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8 Signs That Your Macaw Likes You: What to Look For (With Pictures)

Lears macaw parrot

Macaws are interactive, social beings that are fun to have around. If you are like most macaw owners, you likely wonder whether your pet bird really likes you or if they are just being sociable, like they would be with any human or bird companion. There are a few signs you can look for that indicate that your macaw has created a special bond with you. Here are the most common ones.


The 8 Signs That Your Macaw Likes You

1. They Mimic You

If your macaw spends most of their time mimicking what you say and do, it means that they focus on you and your actions more than they focus on other things, and this is a surefire sign that they have bonded to you. They may still mimic other people living in your household, but you know that you are in good with your macaw if they mimic you more often than anyone or anything else.

scarlet macaw close up
Image Credit: Angie Toh, Pixabay

2. They Want to Cuddle

A bird that likes to cuddle with their owner more than with anyone else is a bird that feels comfortable and safe with their owner. Cuddling is something that a macaw would do with their mate, parents, or babies, depending on what stage of life that they are in. If your bird likes cuddling with you, it is safe to say that you are considered an important part of their family.

3. They Want to Preen You

Birds have an instinct to preen themselves and their bird companions in an attempt to stay clean and healthy. A macaw that trusts and loves their owner will sometimes try to preen their owner’s eyelashes and hair when spending time together. This is an act of companionship that is reserved only for those that the bird respects and trusts.

scarlet macaw
Image By: AshrafChemban, Pixabay

4. They Get Excited Whenever You Arrive

Another sign that your macaw likes you is if they get excited every time you arrive home from being away, even if for just a few minutes. You will know that your macaw is excited when they screech, whistle, sing, or welcome you home with a bobbing head.

5. They Do Not Like Being Away From You

If your macaw likes you, chances are that they will not let you get away with hanging out at home without being right by your side. Whether you are doing the dishes, watching television, or working on the computer, your bird will want to be right there in the middle of the action because you are the center of their attention.

macaw bird
Image Credit: Akin Ozcan, Shutterstock

6. They Wag Their Tail

Macaws can wag their tails like dogs can, even if the movement is not as dramatic. A macaw that loves their owner may start to wag their tail of feathers when you walk in the room, which is a sure sign that you are the center of your bird’s affection. Keep in mind that not all macaws wag their tails, so if yours doesn’t do so, don’t take it as a sign that they do not like you.

7. They Stay Relaxed Around You

If a macaw is not comfortable with or trusting of their owner, body language will make it apparent. The bird will stand straight and still, looking almost rigid. However, a macaw that likes spending time with their owner and feels comfortable in their environment will relax their body language. The bird may sway, loosen their feathers, and just look relaxed in general.

Macaw in the cage_ K.K.T Madhusanka_Shutterstock
Image By: K.K.T Madhusanka, Shutterstock

8. They Try to Feed You

Macaws like to feed companions that they are fond of. They do so by regurgitating their food and then offering it up for another bird to eat. If your pet bird regurgitates their food and then drops it in front of you, it means that they think of you as part of their family. The process is gross, but luckily, macaws do not regurgitate that much food.


Final Thoughts

If your macaw displays just one of the signs listed here, you can be confident that they like you and appreciate your company. There are all kinds of ways that your macaw may show that they like you, so do not rely only on this list. Be open-minded and attentive, and you are sure to spot signs of affection several times a day.

Featured Image Credit: Sandro Riedmann Shutterstock

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