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PupJoy Dog Subscription Box Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give PupJoy a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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What Is PupJoy? How Does It Work?

pupjoy subscription box contents

Based in Illinois, PupJoy is the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize-winning, e-commerce company creating customizable subscription boxes—specifically for pups and their parents (hence its adorable name). With PupJoy subscription plans, dog owners can choose between pre-built or build-your-own variety boxes filled with toys, treats, and supplies specially chosen for your canine companion.

PupJoy products are responsibly made with your pups in mind while using only the best quality ingredients. PupJoy only sources and produces honest and healthy goods for you and your furry best friend, with toys made using sustainable practices and treats made of high-quality ingredients.

PupJoy partners with top independent brands in the pet industry, supporting other companies who are also in the business of providing exceptional pet products. What’s more, they prioritize giving back to those in need with its Helping Paws charitable program that helps shelter animals find homes. As such, PupJoy aims to partner with other brands with the same charitable mission and objectives.

PupJoy Subscription Boxes – A Quick Look

  • Customization options to fit your dog’s size, specific needs/wants, etc.
  • Choose from a large variety of toys and treats
  • High-quality, adorable toys
  • Healthy, limited-ingredient treats
  • Flexible delivery scheduling
  • A few customer complains about customer service

PupJoy Subscriptions Pricing

In comparison to other similar subscription services, PupJoy is very reasonably priced. Prices range depending on the type of plan and type of box(es) you select, as well as your dog’s size.

Pre-built Power Chewers box is currently priced at:

one-time purchase: $32.99 (small dog) to $34.99 (large dog)
3-month plan: $92.99 (small dog) to $98.99 (large dog)
6-month plan: $179.99 (small dog) to $191.99 (large dog)
12-month plan: $347.99 (small dog) to $379.99 (large dog)

Build-your-own-box option is currently priced at:

one-time purchase:  $28.50 (3 items) to $36 (5 items) for a small dog:
one-time purchase:  $30 (3 items) to $40 (5 items) for a medium dog
one-time purchase: $33 (3 items) to $44 (5 items) for a large dog

Subscribe & save delivery options is currently priced at:

Once per month: Save 15%
Every 2 months: Save 10%
Every 3 months: Save 5%

a black dog with pupjoy subscription box toys


What to Expect From PupJoy

PupJoy’s subscription box comes nicely packaged. One look at the box on my doorstep in a cute, PupJoy-labeled box and I knew exactly what it was. Inside the box came an assortment of three plush toys (all of which I had chosen), as well as a bonus toy that the folks at PupJoy had specially picked out for my dog, Coco, based on her size.

Also inside the package were two packs of dental stick dog treats from Shameless Pets in the “Banana Bone-anza” and “Carrate Chomp” flavors.

PupJoy’s “Build Your Own Box” Contents

  • 1 Zippy Paws “NomNomz Sushi” plush toy
  • 1 Zippy Paws “NomNomz Taco” plush toy
  • 1 Zippy Paws “NomNomz Avocado” plush toy
  • 1 Zippy Paws hedgehog plush toy
  • 1 pack of Shameless Pets Dental Stick Dog Treats in “Banana Bone-anza” flavor
  • 1 pack of Shameless Pets Dental Stick Dog Treats in “Carrate Chomp” flavor

shameless pets dental stick dog treats


PupJoy ensures the utmost quality of the products it sources and produces by only supplying honest and healthy goods. Likewise, they selectively partner with top independent brands with equally exceptional standards who also embody social responsibility via sustainable practices and philanthropic endeavors.

That means, by supporting PupJoy, you can also feel good about supporting those in need, like pet shelter animals looking for their forever homes.


By partnering with various companies in the pet industry who align with their standards for responsibility and sustainability—such as Shameless Pets, Earth Rated, and Mission Farms, to name a few—PupJoy supplies a large variety of top-of-the-line toys, treats, and supplies for their canine customers.

You can find everything you and your pet need in PupJoy’s impressive inventory, from all-natural organic treats to various plush and chew toys and even eco-friendly poop bags.

a black dog eating dental stick dog treat


Perhaps one of PupJoy’s biggest selling points is their focus on supplying only healthy and honest treats and chews. This means no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or coloring, as well as no dangerous meat meals, by-products, or fats.

