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9 Signs That Your Cat Loves You: Feline Behavior Explained

cat cuddling with owner

Cats are known for being aloof and independent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners. Signs of feline love and affection can be subtle and difficult to discern, especially compared to the direct and obvious love of dogs or even humans. Check out these nine signs that your cat loves you.


The 9 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

1. Following You

If your cat insists on following you everywhere—to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to bed—it’s a sure sign that your cat loves you and wants you around. In fact, your cat may enjoy coming to work, school, or social functions with you to get even more time with its best friend. In some instances, you may even need to enlist some boundaries.

cat rubbing against owner
Image Credit: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock

2. Exposing Its Belly

A cat’s stomach is the most vulnerable part of its body. Most cats won’t go belly up with people or animals they don’t trust. If your cat shows you its belly, that means it’s comfortable enough with you to let its guard down. If you have that rare feline that enjoys a belly scratch, consider yourself one of the lucky ones, but keep in mind that this affectionate act can go from cute to violent if your cat decides it no longer wants its belly touched. Proceed with caution.

3. Bringing You Gifts

While it may not be flowers or fine jewelry, cats like to bring their owners gifts to show their affection. If your cat likes to gift you small animal carcasses or toys, it means that your cat loves you. Or, your cat thinks you’re a terrible hunter and need help. Either way, your cat cares about your well-being and thinks of you as family.

cat carrying a dead mouse
Image Credit: Markos-Loizou, Shutterstock

4. Head Butting and Rubbing

Strange as it may be, your cat coming up to you for a good, strong headbutt is a gesture of love and affection. Think of a headbutt like a hug since your cat is trying to share scents with you. Cats also show this affection by rubbing their cheeks on your face, hands, or body. You’re being marked as your cat’s own.

5. Bothering You at Night

Cats are night owls. They are also secretive and may reserve their affection for private moments, such as when you’re fast asleep in the wee hours. If you receive nighttime cuddles, your cat is taking an opportunity to show you its love and devotion. If your cat sits on you while you sleep, it’s an even stronger bond.

man is sleeping with a cat on a bed
Image Credit: NancyP5, Shutterstock

6. Tail Movements

Tail movements from your cat can mean a variety of different things. When a cat has its tail shaped like a question mark, that usually means it’s happy to see a person. Pay attention to your cat’s body language, particularly with its tail, to get an idea of what it thinks of you.

7. Invading Your Space

If a dog gets mad, upset, or insulted, it will usually leave the room. Cats are more subtle about showing their emotions. If your cat seems to always be in the same room with you, even if it’s not near you or even noticing you, consider it a sign that it likes your company. While some cats are really affectionate and enjoy being next to their humans or on their laps, some cats are content with just being nearby.

cat on man's lap
Image Credit: Kuiper, Shutterstock

8. Slow Blinking

Like their tails, cats use their eyes to subtly communicate what they’re feeling. Cat eyes are usually alert, so if your cat has a slow blink, it means it’s happy and content with you. Basically, your cat is saying it feels safe to let its guard down and be vulnerable in your presence rather than being on alert all the time. You can return the favor with a slow blink of your own to show that you’re relaxed and non-threatening.

9. Kneading

Kneading is a common cat behavior, but it’s still misunderstood by experts. Many experts believe that adult cats knead to experience the comfort of nursing when they were kittens. If that’s the case, a cat kneading its human communicates that it thinks of you as family. Bonus points if the kneading is accompanied by purring and other signs of relaxation.

cat kneading
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


Cats are really incredible creatures, so when they show any of the signs listed in the article, it can really warm your heart. In what ways has your cat shown that they love you? Is there any show of affection that is your favorite?

Featured Image Credit: Impact Photography, Shutterstock

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