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PrettyLitter Cat Litter 2024 Review: Our Expert’s Opinion

PrettyLitter Cat Litter - Featured Image

Our Final Verdict

We give PrettyLitter a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.0/5.0
Ease of Use: 5.0/5.0
Odor Control: 5.0/5.0
Value: 3.5/5.0


What Is PrettyLitter? How Does It Work?

PrettyLitter is a necessary product but with an interesting twist. You don’t have to be a cat owner for long before you realize one thing: cats try to keep hidden the fact that they’re sick. I can speak from experience, having lost two pets to cancer and only learning about it when they could not keep it from me any longer.

PrettyLitter offers a way for pet owners to get a heads-up on urinary or kidney issues. The litter changes color based on the chemistry of your cat’s urine according to the urine’s acidity, blood, or alkalinity. Bear in mind that your kitty may not show signs of illness until they are already in distress. That’s what makes this product so unique.

The company uses a subscription model, not unlike other online retailers. Besides, you’re going to need it regularly. A subscription saves you the hassle of having to remember to order it.

PrettyLitter has been around since 2015. It’s a small organization, and Mars acquired it in 2021. The service has seen a few tweaks since the acquisition.

PrettyLitter_fluffy cat with bag of litter

How to Sign Up

Signing up is painless. You simply answer how many cats you have and choose whether you want a one-month or three-month supply. PrettyLitter gives you a discount for the first month. They’ll also pitch their PrettyPlease foods. I did not receive these products. The sign-up prompts you for info about your cat. Bear in mind that it defaults to the three-month supply, which you’ll need to adjust if necessary.


PrettyLitter – A Quick Look

pretty litter health monitoring cat litter

  • Extremely lightweight
  • No dust
  • Decent odor control
  • Enough in one bag for small litterboxes only

PrettyLitter Pricing

The pricing of PrettyLitter depends on your usage. The monthly price for one cat isn’t outrageous. However, it becomes more expensive when you have more than one cat. The amount is also considerably smaller than what you’d get with a box of store-bought litter. PrettyLitter tells customers to scoop out solid waste and let the liquid waste evaporate. I was skeptical at first, but I can say that it is true. That’s something to consider regarding the price.

What to Expect from PrettyLitter

Coincidentally, I received a shipment of the other lightweight litter brand I currently buy for my cats on the same day as I received the PrettyLitter. The PrettyLitter was 5 pounds lighter and had better packaging than my normal litter. It was delivered through FedEx, but I didn’t notice an option to switch carriers if that is an issue for you.

The packaging is minimal, with no unnecessary waste. You can rest assured if you have concerns about it being sustainable. PrettyLitter offers a 30-day, risk-free guarantee. If you or your cat don’t like it, you can get a refund. The company’s website anticipates common reasons for cancellations with advice about transitioning your pets to the new litter.

PrettyLitter Contents

I received two bags of litter. The company also threw in a catnip mouse and an interactive wand toy. Although it doesn’t reflect on the litter, all my cats loved the mouse more than any of their other toys. I thought it was a nice touch since it was unexpected. I just wish they sold them on their website.

The litter comes in plastic bags that are of good quality. The packaging is what I’d expect with a high-quality product. The contents also included a card explaining the outcomes you may see while using it. The instructions were clear and well-written. I knew exactly what to expect from the product. If the litter had a scent, I didn’t notice it. That alone was a selling point for me.


The packaging was a pleasant surprise. There is no waste, and I didn’t expect it to be so light. I was also stunned that there was a two-month supply with the toys included. The company even offers free shipping for your subscription. They make it easy for the carrier, too, since the overall size of the packaging is smaller than other litter brands.

Excellent Odor Control

The company suggests using just 2 inches of litter in your cat’s box. It even included a depiction of the amount on the instruction card to verify it. It didn’t seem like a lot, but I am happy to report that it contained any foul odors. I appreciated this, seeing as I have three cats. The last thing I want is someone to know that I have feline companions before meeting them.

