can grow to be multiple feet long if left to their own devices. The fronds tend to slightly curl at the ends, which gives them a graceful look overall.

12. Maidenhair Fern

This plant grows smaller, rounder leaves than most other types of ferns. These plants can grow in tiny pots on the kitchen counter or in huge pots that take up an entire corner of the room. These plants are like weeds out in nature, where they are commonly found between rocks and cracks in sidewalks.

13. Echeveria

Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

This is a succulent that is popular among humans and animals alike. Reptiles love having echeverias in their terrariums. Humans tend to enjoy using them in floral arrangements and gardens. Cats are attracted to their sturdy tendrils and intriguing movement. They are easy to grow and require little water to thrive.

14. American Rubber Plant

As the name suggests, this plant looks like rubber even when it is in a garden or indoor pot. American rubber plants come from South America, where they thrive in humid conditions. Today, they are commonly grown all over the United States and elsewhere in the world.

15. Zebra Haworthia

Zebra Haworthia
Image Credit: Piqsels

These extremely interesting succulents are cousins of the aloe vera plant and hail from the plains of South Africa. They have striking stripes and soft, dense, sharp-pointed tendrils. They can live without water for weeks at a time and only need a little sunshine during the morning hours of the day.

16. Spider Plant

spider plant
Image Credit: t50, Shutterstock

These handsome plants have thin, long leaves that bend over as they grow, resembling spider legs. They do not require much attention or food to stay alive, and they will thrive in a humid and sunny environment. Sometimes, the leaves are completely green, while other times, the leaves have thin white lines running down their lengths.

17. Air Plant

Air Plants
Image Credit: Pixabay

What is unique about these plants is that they need no soil to grow. They simply grow in the air! They are a mess-free plant option that both kitties and humans seem to marvel over their “alien-like” appearance. They make for a great table centerpiece and icebreaker during parties.

18. Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is the same type of plant featured in tropical movies that are set in places like Hawaii. These plants are not made of real bamboo, which is a grass. Instead, they are a palm that requires less light and moisture to thrive. They do look like bamboo plants, though!

19. Ponytail Palm

ponytail palm
Image Credit: The Handyman, Shutterstock

The Ponytail Palm is extremely drought tolerant, which is why it grows so slowly throughout the year. The slow growth makes these plants easy to manage and care for. Cats tend to like shredding the ends of the leaves and chewing on the thicker, center leaves.

20. Parlor Palm

Also referred to as the Neanthe Bella Palm, this beautiful plant is diverse yet dainty. It can grow in just about any space, which makes it a great option for smaller dwellings, such as apartment units. They grow up to about 4 feet tall but are easy to keep trimmed to smaller sizes if necessary. These hardy plants can handle cool winter temperatures too.

21. Majesty Palm

Popular as both indoor and outdoor plants, Majesty Palms tend to stand slender, tall, and proud. Since it can grow up to about 90 feet in nature, you can expect yours to grow as tall as your roof indoors. The exact size that it ends up depends on how you want to prune and manage it.

22. Chinese Fan Palm

Typically grown outside as trees, the Chinese Fan Palm can be grown in large pots in the corner of your home. It can help cover and protect a cat litter box and thus make cats feel more comfortable while using the bathroom. They can also be decorated with ornaments during any of the holidays that occur throughout the year.

23. Rhapis Palm

The Rhapis Palm looks almost like a bushy tree with a thick, strong stalk that can stand up to the rough-and-tumble activity of a playing kitty. The leaves grow in clumps but are long enough to create a full, luscious look that can help turn any room into a tropical experience.

24. Neon Prayer Plant

These gorgeous plants are small, but their leaves spread out to create a canopy-like shape as they grow. Each leaf is elegantly rounded and has lime-green markings that help it stand out from all the other leaves on the plant.

25. Money Tree

Money tree in a white vase_NeginMinaee_Shutterstock
Image credit: NeginMinaee, Shutterstock

Unfortunately, these plants do not literally grow money. However, they are known to improve the energy throughout the homes that they grow in. Money Trees (Pachira) have interesting braided trunks. This is a hardy variety that does not succumb easily to the elements or lack of care. Keep in mind that pothos, which is sometimes called “money plant,” is not safe for cats.

26. Polka Dot Plant

These plants are known for the bright spots on their leaves. Many varieties have dark purple-hued leaves with green spots, but others have green leaves and white markings. They do not like to live in cold climates and prefer to stay in spaces that get plenty of natural sunlight.

27. Roses

cat sitting near vase with white roses
Image Credit: Nadinelle, Shutterstock

Why buy roses at the store for your dining room table when you can grow them yourself? Any color rose can be grown in a little pot on a table in any room of your home. They’ll add vibrancy and help keep the air smelling fresh, which makes them a perfect plant option for those looking to cover up the litter box smell in their homes.

28. Sunflowers

sunflower plant
Image credit: Pixabay

Sunflowers are right, beautiful, and surprisingly easy to grow. The size of the pot that a sunflower grows in will be a big factor in how large it gets overall. You can grow multiple sunflowers in one pot if you want the flowers to stay small or grow one huge flower in a pot for your cat to ponder.

29. Cast Iron Plant

cast iron-plant
image Credit: Pixabay

As the name suggests, this is one hardy plant. In fact, most cat owners consider it indestructible once they see how it holds up to attacks from felines. The plant can grow in shady or sunny areas and is not susceptible to damage due to weather conditions. It is also quite drought resistant.

30. Fishbone Cactus

This is a plant that originally came from Mexico and is now popular all over the United States. The plant grows thick, crooked stems that look kind of like fishbones. These plants prefer to live in humid conditions but can do well in any setting if they get enough water. They need little sun or attention to thrive.

31. Xerographica Air Plant

With unique silver-hued leaves, the Xerographica Air Plant grows slowly without the help of soils and fertilizers. The leaves narrow at the ends and tend to curve as they grow, creating a flowery look that cats seem to be intrigued by. The entire plant should be watered, not just the roots, to ensure a long and happy life.

32. Echeveria Lola

echeveria lola plant
Image Credit: Pixabay

This succulent grows robust leaves that arrange themselves in a way that makes the entire plant look like a rose. However, unlike roses, these plants will stay alive year-round with little need for water and attention. These plants are native to Mexico and Central America, and they have a high tolerance for weather variations throughout the year.


In Conclusion

With so many different cat-friendly plants to choose from, you should not have trouble outfitting your home with a variety that helps bring the outdoors inside. Everyone in your household, including your cat, will breathe better throughout the year when your house is full of foliage. Your new plants will help keep your kitty busy throughout the day too.

Featured Image Credit: Mirt Alexander, Shutterstock

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