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Smalls Cat Food Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

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In the pet food world, products are continuously changing. Families and owners are switching from dry kibble and wet canned food selections and reaching for a more species-appropriate option. We are being told how to feed our pets, which goes against the grain of many things we’ve learned in the past.

That’s where Smalls comes in.

Our Final Verdict

We give Smalls cat food a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

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Smalls cat food is a specially tailored fresh food delivery subscription service that makes your purchase extremely easy. Smalls will send your cat food subscription, tailored specifically for your felines, directly to your door.

Let’s learn more about pricing, quality, and our overall experience with Smalls cat food.


At a Glance: What We Tried

Image Product Details
Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish
  • Perfect texture for all dental health
  • Excellent source of omega fatty acids
  • Aromatic and flavorful for cats
  • Second place
    Smalls Smooth Cow Smalls Smooth Cow
  • Protein-dense
  • Lots of yummy greens
  • Muscle-building organs
  • Third place
    Smalls Bird Broth Smalls Bird Broth
  • Adds hydration
  • Simple ingredients
  • Softens dry food
  • divider-cat

    Smalls Cat Food Reviewed

    a tabby cat eating smalls freeze-dried raw bird recipe

    If you’re switching to Smalls, you need to be totally convinced of its genius, right? We get it. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about the company and the quality of its products.

    Who Makes Smalls Cat Food and Where Is It Produced?

    Smalls cat food is a subscription-based fresh cat food service with multiple facilities in the USA. Every fresh food recipe is prepared in Chicago, Illinois.

    Each location contains kitchens filled with cat people who are passionate about feline nutrition. Smalls does their best to answer any questions you have on the website, but you can text them directly if you think of something else!

    Which Types of Cats Is Smalls Best Suited For?

    The terrific thing about Smalls cat food is that it works for virtually any cat, from kittens to seniors. These recipes are specially crafted for the feline digestive tract, made by a company that genuinely cares. These human-grade recipes will nourish your cat’s bodily systems, creating strong immunity, a healthy coat, and overall good health.


    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Ingredients are the most important place to look when deciding on cat food. Smalls advertises their recipes as human-grade fresh food options, and they deliver this promise.

    Looking at the contents, you can tell that each recipe is crafted with quality ingredients. But let’s get into each one of them so you can see how it might benefit your cat’s overall well-being.

    For this example, we will use my cats’ favorite: Smalls Smooth Fish. We were so excited to try this new recipe from Smalls, and my kitties surely weren’t disappointed. Let’s check out each one of these ingredients and how they benefit your feline.

    Calories: 200
    Protein: 14.5%
    Fat: 7.0%
    Fiber: 1.5%
    Moisture: 74.0%

    Cod is a protein-dense, omega-3 fatty acid-rich type of fish that boosts kidney health, immune function, and brain development.

    Salmon is the second ingredient, boosting the omega-3 fatty acids and protein content. Plus, salmon is a big flavor favorite among the feline population.

    Pumpkin is an easy-to-digest grain alternative that boosts immunity, improves vision, and promotes a healthy heart.

    Nutritional yeast is not the same as bread yeast. This type of yeast provides valuable minerals and vitamins in the recipe.

    Peas are packed with a ton of highly digestible vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B6, C, and K. These vitamins impact various body systems to promote overall health. On top of containing lots of fiber, peas also contain manganese, copper, potassium, and iron.

    Green beans aid in digestion since they contain a dose of dietary fiber. It surprisingly also helps the urinary system and promotes a healthy weight.

    The prime ingredients really show us exactly how healthy these recipes are. They contain very few ingredients to boost effectiveness and reduce exposure to preservatives and other potentially harmful items.

    Ordering & Delivery

    Smalls has a very simplistic ordering system on its website. It walks you through how to order in baby steps, so there are no worries about getting lost during the process. They make it very user-friendly and answer any questions about these products on the website.

    If you have anything additional you would like to ask, there is a Smalls representative on standby to clarify any confusion. Once I placed my order, the delivery service was extremely prompt, and I received communication about my order every step of the way.

    Quality Ingredients = Better Eating Experiences

    Smalls makes human-grade food—meaning if you feel spicy that day, you can take a bite yourself. We don’t recommend it, but it’s nice to know we share the same food quality with our beloved pets.

    Each package is individually portioned for perfect serving. We loved the packaging—and the fact we didn’t have to guess about the measurements. Each packet is labeled with recipe information for your viewing. Plus, you can store any unused fresh food in the fridge for up to 7 days.

    Smalls Recipes

    Smalls has a decent variety of recipes sure to satisfy any feline palate. Smalls offers fresh food and supplementary products. The company keeps adding to its inventory to broaden the spectrum of products they offer. Here is a complete list of Smalls recipes.

    Fresh Cat Food

    a tabby cat looking inside the smalls box

    Smalls offers two fresh food textures: smooth and ground. We think it’s so important for cats to get a different texture and flavor experience to keep it interesting—and our kitties weren’t bored, that’s for sure.

    Smalls fresh meals are human-grade, all-natural, gently cooked entrees with much to offer.

    The recipes include:

    • Ground Bird
    • Other Bird
    • Smooth Bird
    • Pulled Bird
    • Ground Other Bird
    • Smooth Other Bird
    • Pulled Other Bird
    • Smooth Cow
    • Smooth Fish

    Treats & Supplements

    Smalls has two options in the pantry to supplement a diet. Each one has its own special sauce.

