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Red Factor Sun Conure: Traits, History, & Care (with Pictures)

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A gorgeous yet extremely expensive color mutation, the Red Factor Sun Conure was developed about a decade ago. A popular pick among many serious parrot collectors, the Red Factor Sun Conure boasts vibrant hues of red, orange, and green throughout its plumage.

A very hard bird to find due to its rarity, the Red Factor Sun Conure still makes a stunning statement in your flock. Before going out and purchasing this lovely bird, here’s everything you need to know about the Red Factor Sun Conure.


Species Overview

Common Names: Red Factor Sun Conure, Red Factor Sun Parakeet
Scientific Name: Aratinga Solstitialis
Adult Size: 12 inches
Life Expectancy: 20 – 30 years

Origin and History

The standard variety of the Sun Conure hails from South America. They can be found throughout Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. Inhabiting mostly inland tropical environments, the Sun Conure prefers to nest in palm groves and fruit-bearing trees in coastal forests and dry savanna woodlands.

Sun Conures are becoming endangered, with over 800,000 being trapped every year for pet trade. The Red Factor Sun Conure is considered to be the “premium” parrot in the Conure world due to its rarity and striking plumage.


Red Factor Sun Conure Colors and Markings

The breathtaking Red Factor Sun Conure features ruby red coloring since the day it hatches. This namesake red encompasses the bird’s entire head, the chest, legs, belly, and upper wings. Among Conures, this red color mutation is very, very rare, making this bird extremely coveted amongst serious collectors. As the parrot matures, its red coloring will become more intense. When it reaches the age of three, the Red Factor Sun Conure can develop yellow tinging in its feathers.

The Red Factor Sun Conure differs from typical Sun Conures in that standards ones have more yellow and orange plumage. The Red Factor Sun Conure has a red washing over the parts that would normally be yellow.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Red Factor Sun Conure

Due to its rarity, the Red Factor Sun Conure is an incredibly expensive bird. While standard Sun Conures will cost around $150, the Red Factor Sun Conure can be priced as high as $1,500.

If you’re serious about getting a Red Factor Sun Conure, you need to be doggishly dedicated to finding one. This mutation is very hard to find. Professional breeders will probably be your best bet when trying to track down and buy this bird.



Unlike other types of Sun Conures, the Red Factor Sun Conure is not a common species. They’re extremely rare and hard to come by. This makes them special to Conure enthusiasts. If you are an avid parrot collector who is ready to pay top dollar and is entranced by its stunning colors, a Red Factor Sun Conure could be a great pet for you.

Featured Image Credit: Butterfly Hunter, Shutterstock

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