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Benefits of Registering Your Dog: 10 Important Reasons to License Pets

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You may think bringing a dog into your home, taking it to the vet, and making sure it is cared for is all that’s required to make you a responsible pet owner. That simply isn’t the case. Having your pet properly licensed is a part of dog ownership everyone should be aware of. Pet licenses show who a dog belongs to, that they’ve been vaccinated, and that any laws regarding licenses have been followed. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons you should be using this affordable method of dog care so you can better understand its importance.

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The 10 Benefits of Registering Your Dog:

1. You Will Be Following the Law in Many States

Being a responsible dog owner means knowing your state’s laws about your pet. Many states in the US require a pet to be licensed. If you’re out and about with your dog and an officer asks you to show proof that your pet is licensed and you can’t, you could face fines. The price of these fines is different in each state. Having your pet licensed will help you avoid these unwanted fees and penalties so you and your dog can enjoy your local area without any worries.

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2. Registering Often Costs Less than Fines

As we just mentioned above, many states have laws about dogs being licensed and fines if they aren’t. While you don’t want to break the law, the money and legal ramifications could be quite severe when you have an unlicensed dog. More often than not, the fines are quite a bit more than the cost of licensing your dog. Some cities and states even classify having an unlicensed dog as a misdemeanor. To avoid having issues with a criminal record, fines, and even court costs, licenses are your best friend.

3. A License Is Proof of Vaccination Status

Having your dog vaccinated against rabies is crucial before your pet ventures out into the world. Many pet groomers or boarders will not allow a dog in if they haven’t had this vaccine. One of the requirements to get your dog licensed is an up-to-date rabies vaccination. If your dog is properly licensed, groomers, veterinarians, boarders, and even the gang down at the dog park know your dog’s rabies vaccination status.

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4. Licenses Support Local Animal Shelters

In most areas, the fee you pay to have your pets licensed goes back to local animal shelters to help provide for pets waiting for adoption. Local licensing fees often pay for food, medical care, operational costs, and even bedding for dogs and cats waiting to find their forever homes. Keeping your dog’s license up to date is a great way to help out with the number of homeless animals in your area.

5. Registering Can Help Promote Spaying and Neutering

Many cities and states require your dog to be spayed or neutered before a license is purchased. This requirement is a great way to promote animal control. You’ll also find that the cost of the license, when it goes to local shelters, is often used to host spaying and neutering clinics to help pet owners care for their animals.

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6. Your Dog Gets Tags (And Hopefully a Microchip)

Your pet receives a tag for its collar once they are licensed. By placing this tag on your dog, you can show those around you that your dog is safe by being vaccinated for rabies and cared for, thanks for licensing them. This tag is also a great way of identifying your dog and telling who the owner is in the event of an accident. Microchipping is another plus when it comes to licensing. Many owners opt to have their pets microchipped when they receive their license as an extra way to show proof of ownership.

7. Lost Pets

While you may be one of the most responsible pet owners around, that doesn’t mean things can’t happen that you aren’t expecting. If you’re out and about with your dog, they can break the leash and run away. You may even have an incident happen at your home such as fireworks or loud noises that may make your dog escape the yard. If your dog is licensed, anyone who finds your dog has a better chance at reuniting them with you. Losing a pet in this way is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, many of the unlicensed and non-microchipped dogs in the country who get lost are never reunited with their families. To avoid this type of devastating situation, licensing and microchipping are a must.

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8. Registering Can Help You Find Lost Pets

Unfortunately, the world can be a bad place. There have been instances where pets are stolen or taken from their owners on purpose. This is especially true for purebred animals. If this were to happen to your dog, and it is licensed, veterinarians and other officials have a better chance of discovering what happened so they can get your dog back home safely. You may also see charges brought against the person who took your dog away.

9. A License Will Help Animal Control

When incidents take place, such as your dog running away at the pet park or possibly playing Houdini and escaping the backyard, a license is a great way to help animal control see that your pet isn’t a stray. This allows them to get your dog home quickly and keep their focus on animals that need their attention, time, and care.

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10. Your Dog Can Be Treated For Unexpected Injuries

In the case of dogs on the lam, those that have escaped their owner’s control, injuries can take place. Many dogs rush around feeding on the excitement of something new. Others are scared and put themselves in dangerous situations unknowingly. While a license – and the tags associated with it – are great at getting your dog home, they are also invaluable if your pet suffers from an injury while out of your care. Veterinarians are great at checking licenses, microchips, and tags to ensure a pet can find its way home and owners can reunite to help make decisions surrounding their needed care during an accident.


Final Thoughts

Registering is one of the smartest, and easiest, things you can do to keep your dog safe. There are so many benefits of registering your dog. It shows others that you and your pet interact with that you care enough about your pet, its health, and its safety to go the extra mile and ensure they are properly cared for. While you may instantly think about the costs involved, you’ll quickly see they are minimal when compared to the fines that may be imposed for breaking the law, or the heartache you may suffer if your dog is lost and the two of you are never reunited. To keep your family happy, your dog included, registering your dog is of the utmost priority.

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