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100+ Racehorse Names: Ideas for Sleeky & Speedy Horses

Racehorse Names

Racehorses are notoriously polished, smooth, and built for endurance, strength, and speed. Paired with a great jockey, a racehorse can have an accomplished and rewarding career. If you have ever been to the races, you know how infectious the energy of the crowd is and how exciting it is to see the horses take off, betting on your favorites along the way. 

So if you’ve adopted a steed of your own, and you’re looking for a name to reference the thrilling racehorse industry, or are planning on raising a little speedster of your own, this is where you’ll find some excellent name suggestions. 

So saddle up and enjoy the lifelong ride that you and your galloping pal will have! 


Female Racehorse Names

  • Gypsy
  • Mustang Muse
  • Tempest Shadow
  • Meadow River 
  • Worth
  • Cherish 
  • Twilight Glimmer
  • Wisteria Meadows 
  • Lil E Tee
  • Northern Dancer
  • Aster Lane 
  • Rarity
  • Alysheba
  • Velvet Rose 
  • Regret
  • Kleo
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Chant
  • Princess Cadence
  • Charismatic
  • Meridian
  • Halma
  • Azra
  • Starsky
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Frou Fou
  • Flurry Heart
  • Temperance
  • Real Quiet

Male Racehorse Names 

  • Rigged
  • President 
  • Bronco
  • Clever Hans
  • Wildfire 
  • Chetak
  • Beau 
  • Chub
  • Cincinnati
  • Iron Clad 
  • Noble Heart
  • Major
  • RedRum 
  • Pokey
  • Firefoot
  • Buttermilk
  • Amigo
  • Copenhagen
  • Quarterback 
  • Trigger
  • Khan
  • Colonel
  • Comet 
  • Wrangler
  • Smarty Jones
  • Maximus
  • Red Hare
  • Steel Toe
black racehorse
Image Credit: Pixabay

Famous Racehorse Names 

Horse racing is among one of the grandest steed sports, and for those who are avid spectators, this list may come as a cool reminder of current and past contenders. With their lightning-fast speeds and infamous track records, here are the most famous racehorse names of all time!

  • Judge Himes
  • Flying Ebony
  • Assault
  • Secretariat
  • War Admiral
  • Black Beauty 
  • Gallant Fax
  • Joe Cotton
  • Unbridled
  • Hindoo
  • Apollo
  • Stone Street
  • Shadowfax 
  • Whirlaway
  • Citation
  • Seattle Slew
  • War Emblem 
  • Jet Pilot
  • American Pharoah
  • Bullseye
  • Wintergreen
  • Exterminator
Image Credit: Pixabay

Funny Racehorse Names 

Now we know that racehorses are often paired with pretty extravagant names, but the following group is out-right hilarious. For the goofy horses, one of these could be a winning choice!

  • Fifty Shades of Hay 
  • Al Capony 
  • Bofa Deez Nuts
  • Flat Feet Fleet
  • Colt Forty-Five
  • Hairass
  • Hermioneigh
  • Pony Montana
  • Hoof Hearted 
  • Hay Girl Hay
  • Nightmare 
  • Horse’n around
  • Mane Man
  • Talk Derby To Me
  • Harry Trotter 
  • Rusty Saddles
  • Horse Power
  • Tater Trot
  • Forrest Jump
  • Lostma Cowboy
  • Maple Stirrup 
  • Neigh Sayer
  • Mane Attraction 
  • Usain Colt 
racehorse with trainer
Image Credit: Pixabay

Fastest Racehorse in History

The legendary racehorse with the fastest recorded time in history is Secretariat, a Thoroughbred who won the Triple Crown in 1973. With a chestnut coat and three white booties, this steed’s talents were undeniable and unbeatable. He still holds the speed record and, without a doubt, will be a pillar of the industry for decades to come. 


Finding the Right Famous Name for Your Horse

Naming your horse is so important, and finding the right one can be tiresome. With our list of 100+ Racehorse Inspired names, we hope that we have given you a range of diverse suggestions that you were able to rope in one worthy enough for your new companion. 

You can have a peek at one of our other horse name posts if your search for the perfect one continues:

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Feature Image Credit: Clarence-Alford, Pixabay

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