    • Giblet Niblets
    • Bird Broth

    Smalls also has non-food products available on the website, too. It’s worth a look!

    Smalls Might Not Be in the Budget for All

    The hard reality about this food is that only some families can afford it. Fresh cat food is still relatively new, and the price reflects the quality. It takes a lot to ensure that recipes are 100% satisfactory for our feline pets, but budget is always a factor.

    Because this is a subscription, this is a recurring cost. But, if you’d like to simply try Smalls cat food, they do offer a discount on your first subscription box. So, even if you choose not to go with Smalls for your cat’s dietary needs, you at least know what it’s all about, and you don’t even have to pay full price! That’s a good deal.


    A Quick Look at Smalls Cat Food

    • Human-grade
    • Subscription-based
    • Excellent quality
    • Aromatic, soft recipes
    • More expensive than grocery store brands


    Reviews of the Smalls Cat Food We Tried

    Remember! All Smalls recipes are made with quality, human-grade ingredients.

    1. Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish Cat Food

    Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish

    Main Ingredients: Cod, salmon, nutritional yeast, peas, green beans
    Calories: 200
    Protein: 14.5%
    Fat: 7.0%
    Fiber: 1.5%

    Smalls Fresh Smooth Fish is a real taste bud tantalizer in this household. It’s a little aromatic for my liking, but it makes it all the better for my kitties. The fish is orangish in color, extremely palatable, and easy to unpackage.

    This food has a great texture—not too soupy or firm. It’s easy for cats of any age—from kittens to seniors. However, it might be extra beneficial to cats with dental issues because it is such a “lap-able” consistency.

    One package contains 200 calories for a perfectly balanced adult meal. It has a whopping 14.5% crude protein, offering cod and salmon as the first two ingredients—really focusing on providing a proper meat source.

    This recipe is full of omega-3 fatty acids, improving the skin and coat. So, if your cat has allergies or dry skin, this may provide relief for some cats. It also contains a supplement mix to ensure your cat gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    All in all, our kitties give this recipe the biggest paws up!

    • Excellent source of omega fatty acids
    • Perfect texture for all dental health
    • Aromatic and flavorful for cats
    • Texture might be too soft for some cats

    2. Smalls Smooth Cow Cat Food

    Smalls Smooth Cow

    Main Ingredients: Beef, beef liver, green beans, water, spinach, peas
    Calories: 200
    Protein: 16.5%
    Fat: 12.0%
    Fiber: 1.5%

    Smooth Cow was another huge hit in my household. The kitties went bonkers over this human-grade, rich beef recipe. The Smooth Cow recipe is a terrific option for lean kitties that are physically active. Beef really helps nourish and build muscle—keeping your furry friends spry and active.

    This recipe contains beef as the first ingredient, with beef liver following. Organ meat is highly beneficial for felines—like tons of taurine, vitamin B, iron, and zinc. It also has lots of green veggie power—adding in goodies like green beans, spinach, and peas to add roughage and nutrition.

    The food is pinkish and lightly aromatic. While the cats were very drawn to the meal, it also wasn’t a stinkfest in the house when they consumed it. So, it works well for human nostrils, too!

    • Protein-dense
    • Muscle-building organs
    • Lots of yummy greens
    • Not extremely aromatic

    3. Smalls Bird Broth For Cats

    Smalls Bird Broth

    Main Ingredients: Chicken bone broth, salt
    Protein: 2.31%
    Fat: 0.10%
    Fiber: 0.20%

    Smalls Bird Broth is a delicious additive to supplement your cat’s diet. You simply warm it up a bit (but do not overheat) and serve it overtop of their regular meal—or even as a standalone snack if your kitty prefers.

    It’s a perfect supplement to spruce up any boring old meal. Our cats seemed to think it was pretty tasty, and it’s nutritionally beneficial, too! This contains bone broth and salt—adding protein and hydration to your cat’s daily intake.

    It is important to note that this isn’t a standalone diet and your cat can not sustain eating this meal alone. It’s designed to be an addition to regular dietary offerings.

    • Adds hydration
    • Simple ingredients
    • Softens dry food
    • Supplemental only


    Our Experience With Smalls Cat Food

    Personally, we had a fantastic experience with Smalls cat food. Our cats not only went crazy about all of the varieties of recipes, we think the quality is top-notch. It enhanced their appetites, softened their fur, and benefited their overall health.

    The subscription service is even better! There’s nothing like getting to the end of a kibble bag and having none to back it up. No store runs. No quick online buys. Nothing to remember. Just a timed delivery full of yummy dishes to delight, satisfy, and nourish your cats.

    Smalls is worth a try, permitting it is within your budget. It’s a headache-free, healthful eating experience for your kitty.



    We think Smalls cat food crosses a lot of boxes that make cat food great. While the price is high, you have to consider how many corners you are cutting and what personalized service you are getting. The bonuses are definitely worth a few extra bucks.

    Remember, Smalls offers discounts on your first box. So, that’s a guaranteed way to test out Smalls for a fraction of the price—and then decide if you want to commit. We stick with our rating of 4.8/5—Smalls deserves it from us for sure because my cats have feasted like kings.

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