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Samoyed Grooming: 6 Expert Tips (With Hairstyles)

groomer wiping samoyed dog with towel after a bath

Samoyeds have a white, fluffy double coat that enables them to withstand harsh, cold climates. These dogs originated in Siberia and are a popular breed to own in the United States. Being a Samoyed owner, you’ll need to groom the thick hair to keep it from matting and debris-free.

In this post, we’ll list grooming tips to make the task much easier. We’ll also list a couple of hairstyles for your Samoyed that will make your doggie look sleek and beautiful.

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The 6 Samoyed Grooming Tips

1. Brush Regularly

The thick, double-layered coat will need brushing a few times a week. These dogs have a longer outer coat of harsh hair with a soft and wooly undercoat. They shed year-round and even more so in the shedding seasons, which occurs once or twice a year.

2. Purchase the Right Grooming Products

Using the right grooming products makes the job easier and stress-free for both of you. The coat will form mats and tangles if not brushed a few times a week. You can even brush every other day if needed to keep shedding to a minimum. Their coats do best being brushed with a high-quality slicker brush or metal comb.

Use a dog-friendly shampoo that will not strip the coat of its natural oils—an oatmeal-based, hypoallergenic, or sensitive skin shampoo is best for Samoyeds.

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Image Credit: Studio Peace, Shutterstock

3. Avoid Shaving Your Samoyed

Shaving is absolutely not recommended for this breed. The Samoyed’s coat protects them from both cold and heat, and if you shave the coat, you are preventing your Samoyed’s ability to regulate their body temperature. The coat may also never grow back correctly once it’s been shaved. Lastly, Samoyeds have sensitive skin that can easily get sunburned without their fluffy coat for protection.

4. Bathe Regularly, But Not Too Much

As mentioned, Samoyeds have sensitive skin, and bathing too much and too often can cause dry skin. Bathing too often will also cause the fur to lose its natural ability to retain its waterproof qualities. Samoyeds only need a bath every 3 to 4 months, but go ahead and bathe your Samoyed if they get dirty.

One last note on bathing: ensure you dry the skin and coat thoroughly to prevent skin issues. You can use a dog-safe hairdryer to dry the skin and coat thoroughly.

groomer washing samoyed dog in a bathtub
Image Credit: Studio Peace, Shutterstock

5. Head to the Groomers

You can always hire a professional groomer to bathe your Samoyed, but remember, Samoyeds do not need baths often, so only take your dog to the groomer for a bath every 3 to 4 months.

A professional groomer will also clip the nails and check the ears. You can also request the groomer to brush their teeth. If you’re comfortable clipping the nails, invest in a quality nail clipper to do it yourself. You should check the nails at least once a month and clip when needed.

6. Don’t Skimp on Dental Hygiene

Sometimes, dental hygiene gets overlooked, but it’s an essential part of your dog’s overall care. Constant swallowing of bacteria can lead to heart and liver inflammation, and the consequences can be dire. If possible, it’s best to acclimate your Samoyed as a puppy to get him used to the idea.

Always use an enzymatic dog toothpaste, as human toothpaste may have unsafe ingredients that could be toxic. Aim to brush the teeth with a doggie toothbrush at least three to four times per week, and more if your Samoyed doesn’t put up a fight. You can always give your Samoyed dental treats to aid in their dental hygiene, too.

samoyed chewing dental treat on grass
Image Credit: Wasitt Hemwarapornchai, Shutterstock


Hairstyles for the Samoyed

The Classic Samoyed Look

Since Samoyeds cannot be shaved, there are no acceptable hairstyles out there for these fluffy white dogs except for the classic look and the Sammy Cottonball, which we’ll discuss next. The classic look is simply to keep the coat trimmed, tidy, and brushed to keep mats from forming and dirt and debris out of their beautiful fluffy coats; let the coat do the rest!

The Sammy Cottonball

The Sammy Cottonball is really the only “hairstyle” for this breed and takes just a little trimming. Simply trim the feathering on the rear legs, the tops and bottoms of the feet, and the hair on the underside of the tail. If you’re uncomfortable trimming your Samoyed, a professional groomer can achieve this look for your doggie.



Samoyeds are gorgeous dogs, and keeping their white, fluffy coats trimmed and brushed regularly will keep the coats looking sleek and beautiful. Most maintenance requires brushing often, even every other day. However, they don’t need regular baths and should only be bathed three to four times a year unless they get dirty.

Remember to never shave your Samoyed, as this can permanently damage their delicate coats. Use a professional groomer if needed, and don’t forget about dental hygiene!

Featured Image Credit: Studio Peace, Shutterstock

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