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Pygmy Chameleons for Sale in USA: 2024 Breeders List & Tips

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Pet Keen advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally investigated all of the breeders below, rather, we have gathered their details for you to get in touch and ask all the right questions before you decide. Learn more about our position and how to choose a breeder here.

Chameleons are wonderful, interesting pets. However, they need quite a bit more room than most people can commit to. Luckily, pygmy chameleons exist and can be kept in a much smaller space. After all, they’re tiny!

Pygmy chameleons are basically your average chameleons – only much smaller! These lizards only grow to about 3 inches. They are easier to keep since they don’t require as much room. They eat very small crickets and are even easy to breed, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should try.

Sadly, you can’t find these chameleons in most pet stores. They aren’t exactly rare, but they aren’t common either. Therefore, you usually have to find a breeder and purchase directly from them.

Below, we’ve listed a variety of different pygmy chameleon breeders for you to choose from.

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Pygmy Chameleon Breeders in the USA

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Image Credit: Nick Henn, Shutterstock

Pygmy Chameleon Breeders Near Me

You can check Morph Market for different types of chameleons from around the world. While these chameleons aren’t all pygmy chameleons, they are included from time to time. Of course, availability varies widely.

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Pygmy Chameleons Breeders That Ship

1. Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles

This breeder provides reptiles of all sorts, including small Pygmy Chameleons. They provide a 100% live arrival guarantee. They will also attempt to sex their chameleons before shipping, though they don’t guarantee a particular sex.

2. FL Chams

FL Chams

FL Chams provides pygmy chameleons of all sorts. They are a bit more expensive than most, but that’s mostly because they put a lot of work into their animals. Plus, they have some rarer colorations and varieties.

3. Reptmart


This company provides a marketplace for breeders to sell their chameleons. They do include listings for various different types of pygmy chameleons, though they vary considerably in availability.

This company doesn’t seem to offer guarantees as strong as others on this list.divider- chameleon

How Much Does a Pygmy Chameleon Cost?

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Image Credit: Phillip De Lange, Shutterstock

It mostly depends on where you purchase them from and the specific type of pygmy chameleon you’re adopting. Usually, these animals cost around $50 to $100. Adults are usually more expensive since they were cared for longer by the breeder. Rarer colorations and types are also more expensive.

Some bearded pygmy chameleons can cost as low as $25 a piece. Some expensive options may cost as much as $200.

With that said, you also need to consider the overall cost of the animal, including the terrarium setup. While these chameleons are smaller and require less space, it can still be quite expensive to set everything up that they need—plan on at least spending a few hundred dollars.

These animals are decently social as well, so many people purchase more than one. At $25, this doesn’t add up fast. However, if you’re purchasing a more expensive specimen, you can expect the price to add up quickly.

Things to Ask a Pygmy Chameleon Breeder

If you’re purchasing your chameleon locally, we highly recommend visiting the breeder if possible. This allows you to take a look at their setup and figure out exactly how well taken care of their animals are. If a visit is possible, keep an eye on the animal’s health and their terrarium. Ask to see different lizards – not just the one you’re purchasing.

However, if you’re purchasing online, this obviously isn’t possible. In this case, you’ll have to rely a lot on your intuition.

We recommend asking the breeder about the animal’s history. Ask whether they’ve had any health problems or were housed with sick animals. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that the animal is low-quality, but it is great to know before making the purchase.

You should also ask about the suggested tank setup. What the breeder suggests you do is probably similar to what they do, so this question will give you input on their breeding practices.

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Image Credit: Nick Henn, Shutterstock

Things to Know Before Buying a Pygmy Chameleon

  • Humidity is essential. These lizards need at least 60% humidity. To achieve this, you’ll likely need to invest in a mister. Having something to measure the humidity is essential as well.
  • They require a lot of coverage. To feel safe, you’ll need to cover your pygmy chameleon’s cage with lots of foliage. Floor-level foliage, vines, and hanging foliage are all recommended. Many owners use live plants, though this isn’t an absolute must!
  • They breed very quickly. Pygmy chameleons are not difficult to breed. On the one hand, this makes it very easy for breeders to produce them. However, it also means that they will breed in your enclosure as well!
  • Males are territorial. Males are quite territorial, so they can’t be housed together in most cases. You can use a large enclosure to house two males, but this often eliminates the benefits of adopting pygmy chameleons.
  • They can usually thrive at room temperature. In many cases, these chameleons can thrive at room temperature. You don’t need a heating lamp unless you tend to keep your room rather cool.
  • They require more time than you might realize. Generally, these are low-maintenance pets. They don’t require significant amounts of care. However, they still require an optimal habitat, which can take a while to manage. You should ensure that you have the time to clean their enclosure and deal with similar maintenance before adopting.
  • Misting is vital. Because they need lots of humidity, misting is vital. This must be done daily – often many times a day. For this reason, we highly recommend ensuring that you’re home to accomplish this before making a purchase.
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Pygmy chameleons are a popular choice for those who don’t have much room. Because they are smaller, they generally don’t require as much room as a full-sized chameleon.

Sadly, these lizards are a bit difficult to find. Most pet stores don’t sell them. Instead, you’ll need to invest in one from a breeder. Luckily, there are many breeders and marketplaces, so you should be able to find the best pygmy chameleon for you.

There are several types of pygmy chameleons, but many of them are extremely similar.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Henn, Shutterstock

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