By simply banning all artificial additives and dangerous ingredients in any food products they supply, PupJoy provides their customers the peace of mind of knowing their fur babies are only getting the highest quality treats delivered to their door.

Is PupJoy a Good Value?

For their more-than-reasonable price range, multiple customization options, flexible delivery options, premium product supply, and altruistic company mission, PupJoy is undoubtedly a great value for dog owners everywhere—and of course, their furry best friends, too.

The vast variety of products available, including healthy treats, artisan-quality toys, and sustainably sourced pet supplies, allows dog owners the freedom to create tailor-made monthly boxes for their pups. As every dog is unique, their monthly goodie boxes should be too!

pupjoy subscription box packaging


Frequently Asked Questions

What sets PupJoy apart from other monthly subscription services for dogs?

One of PupJoy’s stand-out features from other delivery pet subscription services is the flexibility it gives customers to pick and choose whichever items best suit their dog’s specific needs and wants. For example, dog parents can select pre-built variety packs, all-treats or all-toys, build-your-own boxes, etc. in order to ensure their dog will be thrilled when delivery day comes.

How does PupJoy uphold their standards of responsibility and sustainability?

PupJoy’s aim is to deliver the best and most trusted online shopping destination for dog parents. Everything from its stringent product standards to the socially conscious companies they choose to partner with are all ways PupJoy embodies these standards within their business practice.

Likewise, PupJoy prioritizes selling only honest, environment-friendly, and ethically-supplied goods made of premium materials, as well as ensuring transparency of all ingredients in their dog treats.

What is PupJoy’s return policy?

PupJoy enforces a 30-day return policy, meaning you have 30 days to request a refund after receiving your items. A receipt is required and the items must be in the same condition as when they were received.

Certain products, including perishable goods (i.e., treats or chews), personal care goods (i.e., grooming products), and custom products (i.e., special orders or personalized items) aren’t eligible for returns. All return requests are subject to inspection and approval before a refund can be issued.

a black dog eating shameless pets dental treat

Our Experience With PupJoy’s Monthly Subscription Box

Coco and I both had an entirely positive experience with PupJoy’s monthly subscription box. From the first impression of the delivery package to the unboxing of the toys and treats inside, I was pleased with the quality and presentation of the products included. Needless to say, Coco was a big fan of both dental stick treats and her array of new toys.

For Coco, both treats were an instant hit. Though this wasn’t our first time trying out Shameless Pets’ treats, it was our first time trying out their dental sticks. Between the two flavors (“Banana Bone-anza” and “Carrate Chomp”), Coco didn’t have a favorite, as she was thrilled any time I offered her either. Because the sticks were quite long, I broke each stick in half to give her twice a day instead of all at once, and she most certainly didn’t seem to mind getting them twice a day.

I am a big fan of Shameless Pets’ eco-friendly and socially-conscious mission and objective to use upcycled ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, while keeping their recipes healthy and nutritious for dogs. So, choosing two treats from PupJoy’s Shameless Pets selection was a no-brainer for me.

As for the toys, I chose what I thought were the three cutest plush toys available—the NomNomz Sushi, NomNoms Avocado, and NomNomz Taco—all from the brand, Zippy Paws.

True to their product photos, they are all just as cute (if not cuter!) up close and personal. They are currently  lined up around Coco’s bed. Though Coco isn’t the biggest chewer or player of toys, she does love to cuddle them in her sleep, and she is definitely loving her new entourage of cuddle buddies.

A nice personal touch from the folks at PupJoy was throwing in a bonus toy that they felt was more “size-appropriate” for Coco. Along with the other three toys, Coco’s goodie box also included a cute Zippy Paws hedgehog squeaky plush toy. The best part is that I don’t even see this toy listed in their online selection, so Coco and I feel extra special and grateful for this thoughtful gift!

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PupJoy is an award-winning online shop and delivery subscription service for dog owners and their beloved pups. They create customizable subscription boxes—with both pre-built or build-your-own variety boxes to choose from—filled with toys, treats, and supplies specially chosen for your canine companion. As their name suggests, PupJoy is truly delivering joy to dogs everywhere, one subscription box at a time.

With an emphasis on sourcing and producing only honest and healthy goods, PupJoy partners with a number of other reputable companies in the pet industry to provide customers with only top-of-the-line products. It’s no wonder PupJoy has been awarded with Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize for the pet industry’s leading community of innovative startups and extraordinary entrepreneurs.

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