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8 Best Rabbit Tunnels of 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Nicole Cosgrove

Making a rabbit feel comfortable and safe in your home can be as easy as giving them a setting closer to their natural choice of home — a burrow. What better way to let your bunny play than as nature intended, running and digging through tunnels?

Indoor rabbit tunnels provide the same curiosity-inducing stimulation for rabbits as their outdoor counterparts, without all of the dangers that come with leaving your fragile rabbit outdoors. Set one up in your home, and you’ll see your bunny’s spirits lifted almost immediately!

We’ve been buying, testing, and setting up rabbit tunnels for years, and want to pass what we’ve learned on to you. That’s why in these reviews, you’ll get an inside look as to which rabbit tunnels are really worth the money — and which ones are better to pass on.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Living World Small Animal Living World Small Animal
  • Expands to nearly three feet long
  • Polyester fabric is easy to clean and resists minor chewing
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Kaytee Crinkle Kaytee Crinkle
  • Unique material will pique your rabbit’s curiosity
  • Can be connected to other tunnels to make a larger play area
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Prevue Pet Nature's Hideaway Grass Prevue Pet Nature's Hideaway Grass
  • Hand-woven from fragrant grasses
  • All-natural materials are safe for your rabbit to chew on
  • Oxbow Timothy Club Oxbow Timothy Club
  • Hand-woven from rabbit-safe timothy hay
  • Benefits your rabbit’s digestion if eaten
  • Ware Edible Twig Ware Edible Twig
  • Hand-woven willow is rabbit-safe and chew-resistant
  • High fiber material helps to trim teeth when chewed
  • The 8 Best Rabbit Tunnels – Reviews 2021

    1. Living World Rabbit Tunnel – Best Overall

    Living World Small Animal Tunnel

    Offered in two sizes that are perfect to accommodate every breed of rabbit, the Living World Small Animal Tunnel is an excellent way to provide hours of fun for any indoor pet rabbit. Featuring a convenient and space-saving fold-out design, it expands to provide nearly three feet of tunneling for any bunny.

    We’re a big fan of the polyester fabric that comprises most of this rabbit tunnel from Living World. It’s tightly-woven enough to resist mild chewing and extremely easy to clean — just wipe it down with a damp cloth, then leave it to dry. Add that to its collapsible design that’s perfect for travel and storage, as well as a handy carrying case for maximum portability, and it’s easy to see why these tunnels are our top choice for rabbits.

    In short, it’s a fantastic rabbit tunnel that’s offered at a great price no matter which size you choose. Any rabbit owner would do well to get one for their rabbit’s next playtime.

    • Expands to nearly three feet long
    • Polyester fabric is easy to clean and resists minor chewing
    • Convenient space-saving design
    • Easy to set up and take down
    • Available in a variety of sizes to suit any rabbit
    • Metal frame will wear out if bent too often

    2. Kaytee Crinkle Rabbit Tunnel – Best Value

    Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

    Made of an attention-grabbing cotton/polyester fabric blend that crinkles whenever your rabbit runs inside, the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel is a highly engaging option for rabbits that can never seem to get enough stimulation. Able to connect with other tunnels to create an entire playtime system, it’s a great way to keep multiple rabbits entertained.

    With an opening only six inches in diameter, this tunnel’s biggest limitation is what size rabbit breeds can comfortably use it. For anyone with dwarf or small rabbit breeds, it’s an incredibly cost-effective option that’s durably built and easy to set up and store. Owners of larger rabbit breeds, however, should look towards our top pick for their bigger pets.

    All in all, if you are looking to recreate that “burrowing” feel for your bunny and you don’t want to make a big investment, we think these are definitely the best rabbit tunnels for the money.

    • Unique material will pique your rabbit’s curiosity
    • Expands to over two feet in length
    • Can be connected to other tunnels to make a larger play area
    • Perfect for small and energetic rabbits
    • Small diameter tunnel is not appropriate for medium or large rabbits
    • Crinkly material can be torn up quite easily

    3. Prevue Grass Bunny Tunnel – Premium Choice

    Prevue Pet Nature's Hideaway Grass Tunnel

    Made from rabbit-safe, all-natural grasses, the Prevue Pet Nature’s Hideaway rabbit tunnel is one of only a few products we tested that pulls double duty — for small rabbits, it’s just as easy to use as a place to hide as it is to play in. Completely safe to nibble and chew on, it may quickly become a dwarf rabbit’s favorite place to stay.

