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30 Rarest Corn Snake Morphs (With Pictures)

Golddust diffused Corn snake

Corn snakes are considered one of the best snakes for beginners. They are small snakes, usually enjoy being handled, and they have a simple diet that can be easily replicated at home.

There are known to be more than 800 different colors and morphs of this type of snake, which means that there is a great range of physical appearance and attributes, as well as a big price difference, with a morph like the Palmetto costing upwards of $1,000 and a more common morph like the Eastern costing less than $50 in most areas.

Below are 30 of the rarest corn snake morphs to help you decide which of these intriguing variants to buy.

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The 30 Rarest Corn Snake Morphs

1. Amelanistic Corn Snake

Amelanistic Corn Snake
Image Credit: IrinaK, Shutterstock

An amelanistic corn snake morph was captured in 1953, and the first example to be bred in captivity appeared in 1961. The popular morph is yellow and orange with red eyes and will cost approximately $75.

2. Blood Red Corn Snakes

blood red corn snake
Image Credit: fivespots, Shutterstock

The blood red corn snake was bred intentionally. It does not have any of the markings of a corn snake but does have a solid, blood-red color. Some examples are more of an orange color and while this morph is quite unique in appearance, it only costs about $80.

3. Blood Red Pied-Sided

This cross between a piebald and blood-red corn snake is a recent innovation. It is blood-red in color but has faint markings. This morph also has a white belly, and its rarity means that it will cost approximately $250 to buy.

4. Crimson

crimson corn snake
Image Credit: fivespots, Shutterstock

The crimson blotches on a light orange skin ensure that the crimson corn snake’s colors really pop. This attractive color morph costs around $75 so it is affordable as well as good-looking.

5. Coral Snow Corn Snake

The faded pink body of the coral snow corn snake is covered in faded orange patches. This morph will usually, although not always, have a white belly, and will cost approximately $120. So it is not the most expensive, despite having a very unusual coloring.

6. Candy Cane

candy cane corn snake
Image Credit: sipa, Pixabay

The candy cane is named for the similarity of its appearance to that of a candy cane. Its white body is covered in bright red patches. This morph is relatively common and popular, costing approximately $50.

7. Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent orange morphs start out life as small pink snakes. Once mature, they have patches of red outlined in white, on top of an orange body. Their unique appearance commands a figure of $150 each.

8. Hypomelanistic

Hypomelanism is a genetic mutation that causes less black pigment to form. In the case of the corn snake, this means that it is a rust and orange-colored snake. It is a common morph and costs approximately $30, but it is also the basis for many other morphs.

9. Okeetee

Okeetee Corn Snake
Image Credit: Jasper Young, Pixabay

The okeetee is a wild morph, although it has been caught to the extent that they are difficult to find in the wild today. A captive-bred okeetee will cost you about $120.

10. Peppermint Stripe

The peppermint stripe is a genetic combination of amelanistic, cinder, and stripe genes. The resulting morph has a dark pink body and paler pink stripes, and because this is a difficult morph to breed, it can cost $200 to buy.

11. Red Amelanistic

Amelanistic Corn Snake
Image Credit: IrinaK, Shutterstock

The red amelanistic corn snake is a combination of two or more red and pink colors. They are sometimes known as red albinos and can cost $100 to purchase.

12. Sunkissed Corn Snake

Sunkissed Corn Snake wrapped around a branch
Image Credit: Ery Azmeer, Shutterstock

The sunkissed morph is a combination of okeetee and hypomelanistic. They have a tan body with brown stripes and this morph will only cost about $50.

13. Butter

butter corn snake
Image Credit: TKBackyard, Shutterstock

Butter corn snakes are, unsurprisingly, yellow. They are a combination of snow and caramel morphs and have a light-yellow body with darker yellow blotches. They also have red eyes and only cost $70 per snake.

14. Caramel Corn Snake

Caramel Corn Snake
Image Credit: Scink, Shutterstock

The caramel is a natural morph. It has a light brown body and darker brown patches. The patches can vary in shade. The caramel is a common morph but is used to form the basis of others. They are available for $40.

