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How Much Does a Senegal Parrot Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

senegal parrot

The Senegal parrot is attractive but somewhat rare in the United States. It usually grows to a little over 9 inches tall and has a large head. The adults have a charcoal grey head with bright yellow eyes, green back and throat, and yellow belly and rump. The yellow and green colors form a V shape that resembles a vest. If you are thinking of getting one of these birds but would like to know how much they cost, you can expect to spend $15 – $35 per month and $100 – $400 initial setup cost. But keep reading while we break down the cost of purchase, setup, and supplies to help you make an informed purchase.


Bringing Home a New Senegal Parrot: One-Time Costs

Before you purchase your Senegal parrot, we recommend considering the costs of some one-time expenses. You will need to purchase a cage as well as a food bowl and water bottle. Some owners choose to purchase a microchip for their pet in case it gets away, and you will need an assortment of toys and perches to keep your bird entertained.


Pet supplies can be quite expensive, and since the Senegal parrot is somewhat rare, you are not likely to find someone giving one away. However, pet supplies make great gifts, and once your family and friends are aware of your bird, you’re likely to get plenty of supplies around the holidays. You may even find someone looking to rehome their Senegal parrot.


  • $300 – $500

If you are lucky, you might be able to find a Senegal Parrot at your local animal shelter. Many people are surprised by how much noise a parrot can make, and they will take it to the shelter where you can usually adopt them for $300 to $500. In many cases, your adopted Senegal will already have its shots, saving you even more money.

senegal parrot
Image Credit: Kasama Kanpittaya, Shutterstock


  • $1,000 – $4,000

Since the Senegal parrot is rarer than many other parrots, it can be difficult to find a breeder that will breed this bird for you. Factors like distance to the nearest breeder and experience can influence the final price, and your bird can get quite expensive, with most Senegal parrots priced at more than $1,000 and some breeders asking more than $3,000.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $100 – $400

The initial cost for the cage, perches, and some food and toys to get your pet started will usually cost around $200. Luckily, most of your startup costs will be one-time purchases. You should not need to purchase a second cage as long as you get one large enough to fit your bird when it’s fully grown, and though your bird might destroy the perches, they will usually last quite a while. The only ongoing purchase you will need to make is food and treats.

List of Senegal Parrot Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $10 – $15
X-Ray Cost $70 – $100
Ultrasound Cost $250 – $500
Microchip $45 – $150
Bed/Tank/Cage $70 – $130
Nail Clipper (optional) $5 – $15
Mirror $10 ­– $25
Cage Cover $15 – $25
Cage Liner $30 – $55
Food and Water Bowls $5 – $15


How Much Does a Senegal Parrot Cost Per Month?

  • $15 – $35 per month

You should expect to pay between $15 and $35 per month for the upkeep of your Senegal parrot. You will spend most of the money on food, and a small amount will go toward vet visits, toys, and treats. In most cases, you can purchase large packages of seed that will stay good for quite some time, and buying in bulk will often help reduce costs.

senegal parrot perching
Image Credit: AndreyOzhegov, Shutterstock

Health Care

  • $5 – $20 per month

Your Senegal parrot is a healthy animal that suffers from very few problems in captivity, so you will not need to spend much money on medical bills. As long as the cage is big enough, there are several perches your bird can use, and you provide it with a high-quality diet that doesn’t lead to obesity, it should stay healthy. Providing plenty of mentally and physically stimulating activities and keeping the environment stress-free will also help minimize healthcare costs and mitigate your expenses to the regular vet visits and occasional medication.


  • $5 – $15 per month

Since your Senegal parrot primarily eats seeds, its diet can be quite inexpensive, and you can buy in bulk, further reducing costs. Fruit can be expensive but is mainly a treat, so you won’t need to buy too much, and vegetables are the middle of the road, delivering a high concentration of vitamins and minerals but costing more than seed. We recommend setting a budget of $15 per month and reducing it where possible.