    The fragrant, hand-woven grass of this tunnel from Prevue Pet makes it an attractive option for any dwarf or small rabbit breed — but at just 6 inches in diameter and 13.5 inches long, it won’t accommodate rabbits over about 6 pounds. That’s why we strongly recommend it for rabbits 5 pounds and under, but suggest a larger tunnel (like our top pick) for larger rabbits.

    • Hand-woven from fragrant grasses
    • All-natural materials are safe for your rabbit to chew on
    • Excellent for both playtime and naptime
    • Not suitable for medium or large rabbit breeds

    4. Oxbow Timothy Rabbit Tunnel

    Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel

    If you enjoyed the looks and all-natural composition of the grass tunnel above — but have a larger rabbit that wouldn’t fit in such a small space — then the Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel is a perfect alternative. Hand-woven from timothy hay, this entire tunnel is not just safe for your rabbit to chew on, but even provides healthy fiber to improve their digestion. With an opening nearly 7 inches wide, it’s a much more inclusive option for larger rabbits.

    We love the clever use of timothy hay — a dietary staple for rabbits — in this 100% safe-to-eat tunnel. Sturdily woven, it is just as good for your rabbit to hop on and around as it is to lay in or run through. Consider it a great option for rabbits up to a medium size who enjoy chewing on all their new toys.

    • Hand-woven from rabbit-safe timothy hay
    • Benefits your rabbit’s digestion if eaten
    • Large enough for most rabbit breeds
    • Gives your pet a tunnel to play with, or a safe place to hide
    • On the expensive side
    • Won’t last long with rabbits that love to chew

    5. Ware Edible Twig Bunny Tunnels

    Ware Edible Twig Tunnel

    Hand-woven from more durable willow branches, the Ware Edible Twig Tunnel provides a longer-lasting option for rabbit owners looking for an all-natural tunnel. Featuring an open-bottom design and a taller, wider opening, it’s one of the few tunnels we tested that’s good for larger rabbits.

    Made only from rabbit-safe willow, with no staples or other hardware, the Ware Edible Twig Tunnel is a great playtime option that also encourages proper dental hygiene for your rabbits. The stronger and denser willow will extend this tunnel’s longevity while also filing down your rabbit’s constantly growing teeth with each nibble.

    Overall, we can recommend this rabbit tunnel, especially for medium to large-sized rabbits, as well as any rabbit that tends to chew a lot.

    • Hand-woven willow is rabbit-safe and chew-resistant
    • Larger tunnel and open design are good for medium to large rabbit breeds
    • High fiber material helps to trim teeth when chewed
    • On the expensive side

    6. Niteangel Fun Rabbit Tunnels

    Niteangel Fun Tunnel

    Long and narrow and packaged with three natural fiber ball toys, the Niteangel Fun Tunnel is tailor-made for dwarf and small rabbit breeds. Their high energy and natural desire for playtime in long tunnels pair perfectly with this space-saving collapsible tunnel. Plus, it offers many hours of playtime at a very reasonable price.

    We like the Niteangel tunnel as an option for small rabbits, but as with many rabbit tunnels, it’s not appropriate for medium or large breeds. Available in three colors and made entirely of crinkling plastic material, it is lightweight and easy to clean. We particularly recommend it for owners of small rabbits that are looking for great value for their money.

    • Collapsible design makes it easy to store
    • Expands to nearly 3 feet long
    • Comes with 3 hand-woven ball toys for extra playtime fun
    • Stain-resistant plastic is very easy to clean
    • Too small for any rabbit over about 6 pounds
    • Crinkly plastic can get very noisy

    7. Ware 3294 Fun Tunnels

    Ware 3294 Fun Tunnels

    As the only option on our list that’s large enough for even giant rabbit breeds, the Ware Fun Tunnels can accommodate rabbit owners where other tunnels cannot. The collapsible tube can expand to a generous 30 inches long, and an 8-inch diameter opening makes it suitable for even the largest rabbit breeds.

