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21 Jack Russell Terrier Mixes (With Pictures)

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The Jack Russell Terrier is an adorable pup with a huge personality. This dog was bred for fox hunting and still retains their prey drive and tendency to bark a lot. They are confident animals who need plenty of exercise to wear them out. They love to explore and have a bad habit of wandering off. This can be solved by a leash or a fenced-in yard. They are also intelligent and love to be trained.

Because of the popularity of the Jack Russell Terrier, there are plenty of other purebred dogs that they have been mixed with. This mix of two purebred dogs is known as a designer dog. This results in a variety of doggy personalities and traits. Within each designer dog mix, the puppy may act more like one parent or the other. Plus, these dogs are typically healthier than purebred dogs as there is a larger mix of genes. Let’s look at some of these designer dogs below.divider-dog

Top 21 Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

1. Jack Russell Terrier + Pug (Jug)

Jug dog mix breed_Erik Lam_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Erik Lam, Shutterstock

This mix comes in colors of white, tan, fawn, and black and measures 10–14 inches tall. They usually weigh between 13–18 pounds. The gentle nature of the Pug combines with the active and outgoing nature of the Russell Terrier to form an affable dog.

They can tend to inherit the genetic condition of Brachycephalic breathing from their pug relatives. This can pose an issue when combined with the active nature of the dog. You should monitor your Jug closely when exercising to avoid any problems.

2. Jack Russell Terrier + Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie Jack)

yorkie jack dog standing on the grass outdoors
Image Credit: Chedko, Shutterstock

The Yorkie Jack is a loyal dog that needs a lot of exercise to stay happy. For their small size, their energy is quite big! They bond closely with their loved ones and are very affectionate. These dogs tend to look more like their Yorkie parents. They are usually 8–13 inches and weigh 10–14 pounds.

3. Jack Russell Terrier + West Highland Terrier (Westie Jack)

This gentle dog is a great fit for families with small children. The Westie Jack is quite playful and will need a good amount of exercise daily to avoid him displaying unwanted behaviors. Both West Highland and Russell Terriers were bred to be hunting dogs, so this combo results in a very high prey drive in this little dog. Early socialization and training are for this reason key in raising your Westie Jack.

These dogs come in black or white which may contain hints of light brown. They also come in tricolor which means they will display white, tan, and black on their coats. These stocky animals usually weigh between 14–18 pounds and measure 11–14 inches tall.

4. Jack Russell Terrier + Pomeranian (Jackaranian)

small mixed breed jackaranian dog in a forest
Image Credit: McCann Michelle, Shutterstock

One of the smaller Russell Terrier mixes, this dog will measure between 7–13 inches tall and weigh between 7–13 pounds. This dog is very loyal to its family but also independent. If you are looking for an easy dog to train, the Jackaranian is not it. Training your Jackaranian will take lots of patience and time. These dogs are very playful, though, and love to spend time interacting with you.

5. Jack Russell Terrier + Rottweiler (Jackweiler) 

These dogs will measure between 14–22 inches and weigh around 35–65 pounds. This energetic dog may not be suitable for apartment living due to its activeness and its tendency to bark. This does make them great watch dogs as they will alert you to any strange noises they hear.

They are great family dogs and get along well with children. The Jackweiler tends to be calmer than its Russell Terrier parent. They are confident dogs and a great partner for outdoor adventures.

6. Jack Russell Terrier + Dachshund (Jackshund)

Image Credit: Lux Blue, Shutterstock

This small-sized dog is affectionate and loving to its family. They can be wary of strangers and will bark at them when first meeting them. Once they are welcomed into your home the Jackshund should warm up to them.

These dogs are on the small side, measuring only 9–13 inches tall and weighing between 15–25 pounds. Their small size makes them suited to apartment living. Though they are small, they still need ample exercise every day to keep them happy.

7. Jack Russell Terrier + Kelpie (Jackpie)

jackpie dog near a swimming pool
Image Credit: Vinchen, Shutterstock

Both the Russell Terrier and Kelpie were bred to be working dogs. This mix results in a dog with an untiring attitude and a high prey drive. They would be well suited to life working on a ranch. It they are not working dogs, they need ample exercise every day. At least 90 minutes of play and exercise should keep them healthy. These athletic-looking dogs measure between 14–20 inches tall and weigh from 20–40 pounds.

8. Jack Russell Terrier + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Cavajack)

Mixed breed dog of a cavalier king charles and a jack russell terrier
Image Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

The Cavajack will measure around 10–15 inches high and weigh from 13–18 pounds. They are playful and a great companion for children. Your children will enjoy playing fetch with them and teaching them all kinds of tricks. Playtime with young children should always be supervised for all parties’ safety. The Cavajack loves all people and is very sociable.

9. Jack Russell Terrier + Australian Cattle Dog (Cattlejack)

This is another mix of two wonderful working dogs that produces a very energetic pup. These dogs will measure between 14–20 inches tall and weigh between 25–40 pounds. The Cattlejack is very intelligent and eager to please, making them a quick study on tricks and training. Because of their high energy, they will need between 60–90 minutes of exercise daily.

10. Jack Russell Terrier + Corgi (Cojack)

The Cojack measures at 10–13 inches and weighs between 18–28 pounds. This designer dog loves to be with their family and does not do well alone for extended periods of time. They are very loyal dogs and will become quite attached to their family. They are energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise daily. While energetic, this dog will still love to cuddle up on the couch with you while you watch TV.