  • $5 – $15 per month

You usually won’t need to have your Senegal parrot professionally groomed, though some owners go to the groomer for help with trimming the nails. Your bird will do most of the work, and if you supply fresh water, it will take baths on its own. Providing it with soft wooden toys will help keep the beak in top shape, and perches will help trim its nails.

senegal parrot grooming itself
Image Credit: zdenekfritz0, Pixabay

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $5 – $15 per month

Your Senegal parrot will require regular vet visits to make sure it is healthy. If you notice diarrhea, picking at feathers, or mucous on its beak, you will need to make a special trip to the vet which will usually result in purchasing medication. Even healthy pets can catch colds, parasites, and infections, so we recommend setting a few dollars aside each month to help you deal with unexpected problems.

Pet Insurance

  • $5 – $25 per month

It’s not as easy to find parrot insurance like you can dog and cat insurance, but you can purchase exotic pet insurance which should cover your Senegal parrot. Getting insurance early on will help reduce costs because insurance premiums will increase as the bird ages. Insurance may seem unnecessary, but many emergency medical expenses, like a broken leg, can be thousands of dollars, and insurance can help reduce the strain on your wallet.

Environment Maintenance

  • $5 – $25 per month

Once you have a cage that’s at least 20” x 20” x 28” with a few perches and a food bowl, water bottle, and bathing area, you will need little else for environmental maintenance. It does not require any controlled temperature or humidity. Cage liners will help make cleanup easier, and deodorizer spray can help improve the smell of the cage, but you usually won’t need it.

senegal parrot inside cage
Image Credit: Susan Edmondson, Shutterstock
Cage bottom liners $20/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $5/month
Wooden perches $5/month


  • $5 – $30 per month

The best entertainment for your bird is spending time with you, and the most likely reason it might engage in destructive behavior is that it’s feeling left out. You can purchase plenty of toys for your pet that can help keep it entertained while you are away, and soft wooden toys are good for the beak, but we recommend spending as much time as possible with your pet rather than throwing a bunch of toys in its cage.


Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Senegal Parrot

  • $30 – $60 per month

Owning a Senegal parrot does not carry a high monthly cost, and you can usually get away with purchasing only food and a few wooden toys. However, it’s a good idea to set aside a little extra each month to cover regular and unexpected healthcare costs and other things you might want to purchase.

Senegal parrot
Image Credit: Ondrej Prosicky, Shutterstock

Additional Costs to Factor In

If you like to travel, you will need to consider what you will do with the bird while you’re gone. Unlike a dog or even a cat, most people don’t travel with their birds, so you will need to find either a sitter or place it in a housing kennel. A sitter can be a family member or friend and will often be less expensive, but they won’t have the experience that a kennel will have.

Owning a Senegal Parrot on a Budget

Once you have your bird and its cage, your bird will cost very little each month. You can minimize costs by purchasing seeds in bulk and growing the fruits and vegetables you feed your pet. You can also make your wooden toys at a significant discount over commercial products.

Saving Money on Senegal Parrot Care

The best way to save money on healthcare costs is to provide your Senegal parrot with a nutritious diet that provides what your bird requires without leading to weight gain. Keeping your pet out of drafts will reduce the risk of it catching a cold and keeping the bird in a quiet and low-traffic area of the home can reduce stress-related illnesses.


Final Thoughts

The Senegal parrot is a great pet with a long lifespan that often exceeds 25 years. Once you purchase the cage and your initial supplies, you will need to spend very little each month on the upkeep of your bird. We recommend purchasing the largest cage your budget will allow you to provide your pet maximum freedom. Add several perches, a food bowl, water bottle, bathing area, and a few wooden toys, and you are all set.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this guide, and it has helped answer your questions. If you now feel confident about owning one of these pets, please share this guide to how much it costs to own a Senegal parrot on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Podolnaya Elena, Shutterstock

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