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Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium Review 2024 Update

Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium - Featured Image

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4.5/5
Clarity: 4.5/5
Features: 4/5
Price: 3/5

The Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium is a lightweight, acrylic aquarium that is designed for aesthetic appeal and use with saltwater or freshwater tank setups. This tank has a built-in lid and includes a light fixture. You can select from three separate reflectors to suit your space.

Seaclear is a trusted name in the aquatic community, and their tanks are usually high quality and built to last. This tank is made from acrylic, making it around 17 times stronger than glass, resistant to chipping and shattering, and 50% lighter than a glass aquarium.

Since it is acrylic, this product is prone to warping if left in hot environments. This can apply to direct sunlight, especially in high sunlight areas, so be cautious where you place this tank and avoid putting heavy objects on top of it.


Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium – A Quick Look

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

  • Built-in lid
  • High clarity acrylic
  • Different color reflectors are available
  • Less likely to chip or crack than glass
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Can be used for saltwater or freshwater setups
  • Premium price
  • May warp in hot areas


Brand name: Seaclear
Model: 29-Gallon Show Aquarium
Material: Acrylic
Length: 30 inches
Width: 12 inches
Height: 18 inches
Reflector colors: Black, cobalt blue, clear
Product weight: 20 pounds

High Clarity and Light Weight

Thanks to its acrylic build, this aquarium has exceptionally high clarity. Acrylic tanks are much clearer than glass aquariums, and they lack the visual warping that can occur with glass as well. It’s also 17 times stronger than glass and is resistant to chipping and even shattering if dropped, although it can still crack. As a bonus, this tank is also half the weight of a glass tank, allowing one person to easily move it since it only weighs about 20 pounds.

Seaclear 29in Aquarium

The Built-In Lid

Instead of searching for the perfect lid, this aquarium includes a built-in lid. It has two openings on top that allow you to access the tank for setup and maintenance. A built-in acrylic lid ensures that your visibility from the top of your tank isn’t warped or clouded by a glass lid. Some people may not appreciate not being able to remove the lid, but the two top openings do provide enough space for you to put your arms into the tank to work.

Choose Your Own Reflector Color

To make the tank exactly what you’re looking for, Seaclear offers three reflector options with this tank. Instead of a separately purchased reflector, you’ll get to choose a black or cobalt reflector painted right onto the back of the tank. You can also choose the clear option, providing maximum visibility from all angles for tanks placed in the middle of a room.

Will It Warp?

Some users of this aquarium have reported warping of the lid over time. There’s no clear answer as to why this has happened to some people, but acrylic will warp under high heat. This means that a tank that is kept too warm or has too warm a light on it, or a tank that is kept in direct sunlight is more likely to warp than a tank without high heat or direct sunlight bearing down on it. It’s important to care for the tank itself properly, not just the internal components of the aquarium setup. By caring properly for all aspects of your tank, you’re more likely to have a tank that lasts a long time.


Frequent Asked Questions

Can the lid be removed?

The lid for this aquarium is built-in and cannot be removed. Some users have reported successfully removing the lid with sharp tools. However, this will void the warranty on the aquarium, and it removes the built-in bracing that the lid creates, which stabilizes the tank when full of water.

Is there a specific filter that has to be used with this?

No. One of the cutouts in the lid is intended for a filter, airline tubing, and anything else you need to run into the tank. Not all filtration systems will fit through this opening, but most hang on back, internal, and canister filters will work in this tank.

Can the reflector be removed if I change my mind?

No, the reflector is painted onto the back of the tank if you select black or cobalt. If you choose the clear option, then you can add a reflector of your choice if you decide to.

What kind of warranty does this aquarium come with?

You must register the tank for warranty coverage within 30 days of purchasing it. Once you’ve registered for the warranty, Seaclear offers a lifetime guarantee on the tank. However, you must care for the tank properly to maintain the warranty. This includes things like ensuring the tank is fully supported on a completely flat surface, you don’t attempt to move the tank by the lid, and you don’t attempt to move the tank when it has water in it.

My cat likes to scratch at my tank. Will this tank show scratch marks?

Yes. Unfortunately, acrylic scratches much more easily than glass. If you have a cat that likes to scratch at your tank, or if you use any type of abrasive item to clean your aquarium, then an acrylic tank may not be suitable for your home.


What the Users Say

We love this tank, but we wanted to know what other users had to say about it. People love the seamless and modern look of this tank, as well as its exceptional clarity and quality. Some people also report finding that the aquarium temperature stays more stable with this aquarium than it does with a glass tank. Most people are very happy with this tank and find that it lasts a long time.

Although there is a lifetime guarantee through Seaclear for this aquarium, it’s important to understand the limitations of the warranty. Some people make the mistake of caring for this acrylic tank in the same way that they would a glass tank, which can lead to clarity issues and warping. People who are aware of the special care needs of an acrylic tank report being happy with the tank, but those who don’t care for the tank properly, they have reported finding it difficult to get warranty help from the company.



The Seaclear 29-Gallon Rectangular Show Aquarium is a beautiful and modern tank made from sturdy, lightweight acrylic. This tank is a bit more of a monetary investment than many other similar sized tanks. However, it’s worth the upgrade if you are looking for a tank with high clarity.

Like all acrylic tanks, this tank is prone to warping and scratching with improper care. Knowing how to set up and care for an acrylic tank is not only essential to keeping your tank in good condition for a long time, but it’s also necessary to maintain the warranty that Seaclear offers on this tank.

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