15. Creamsicle

Creamsicle corn snake
Image Credit: fivespots, Shutterstock

The creamsicle morph is complicated. First, an Emory’s rat snake is bred with an eastern corn snake morph. The resulting offspring is then crossed with an albino to give the creamsicle coloration. It has a light-yellow body with darker yellow blotches and red eyes. Considering the complexity of this morph, it is surprising that they are available for as little as $70.

16. Eastern

Eastern Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus)
Image Credit: alfotokunst, Shutterstock

The eastern corn snake is another wild morph, found on the eastern coast of the US. They are common and have a brown body with red blotches. Because they are common, they have the same $30 price tag as that of the standard corn snake.

17. Florida

The Florida corn snake looks very similar to the Eastern, and the two are often confused. It has a tan base and red blotches and usually costs $30.

18. Anerythristic

Anerythristic Corn Snake
Image Credit: Chaiyanunn, Shutterstock

There are two anerythristic morphs, A and B. They have no red, orange, or yellow pigmentation and, as such, they are a combination of grays, whites, and blacks. Markings vary and you should expect to pay up to $100 for one of these.

19. Blue

Combining the charcoal and dilute genes gives us the blue dilute gene. The snake has an almost blue body with dark gray blotches down the body. Expect to pay up to $200 per blue corn snake.

20. Ghost Corn Snake

ghost corn snake
Image Credit: skifbook, Shutterstock

The ghost corn snake is a combination of the anerythristic and hypomelanistic corn snake morphs. Although it has the same markings as a standard corn snake, the colors are muted, giving the ghostly appearance that led to its nickname. The ghost corn snake costs approximately $50.

21. Black

Black Corn Snake
Image Credit: Michiel de Wit, Shutterstock

The black corn snake must be bred from a black devil’s garden corn snake, found in Southwest Florida. The resulting morph has a gray body with dark gray to black blotches. The difficulty of finding the parent snake means that this morph will set you back $100.

22. Blizzard

blizzard corn snake
Image Credit: fivespots, Shutterstock

The blizzard morph is truly stunning. They are completely white and have red eyes, although you may be able to see a light yellow line around the markings on the body. Expect to pay $150 for one of these.

23. Snow

snow corn snake
Image Credit: Kaleb Kroetsch, Shutterstock

The snow, or white albino, costs around $100 and is created by combining the amelanistic and anerythristic A morphs. This morph does not occur naturally.

24. Lavender

Lavender Corn Snake on a rock
Image Credit: Diane Hawkins, Shutterstock

The lavender morph is very popular with owners. These snakes look gray when young but the gray turns to a lavender color as it ages. One will cost $50, and the lavender morph is regularly used to cross with other morphs for even more unique snakes.

25. Miami Phase

The Miami phase corn snake has a silver body and orange blotches. Unusually, this species eats lizards rather than rodents and will set you back $70.

26. Opal

opal corn snake
Image By: fivespots, Shutterstock

Combining the lavender and the amelanistic morphs gives us the designer opal morph. Their colors change a lot as they age but expect this morph to have a white body with very faint markings. They also have red eyes and cost $70.

27. Palmetto

Palmetto corn snake
Image By: Galina Savina, Shutterstock

This is a wild morph that has a white body with random colored spots. They have black eyes. Only two wild examples of this snake have been reported, and you will have to pay around $1,500 to get your hands on the palmetto corn snake.

28. Pewter

The pewter or peppercorn morph has a silver body and light blotches. The blotches fade with age, and the morph costs $100 with cleaner patterns attracting a slightly higher price.

29. Pink

The pink corn snake is a light pink color although they do have orange stripes and red dashes. They have red eyes, and you will need to pay $150 for a good example of this corn snake morph.

30. Scaleless Corn Snake

Scaleless Corn Snake
Image By: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

The scaleless corn snake is one of the rarest and most desirable morphs. It is missing some of its scales on the top or other areas of the snake. It does still have some scales. Expect to pay $500 for this rare morph.

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Corn snakes are popular pet snakes. As well as being easy to care for and placid to handle, they come in a great variety of morphs, most of which are surprisingly affordable. Check out our list of 30 of the most desirable and rarest morphs to get an idea of which corn snake you want.

Featured Image Credit: Scink, Shutterstock

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