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How Much Does Smalls Cat Food Cost? (2023 Update)

Smalls kittens eating human grade fresh cat food

Smalls Cat Food is a human-grade cat food brand that delivers right to your door, giving your cat optimal nutrition with extra convenience for you. Choosing a high-quality food comes with a cost, however – a trial box of Smalls Cat Food is around $35, before add-ons. The monthly cost can vary according to the food type, formula, and add-ons you choose.

Explore all the options for Smalls Cat Food, including the different recipes, add-ons, and food types.


The Importance of a Healthy Diet for Your Cat

Diet is an important factor in the health of your cat. Optimal nutrition can support long life and prevent certain health conditions, such as obesity and its associate problems.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need animal protein to survive. Though domesticated now, cats evolved from wild ancestors who consumed animals for protein and fat, and their diets still need these vital nutrients. Cats also have unique needs for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

A complete and balanced diet ensures your cat gets the nutrition it needs without extra supplements. While all commercial, AAFCO-certified cat food provides the minimal nutrition for a cat, some foods are better than others.

In general, nutrient-dense foods ensure your cat gets the best possible nutrition for the calories, instead of empty nutrition from fillers, preservatives, and byproducts. In addition, wet or moist food provides extra water, which can help with hydration.

Smalls Cat Food offers fresh, freeze-dried raw, and combination fresh and freeze-dried raw food formulas with multiple protein options. All formulas are high in protein and low in fillers, mimicking a cat’s natural diet.

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How Much Does Smalls Cat Food Cost?

Smalls Best Cow Ground

Smalls Cat Food is available for first-time users with a 25% discount trial offer on your first box. The standard cost is $45, but with the discount, it’s $35. This includes 28 meals for $1.25 per meal, which is about two weeks of food on average.

Once the trial is over, Smalls Cat Food is $45, or $1.93 per meal for the fresh food plan. This includes the options for:

  • Fresh Bird, Ground (ground chicken)
  • Fresh Other Bird, Ground (ground turkey, ground chicken)
  • Fresh Cow, Ground (ground beef)
  • Fresh Bird, Pulled (pulled chicken)
  • Fresh Other Bird, Pulled (pulled turkey)

The freeze-dried raw is available in the following recipes:

  • Raw Bird (raw chicken)
  • Fresh Other Bird (raw turkey)
  • Raw Water Bird (raw duck)

The first full box after the trial period will contain larger monthly shipments. The exact cost will depend on the formula and add-ons you choose.

Trial orders have free shipping, but all subsequent orders have a flat $10 shipping fee.

Here are the minimum monthly plans:

Food Formula Starting Price Amount
Fresh food $108/month


12 fresh food packs
Freeze-dried raw $72 – $120/month


4 bags of freeze-dried raw food
Combination fresh and freeze-dried raw $126 – $138/month


12 fresh food packs and 1 bag of freeze-dried raw food

Cost of Smalls Cat Food Add-Ons


On top of the base subscription plan, Smalls Cat Food offers add-ons that you can add or remove at any time. Though discounts are available on occasion, this is the expected cost for different add-ons:

  • Chicken giblets: $10/bag
  • Bird broth: $5/pack
  • Kibble: $18/bag
  • Crochet catnip toys: $7.50 per individual toy or $21 for a three-pack
  • Silica litter: $18/bag

Keep in mind that subscription plans require no contract and can be adjusted or delayed at any time, so you can include add-ons as often as you wish or omit them as needed.

How Does the Smalls Cat Food Subscription Work?

With the trial, you’ll have cat food for about two weeks. You’ll be in touch with Smalls Cat Concierge (customer service) to address any questions or concerns, then you’ll receive the information about your first full box.

If you choose to proceed with the subscription, you’ll receive an order every 2 to 8 weeks, based on the schedule you select. All orders are processed on Fridays and ship on Tuesdays, but you’ll receive upcoming shipment notifications to make any last-minute changes.

Refunds and Cancellations for Smalls Cat Food

Smalls Cat Food offers a trial order with a 100% money-back guarantee. If your cat doesn’t like it, you can get your money back. Refunds must be requested within 30 days of the initial purchased and will be honored after the two-week trial period is complete.

Subscriptions are easy to cancel from the Account Portal. You can’t cancel any orders that have already been processed. Once an order is charged, you can submit a refund for unshipped items if the request is received by Sunday at 6 pm EST.


Final Thoughts

Smalls Cat Food is an excellent option for cat food that offers a range of food types and recipes, valuable add-ons, and fully customizable subscription options. If you want to upgrade your cat’s current meals to fresh, human-grade food or freeze-dried raw food, Smalls Cat Food has a lot going for it. Though it’s more expensive than some other commercial cat food, that cost is reflected in the high-quality ingredients and convenience.

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