11. Jack Russell Terrier + Poodle (Jackapoo)

JackAPoo_William Garrett, pxhere
Image Credit: William Garrett, pxhere

This energetic dog will need 60–90 minutes of exercise daily. They are very curious and intelligent, so to keep negative tendencies to a minimum they should be mentally stimulated as well through toys and dog puzzles. They are affectionate and love to be loved on.

The Poodle parent of the Jackapoo tends to be a miniature poodle, so the Jackapoo will be a small dog. They will grow to be between 10-16 inches high and weigh between 13–25 pounds. If not trained properly, they tend to bark, so early training and socialization is important. If trained and socialized they can get along well with other pets.

12. Jack Russell Terrier + Shih Tzu (Jack Tzu)

two jack tzu puppies
Image Credit: Bronty Hannah, Shutterstock

This small dog weighs 14–23 pounds and is 10–11 inches tall. The Jack Tzu loves to play and will spend hours fetching with you. They are very affectionate and form strong bonds with their family. They tend to have a high prey drive, so cats may not be a good companion for them.

13. Jack Russell Terrier + Bichon Frise (Jackie Bichon)

Small White Jack Russell and Bichon Frise Mix Dog sitting on the bed
Image Credit: Joseph M. Arseneau, Shutterstock

The Jackie Bichon is a small breed weighing between only 9–18 pounds and measuring 9–12 inches high. This small dog does great with children. They are very loving and gentle. They are very active and need a decent amount of exercise to stay well-behaved. You will enjoy training your Jackie Bichon as they love to please their owners and are very smart.

14. Jack Russell Terrier + American Pitbull Terrier (Jackpit)

The Jackpit is a great family dog and will interact well with children. As a reminder, you should always supervise small children when they are playing with any type of dog. While friendly with people, if not socialized early they can be aggressive towards other pets. They are an active breed and require ample exercise daily to keep them healthy. They will usually measure around 14–16 inches tall and weigh between 30–50 pounds.

15. Jack Russell Terrier + French Bulldog (French Jack)

French bulldog and Parson Russell Terrier mixed-breed dog
Image Credit: Fabian Junge, Shutterstock

This designer dog tends to be very energetic, so a good deal of time will need to be devoted to exercising him properly every day. Because they love to be around their family so much, it is unadvised to leave them alone for long periods of time. They crave their owner’s attention and love to be the center of everyone’s attention. They are a small-sized dog weighing in between 13–28 pounds and measuring 11–14 inches high.

16. Jack Russell Terrier + Beagle (Jackabee)

jack russell beagle mix dog standing outdoors
Image Credit: TRIPLE_S, Shutterstock

This adorable mix will weigh between 15–30 pounds and measure at 10-16 inches tall. The Jackabee is a happy dog who will fit in great with most families. They need early socialization and training to get along well with other pets. The Jackabee may be wary of strangers at first, but should warm up once you introduce them and welcome them into your home.

17. Jack Russell Terrier + Siberian Husky (Husky Jack)

husky jack_Jan Ziegler_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Jan Ziegler, Shutterstock

This spirited combination will grow to be between 30–35 pounds and measure at 17–19 inches tall. The Husky Jack is an incredibly loyal animal who would do anything for its family. They are very intelligent but do have a stubborn streak which makes them more difficult to train. Due to the Husky Jack’s spirited nature, they need ample exercise daily to avoid destructive habits.

18. Jack Russell Terrier + Border Collie (Border Jack)

boarder jack_rodcoffee_Shutterstock
Image Credit: rodcoffee, Shutterstock

The Border Jack has extreme amounts of energy that will need to be released daily with playtime and walks. They are fun dogs to be around and love to play with their people. This exceptionally intelligent dog will also be a joy to train and they will be able to learn almost unlimited tricks. They will grow to be 22–32 pounds and measure at 16–22 inches high.

19. Jack Russell Terrier + Chihuahua (Jack Chi)

Jack Chi_Kaitlin Kelly, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Kaitlin Kelly, Shutterstock

The small Jack Chi will measure in at 12–15 inches and weigh between 8–18 pounds. The Jack Chi never meets a stranger and will get along well with almost all people and pets. This dog is a cuddler and will love to spend time curled up on the couch with you. When not cuddling, they are active dogs who will require adequate exercise daily.

20. Jack Russell Terrier + Cocker Spaniel (Cocker Jack)

curly cocker spaniel jack russell mix standing in the forest
Image Credit: iStock24, Shutterstock

The Cocker Jack will weigh between 15–25 pounds and measure at 12–14 inches high. This active dog is friendly and will get along with most people and other pets. They bond closely with their family and are extremely loyal pets. They can be trained, but due to their stubbornness, it may be a challenge.

21. Jack Russell Terrier + German Shepherd

Jack Russell Terrier German Shepherd puppy_Thka_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Thka, Shutterstock

The Jack Russell Terrier German Shepherd mix is an interesting-looking dog that can range from 25–65 pounds and stand 15–22 inches tall. This smart, loyal mixed breed is playful, active, and good for fun-loving families.


Final Thoughts

The Russell Terrier is a wonderful dog that lends itself well to combinations with other purebred dogs. There is quite a variety of Russell Terrier designer dogs you can choose from. Keep in mind that each individual dog may vary and may represent one parent over the other, so always do your research before bringing a new dog into your family.

Featured Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

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