    The stain-resistant plastic is easy to clean as well, making this rabbit tunnel a great option for owners of multiple rabbits. Were it not for the sometimes sharp edges that come with this plastic tunnel, we would be able to recommend it very highly. As it stands, you’ll need to tape over or file down the edges to make it completely safe for your furry friends.

    • Accommodates all rabbit sizes
    • Collapsible design is easy to set up and take down for storage
    • Made of an easy to clean, stain-resistant plastic
    • Sharp edges need to be filed down or taped over
    • Plastic is quite thin and easy to chew through

    8. eCOTRITION Snak Shak Edible Hideaway Tunnels

    eCOTRITION E2203 Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

    On first examination, the eCOTRITION Snak Shak seems like a convenient way to provide your rabbit with a tunnel, chew toy, and hiding spot all in one. Take a closer look, however, and you may not be as inclined to let your rabbit chew on this tunnel.

    Rabbits’ digestive systems are quite sensitive, and not all woods are generally considered safe for them. Among these is pine, which can cause problems for your rabbit due to its volatile oils.

    The Snak Shak, unfortunately, includes pine as part of its ingredient list — making it an unsuitable option for most rabbits. That’s why we suggest considering a different tunnel in our review, rather than gambling with your rabbit’s health.

    • Tunnel, chew toy, and hideaway all in one package
    • Contains ingredients that your rabbit may not digest safely
    • More suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice

    Buyer’s Guide

    We recommend considering these things as you’re researching which rabbit tunnel is best for your furry friend:

    Who Needs A Tunnel for Their Rabbit?

    Making sure that your rabbit gets regular playtime and exercise is one of the surest ways to care for their health and happiness. While there are many options to entertain your rabbit with, the simplicity, easy setup, and long-lasting potential of this tunnel make it a reliable option for fun and exercise.

    Ware Edible Twig Tunnel-BG

    What to Look for In A Rabbit Tunnel

    The requirements for an excellent quality rabbit tunnel are simple. They should be:

    • Durable. Rabbit owners know that every bunny tends to chew as a way of exploring — so every tunnel should be designed to withstand curious rabbits’ investigations.
    • We greatly prefer rabbit tunnels that are lightweight and easy to move. Also be on the lookout for tunnels that can be compressed for easy, space-saving storage.
    • Appropriately sized. Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes, and your tunnel choices should too. Select a tunnel that’s big enough for your rabbit to enter easily, but not so large that they lose interest mid-way and turn around.

    Types of Rabbit Tunnels

    Your main choice in deciding which type of rabbit tunnel is best will come down to choosing a stationary or portable tunnel.

    Portable tunnels are most often made of fabric and plastic and are commonly designed to be compressed for easy storage. These are the most inexpensive and easy-to-use products on the market, but they can quickly be chewed up by a curious rabbit if left unattended.

    Stationary tunnels are more commonly seen in a variety of woods, or even edible constructions. They’re meant to be set up in your rabbit’s enclosure or playpen as a semi-permanent fixture and are significantly shorter than portable tunnels. They’re better as part of the scenery than an active source of entertainment.

    How to Set Up A Rabbit Tunnel Toy

    For a peek inside the real-world life of a rabbit’s tunnel system, check out this video:

    It may give you greater insight into your rabbit’s natural desire to tunnel and dig. You’ll also see how you can encourage them to play in whatever style of tunnel you decide to buy for them.



    Available in two sizes to fit dwarven or standard rabbits, the Living World Small Animal Tunnel is our choice as the best overall rabbit tunnel. Of every tunnel in our reviews, only the Living World is as easy to clean and store as it is to use. We feel safe in recommending it for owners of rabbits of all sizes.

    For a reasonably priced alternative that’s sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for you and your rabbit alike, the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel is definitely the way to go. It provides a whole lot of tunnel for a small price and is ideal for energetic rabbits who have high requirements for stimulation.

    Nicole Cosgrove

    Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts' knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.