PrettyLitter_open litter with kitten

Health Monitoring

Urinary issues aren’t uncommon with cats. The problem is that they’re often asymptomatic until they worsen. This litter doesn’t give or suggest a definitive diagnosis. Its purpose is to alert you to a possible issue. That’s not a failure by any means, nor should anyone interpret it as such. The conditions the litter detects are non-diagnostic themselves and require further investigation by a veterinarian.

Color Coding

PrettyLitter is an appropriate name because of its color feature. It also describes the texture, which I’ll discuss later. I liked that the different color scenarios were definitive. In other words, you know what you’re dealing with based on what color you see. That makes it easy for pet owners to know what’s going on with their cats for long-term monitoring. Fortunately, UTIs aren’t common, although some cats are predisposed to them.

Is PrettyLitter a Good Value?

The value of the product is subjective. It depends on your cat’s health and how much help it provides. Health monitoring is useful, especially if your pet has persistent issues. However, there is a caveat that’s not obvious with this feature. Yes, it will give you a heads-up of a health problem. However, if UTIs are an issue, your pet’s vet likely won’t take the evidence of a litter color change alone. You’re not going to save any money on urine tests.

Having worked in a veterinary clinic, I think it is important to offer this advice. Your pet’s veterinarian will certainly run more tests before they prescribe a treatment, regardless of your cat’s history. PrettyLitter’s true value is being able to catch health conditions early for your cat’s sake.


FAQ: PrettyLitter Cat Litter

Does Pretty Litter Clump?

Cat owners may be surprised when they first start using PrettyLitter. It doesn’t clump like you’d think it would. Liquid waste doesn’t form the large chunks you’d expect but rather smaller ones. Solid waste is similar to what you’d find with clumping litter. Therefore, you won’t need to add a lot more litter every time you clean the box. Overall, you’ll use less litter.

pretty litter in a gray litter box

What Is the Texture Like?

PrettyLitter is composed of silica gel. You may think that it would be coarse. However, the texture is similar to clumping litter, although the individual grains are lighter. It isn’t dusty at all, which I appreciated. However, I almost felt like I needed a finer scooper to use with it.

How Long Does It Last?

I filled a litter box with the recommended amount. It seemed to go a long way since I wasn’t removing as much litter when I cleaned the box. Admittedly, I used a smaller box for PrettyLitter than the main one I have for my cats. Nevertheless, I predict that a bag would last an entire month without skimping when you refill your boxes.

Our Experience With PrettyLitter

I have three cats, all of which are rescues. Jackie is a spayed female and Aurora is a neutered male. Both are about 7 years old. Aurora has a history of UTIs. Our third cat, Oscar, is the dominant male and is about 4 years old. The two boys fight from time to time, as cats do, with Jackie being the submissive one of the bunch.

Oscar is a very curious cat. He was right there when I opened the box of PrettyLitter, and he was the first one to use it. He is also always there when I clean the boxes. I have two boxes for my cats, but I kept one with their regular litter in it in case any of them objected to the new litter. With that said, I must add that my cats are pretty easy-going and accepting of most changes.

PrettyLitter_two cats with bag of litter

Other than the odor control, I noticed much less litter outside of the box after the cats used it. That certainly isn’t the case with the litter I normally use. The lighter weight of PrettyLitter makes me think that they’d track it less around the house, too. I’m happy to report that there were no red flag issues for UTIs. Thankfully, we have Aurora’s health under control with a urinary diet. The litter only tested normal, even with all three cats using it.

I’d be grateful to learn if something was up with Aurora before he started showing signs. Therein lies the litter’s value. If I could make him experience less pain, it’s worth the price.

The litter’s texture is different than what I usually buy, although pets that use it every day would notice it before I would. The difference wasn’t a deterrent for any of my cats. However, I could see a picky pet having an issue with it.

The odor control was top-notch. It’s something I often consider with three cats in the house. Nothing changed while using PrettyLitter and it delivered as promised.


Last Thoughts

PrettyLitter is a quality product. I’ve liked the trend toward lighter and dust-free products—this litter succeeds admirably on both scores. I think its the best value is for pets that have a history of urinary issues, like my Aurora. You’re not going to save that much money on vet bills since follow-up testing will eventually follow. However, it’s going to benefit your cat with an early red flag about problems to minimize your kitty’s discomfort.

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