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SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium - Featured Image

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict
We give SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.
Build Quality: 4/5
Safety: 4.5/5
Features: 4/5
Price: 4/5

SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium – A Quick Look

The SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium offers a crystal-clear view of saltwater or freshwater fish. The hexagon shape is unique and strong. It gives a clear view of the tank from nearly all angles. It also takes up less room than a horizontal tank.

This tank works well to maintain a comfortable temperature for fish. It provides quality insulation, making it an ideal choice for tropical fish. The seams are invisible for optimal construction without the use of silicone caulking.

The panels give you clear visibility and the ability to see fine details and sharp contrasts, especially with the tank’s color options. Choose a black or blue background panel to make your fish and decorations really stand out.

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Keeps fish at a comfortable temperature
  • Offers clear visibility
  • Unique shape
  • Easily scratched
  • Must be supported from the bottom to prevent sagging
  • May yellow over time


Brand Name: SeaClear
Material: Acrylic
Length 36 inches
Width: 12 inches
Height: 16 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Model Number: x1010035261
Manufacturer: Pet Partners dba North American Pet
Country of Origin: Mexico

Leak-Proof Design

Since this tank is not held together with silicone seams, there’s less risk of leaks. As silicone deteriorates on glass tanks over time, leaks can develop. This acrylic tank is constructed out of one solid piece to offer more sturdiness and durability.

The acrylic design also resists shattering better than glass. This is ideal if you live in an area that experiences earthquakes or if your aquarium is going to be placed in a high-activity area.


The lightweight acrylic is easy to lift and move when it’s empty. It’s easy for many people to move this by themselves.

Clear Views

Traditional glass tanks often have a greenish tint that will dim your tank’s beauty. The acrylic is crystal clear with no tint, so you will always have a bright, clear view into your tank. A colored background panel will make the brightness of the tank pop even more.

SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium blue background



Why are there color options?

If desired, one acrylic panel of this aquarium can be a solid color. Instead of installing a backsplash yourself, the panel is already colored, saving time and adding to the beauty of the tank. It’s recommended that the tank be left clear without a colored panel if it’s being set up in the middle of a room. If the tank is going against a wall, you can select the color that you like the best. It will give the fish security while making them and the tank’s décor stand out against the background.

Does the top come off?

The top does not come off and that’s important to note. If you require a tank with a removable top, this won’t be a good option. People have been able to remove the top, anyway, especially in cases where the tank was housing non-aquatic animals. But know that removing the top voids the warranty.

What kind of stand should be used with this tank?

The hexagonal shape of this tank won’t fit snugly in all the edges of a traditional rectangular stand, but any one will work as long as it can hold the tank’s dimensions. Regular cabinet-style rectangular stands are ideal options.


What the Users Say

After researching the reviews, we discovered the best and worst that this tank has to offer. Here’s what reviewers had to say.

The Good

The acrylic panels of this tank offer a much clearer view than glass. It’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver. The acrylic helps this tank maintain a more regular temperature, doing a better job than most traditional glass tanks.

The seamless corners of the panels give the tank an elegant look. The hexagonal shape provides a clear view of the tank from nearly any direction.

The Bad

The acrylic panels can be scratched easily, even by cat claws. Shipping mishaps, children in the house, and other pets can cause scratches to the outside. Fish and tank decorations can scratch the inside.

There is a light fixture in the hood, but the light that fits it is not included and can be difficult to find.

The top is not removable, which makes the tank hard to clean and decorate. The openings have to be wide enough for your decorations to fit. The inconvenient top design seems to be the worst feature of this tank.



The SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium offers a unique tank option for those looking for something different. The acrylic panels offer a clearer view of the tank than most glass options. The hexagon shape gives the tank a bigger appearance, and the color options for the back panels make the colors in the tank really stand out.

This strong, durable aquarium is a good option for those who live in an area with earthquakes because it is more resilient against breakage. If you’ve only ever had glass tanks before and want to try acrylic, the SeaClear 26-Gallon Flatback Hexagon Aquarium is a great place to start.

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